A Little Bit about Methodology

Chapter from the book  “How God Can Be Cognized. Book 2. Autobiographies of the Disciples of God”  — Anna Zubkova.

I already mentioned that Vladimir Antonov had founded a new branch of modern science: Methodology of spiritual development. It includes, in particular, the well-defined stages of the Straight Path for the development of oneself as a consciousness and cognition of the Creator and Mergence with Him.

I would like to say a little bit more about this unique situation.

… What a shock every next step of cognition seems to be! Every time you think: “Is it possible that there is something more than this?” Any of these mastered states seemed to be the final Enlightenment!

For example, how easy it would be to say: “I have achieved everything!” after experiencing the first Nirvanic states in the Holy Spirit. Many spiritual seekers, who once had experienced this, — declared themselves “Enlightened”…

However, many people, who were not engaged in any spiritual practices, could experience the sublime, being filled with loving states at least once in their lives… But how does one learn to live permanently in such states?… It is only under such conditions that they will have lasting value!…

And how can one learn to stay on the achieved level, even if those states were not “accidents” but the real fruits of great spiritual efforts?

The fact is that, among other things, we need textbooks on the methodology in such situations!

Moreover, the developments of Vladimir Antonov — are exactly scientific knowledge, repeatedly tested by the experience of not just one person, but by so many spiritual seekers. And they are included with impeccable logic into the overall picture of the nature of Creation, Evolution of the Universal Consciousness!

… On the Spiritual Path a human being can learn to move the concentration of oneself as consciousness in the anahata chakra — and live in the states of love, harmony and peace. This is what is available for every human! This ability can be mastered in just a few classes, or even just by the books of Vladimir Antonov!

The following steps may be cognized by means of simple and clear methods on special places of power. But they are already esoteric and that is what makes them secret: God teaches them only to very worthy devotees.

Between the initial stages of the Path: the adoption of the existence of God in one’s worldview, the first efforts in the ethical transformation of oneself and mental self-control — and up to the Mergence with the Creator — there are steps that include refinement and quantitative growth of the consciousness.

Moreover, the methodological “ladder” of spiritual ascent is like a map, which includes the entire route with marked points of destination and the ultimate Goal. But everyone — goes by himself/herself. The Master just paves a road. Only in some cases, does he personally helps chosen humans to go.

And these clearly labeled steps of the general scheme allow us, including cases when we fall down, hurt ourselves, lose some meditative achievements — to start all over again… and really quickly to restore the temporarily lost — now firmly and stable, forever.

The exact vision of the entire structure of the Path and understanding of the laws of motion allow one to rise quickly to each next new height, gradually learning the Divine Subtlety, Love, Wisdom and Power.

Developed techniques by Vladimir Antonov and the corresponding selection of places of power to them — provide an opportunity to master the Path with incredible speed. One day God told me about this in such a way:

“He did what even I — God — can not do on my own! But only a human and God in the great mutual Gravitation and Cooperation can pave the Straight Path — the Path that allows a man to become God!”

* * *

And I would like to say a few words about one of the components of spiritual work: about planning.

“It is impossible to live without a plan!” — Vladimir repeated this many times. — “We have to create plans for ourselves continually: and strategic — for the future, and current — for here and now.”

Without a strategic plan, we move much more slowly, act much less effectively.

If we formulate our goals and tasks for ourselves on paper, and then, over time, make a report of them to ourselves: what was completed and what remained undone — our progress is accelerating. This happens, because God is always happy to take part in such planning and reporting, and helps us see the flaws and find the right solutions.

This way of acting optimizes not only our own advancement, but also helps in serving God by helping other incarnate people.

I remember when I sometimes was rereading my own plans and looking at the work that was done, I was conscious of and wondered to what high extent God had helped to implement these plans! For example, the idea of service, which seemed to be almost unattainable, suddenly “took on flesh” becoming the books and films made by our hands, and a lot of people on all continents, except perhaps Antarctica, got acquainted with our materials through the Internet…

Equally important are the current plans for each day. They are also surprisingly effective and allow us to do the necessary things quickly — without holding a list of undone things “in our head”: “do not forget to buy this, to visit that place, to call that person and say something and so on.”

God spoke to me about this, in such words:

“The purity of the energy in the head chakras can be achieved only if all things in the tonal — are in order. In particular, plans should be recorded on paper — and then the burden of unfinished doings does not ‘irritate’ the mind. The freedom from the world of matter can only occur under this condition! Then — you are ready to immerse into Me!

“It is impossible to solve everything only through meditation! It is just as impossible to wash mud from dirty material hands through meditative cleansings! Here you just need to wash your hands with soap and water.

“So the whole of your ‘island of tonal’, i.e. the surrounding material world associated with the body, — should be kept to a minimum, cleaned and washed out. Only then will it be easy to slip from this island into the Infinity of the Ocean of Me!”



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2 Responses to “A Little Bit about Methodology”

  1. Jd Says:


    Could you say anything more in detail about keeping strategic plans for the future and daily life? Especially what you said about reporting? Is this just simple lists?

    • Spiritual Development Says:

      Peace to you!
      No, this is not just a list of daily tasks.
      Need a strategic plan — the main goal in life.
      And tactical plans for each day in order to achieve their goals.
      According to the plans you need to work, analyze and correct them.

      That’s what Divine Teachers say about this:

      Pythagoras — Golden Verses

      Before sleep closes your eyes, remember thrice your deeds of the day. Consider them as an impartial judge and ask yourself: “What good did I do? What did I fail to do that I should have done?” Thus review everything you did throughout the day. Reproach yourself severely for all wrong deeds! Be glad about the good ones!

      Reflect on these instructions and practice them! With their help you can approach Perfection!

      Teachings of Juan Matus:

      “… How can anyone feel so important when we know that death is stalking us?

      “… The thing to do when you are impatient is to turn to your left and ask advice from your death. An immense amount of pettiness is dropped if your death makes a gesture to you, or if you catch a glimpse of it, or if you just have the feeling that your companion is there watching you.

      “Death is a wise adviser that we have… One… has to ask death’s advice and drop the cursed pettiness that belongs to men that live their lives as if death will never tap them!

      “If you do not think of your death, all your life will be just personal chaos!

      “(The warrior) knows that death is stalking him or her and won’t give time to cling to anything… And thus with an awareness of death,… and with the power of his or her own decisions, the warrior sets life in a strategic manner… and what the warrior chooses is always strategically the best; and thus the warrior performs everything with gusto and lusty efficiency!

      “Life for the warrior is an exercise in strategy.

      “Without the awareness of death everything is ordinary, trivial. It is only because death is stalking us that the world is an unfathomable mystery.

      “You have little time and no time for crap. A wonderful state! The best of us always comes out when we are against the wall, when we feel the sword dangling overhead. … I wouldn’t have it any other way.”.

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