VISIT 3 • Last Appeal of Babaji

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

A few days later, Anna forwarded to me the words of Babaji written by her and addressed to me:


“I could tell you something else for your book when you open your heart, letting Me in, and bow your ear to My sayings.

“… Everything passes: centuries, incarnations… But your love for Me and My Love for you — let it be immutable!

“This love allows Me to be always near you, to know everything about you, to see you, wherever you were!

“This love allows you to dive into My Depths!

“Love between man and God could be mutual — and then it teaches the dissolution of the individual ‘I’ in the infinite Universal ‘I’ of God!

“Hear Me, My beloved! Remember Me! It is now — the most important!

“I brought you to the Guru, who knows how to cleanse all the layers of ego off the Atmic constituent of the soul. He does this as masterfully as I do. Do not resist the work of this Master! Only where is no more ‘you’ — God can reveal Himself in His Entirety!

“This is Our Plan for this latest incarnation of yours: such completeness of rooting into the Primordial Consciousness which will permit the Great One to realize everything He wants — through your body.”

* * *

I was sitting at the computer, finishing the working up the memoirs of my visits to Vladimir and his closest friends.

Suddenly — the light went out in whole the flat. The computer was shut down.

I began to investigate. It turned out, the safety device had worked.

Corrected. Turned to the computer again.

In such cases of the “improper” shut down — in a Microsoft Word program — an attempt is provided to restore a file, which closed in such a situation. The program creates an alternate version of the file, in an attempt to save the information. This new file — in a different version of the program — routinely becomes named as “Document 1”, “File restored” or by some similar word.

I looked — and I could not believe my eyes! In my computer, this new file with the text of this book was created by Microsoft Word and named: “I Was a Guest in God”! How could the computer itself create such a name?!

The apparent interference of God! Another miracle of Babaji to confirm — for me — the reality and truth of all narrated in this book!…



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