VISIT 3 • Sun of Adler

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

We collected mushrooms, when Anna, smiling, said that today Adler is very active. We understood that He invites us to go to His place of power. It was especially nice since we were very close to it.

Here I was waited for the next surprise: the huge Adler’s “Sun of God”!

Vladimir said that at this place of power I can perform almost all the higher meditations.

I saw the vastness of the “Sun of God” both behind my back, and directly under my feet and above, and in the boundless depths below! It surrounded from all sides, but also shone from the depths of the multidimensionality directly under the matter of my body!

After cleansing the body from each segment, the thought occurred to me to go through my body — in the state of Mergence with the “Sun of God”. I tried — and accomplished it!

Working so, I began to see Adler, to be exact — one of His Appearances, as it later turned out. He had a light beard and long dark-brown cloak, similar to those worn by medieval scholars. But Adler quickly dismissed the possibility of forming a stereotype in my relationship to Him through this His image. Instead, He embraced… — and dipped into His Love that was so intense that I forgot where I was! I cheered up, and even began to joke with Adler! Such an emotional atmosphere He created!

A few minutes later, Vladimir came to the point where I just communicated with Adler, but now had left to rest near the bonfire. He suddenly said that here it is especially comfortable to contact with Adler and that just here I have already created my own place of power!

Adler asked me to take a pen and paper and listen to Him. The first thing I heard was:

“You will have to master perfectly the effective impact on solid matter!”

Upon hearing this I, however, immediately returned to the “prosaic”: I even still have not cleansed my body!

Most problems I had with my eyes. With this question I turned to Him:

“Adler, why can not I cleanse my eyes?”

“The problem is in the inadequacy of the activity of the mind: an incomplete evaluation of the new perspectives opening before you. To cope with this problem, you need to learn to live permanently in the most advanced spiritual heart and to be it. Only then this inadequacy will disappear, and you will live in a state of ‘chronic success’!”

“Do I not live in anahata?”

“No, you live in it. But you too often cross the plane among the material world — and the world of Spirit. The world of matter attracts you — and you slow down your love for Me. Learn to live — almost all the time! — in the state of the expanded spiritual heart! By this way you, in particular, to a greater extent place yourself to the Kisses of My Love!

“Try to climb to the upper ‘bubble of perception’ only as needed! But you are acting in the opposite way: you leave your upper ‘bubble’ only when you take such a decision.

“In this — there is the basis of your future success!

“And try to inform people about the miracles of healing, being accomplished thanks to life as a spiritual heart!

“But the miracles happen with those who live, not forgetting about Me!

“You yourself — be in Me! For this — continue to master the vastness and grandeur of the spiritual heart!

“Also: stop moaning: ‘I can not!’

“I do — and it turns out! It will be all right!’ — live in such a pressure!

… I was dizzy because of the abundance of information… I had so much to learn, so much to find out!

But in the meantime, while understanding — how to not stumble?



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