A Conversation with Assyris

Chapter from the book  “How God Can Be Cognized. Book 2. Autobiographies of the Disciples of God”  — Anna Zubkova.

“Did You want to speak with me?”

“Not quite: rather it was you who you wanted this and I am — always glad for this opportunity! I always need for you to want to talk with Me, interact with Me, love Me!

“Again and again, you come back to attempts to recall your past incarnation. The desire to allure people into Me by ‘a tasty bait’ of the History of Ancient Russia has not extinguished in you… But you must understand that, for those, who really want to cognize Me now, — the experience of this life is far more valuable: the real experience of cognition of God, which is committed right now in the same environment in which your contemporaries live!

“The important thing is that now, as in all times, there is God — God is Alive! — And He is — cognizable! This is exactly what people need to find out!

“… But, still, I will use this opportunity to say something about My Schools of Ancient Russia.

“As the sun sends its rays, so do I always send My sons and daughters on Earth. Ancient Russia was a fertile cornfield thanks to the preservation of God’s ethic laws — the laws of love. I was able to preserve the knowledge of the Highest in My Schools for a long time. The souls were incarnating in those conditions where the knowledge of the Path was known. Schools were being led by Divine or nearly Divine Souls. Each such soul is like a tree that is rising above the Earth and supporting the already existing center of spirituality.

“Only matured souls were being selected to study the higher esoteric practices in Schools. The criterion was the ability to think seriously with the developed consciousness. A developed spiritual heart — was considered necessary, but not a sufficient condition.

“At that time subsistence agriculture was dominating in Russia. Spiritual Schools were almost devoid of worries about food, because they were supported by rural communities. And the people of those communities were receiving assistance from the Schools through prevention of droughts and poor harvests, healing diseases, educating children… These communities in which were schools, existed with them as a single organism, like a family.

“… Those, who were coming out of Me, were working, primarily with the already matured souls who did not have to develop the intellect through filling the mind with information… The mechanism of the development of the ability of the consciousness to think was somewhat different for them. It was similar to what is told about the ancient Greek philosophers who comprehended, through meditation, the structure of multi-dimensional universe, the spherical shape of our planet, etc. For you it is clear that there are different variants of exploration of any problem with the consciousness: starting with the information that comes from own thoughts — and ending with Revelations and the direct exploration of, for example, multi-dimensional layers by a developed consciousness. Your conversation with Me now — is also an example of such cognition. Another example is the meditation presented by Me.

“The ability to think fruitfully develops in the best way on the background of contemplative peace. Many children were growing up in the School. Through thinking about natural phenomena, various kinds of living organisms — a child was learning to think, adults were just directing, correcting this work. Any bug, flying bird, live or dry branch of a tree could become a textbook for understanding the life and death, attachment of consciousness to the material shell, differences and similarities of life forms…

“This was the first stage of teaching.

“After this students were easily and quickly shifting to the perception of multi-dimensional space. Very little amount of indriyas were attached to the material plane. To redirect indriyas of the soul to the cognition of intangible planes and communication with the Divine Souls — was very easy for Me!

“Precisely, the communication of a soul with God — the non-embodied Divine Consciousness — was the basis of teaching. Due to this I could easily give lessons to everyone. To correct and explain the basic techniques was required from incarnated teachers, nothing more than this. God was the teacher! Immersion into the Depths of Me was the same as smooth, unhurried and natural as the whole life. It was the growing up of children in God’s family. By the way, nobody was setting tasks to speed up this maturation.

“Remember, how once I showed you such an image: in order to cross the mighty river by swimming or on a boat we have to put continued efforts, it is important to row: otherwise you will not reach the other bank and drown. That is your spiritual Path now. In those ancient times — the worldview and structure of society were allowing a sort of a wide bridge to exist on. When there is a bridge, you can walk, slowly, over a stream, without misgivings for the currents and rapids. Precisely the right order of society allows the Path to God to become a bridge, which makes it safe for crossing the turbulent river of samsara…”



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