First Classes

Chapter from the book  “How God Can Be Cognized. Book 2. Autobiographies of the Disciples of God”  — Anna Zubkova.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is taken by effort,
and the person who puts the efforts, ravishes It”.*

(Matthew 11:12)

The first attempts to change myself actively began when I was in 8th grade. I realized that girls who were “suffering from complexes”, who were shy and foolishly proud could not achieve anything in life, and that they could achieve success only if they changed in the opposite direction.

Now this work had a new — highest — meaning for me. I did not do this for myself but for God. So, it was no longer possible to indulge in my weaknesses! Every morning — gymnastics, psycho-physical exercises, etc., and I did this even if I had to go to work at seven in the morning, I did this even if I only slept 2-3 hours. And so on – month after month.

At that time I was mastering the course of Raja Yoga. I will not describe these exercises in detail: since they are described in the book Ecopsychology [8].

For our meetings with Vladimir, I always prepared a list of questions which I intended to ask him. But I never managed to do so! Vladimir started to speak… — and answered all of my questions before I had the time to ask them aloud…

A very significant event occurred to me during the second time of such a meeting.

I was still sitting on the floor on a mat after shavasana — the final relaxation exercise. Tiredness and happiness at the same time were so great, that I did not want to move or speak.

Vladimir suddenly asked:

“Which Divine Teacher is here with us?”

And our Guest answered:

“’God of Sun’ — Assyris. I conducted Anna in her previous incarnation and I am very glad to see her here now!”

And Assyris further said that in my previous earthly life I was incarnated in the north of Novgorod Russia. There was a spiritual School there, which was supervised by Assyris. The steps of studying in that School led to the cognition of the single Creator of all people.

… I can hardly remember the words that He said, because Assyris — my former Divine Teacher — entered with Consciousness into my body granting me the bliss of feeling Him entirely…

It was the first time that such a thing happened to me. The Light and Love filled and overflowed me so much that I could not move. Tears of happiness were flowing down my cheeks. I almost ceased to perceived what was around me. Everything was filled with the miracle touch of the Living God, Who, finally, took His rightful place in my heart…

God — Living God! — came into my life so tangibly, the same as the most beloved human being comes. I had never before experienced such a strong love in this life! I waited for so long: the moment when that Main Beloved would come, whose name is — God…

* * *

This is how we received touches of God during the meetings with Vladimir — and after these meetings, we were plunged again into the hustle of earthly life… But it is important that one does not dive immerge in it for too long time. We also have to learn to swim out of it when necessary.

During that time it seemed to me that the marathon would now end and that there would be a breathing-space, a stop. But there was no stop: just as a certain spring began to untwist, to unclamp it was giving my life a growing acceleration — to make up for the lost time of my spiritual idleness, time which I previously considered as “conscious” life…

* The literal translation from the Russian Synodal version of the New Testament.



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