Father! How Can I Thank You for All?!

Chapter from the book  “How God Can Be Cognized. Book 2. Autobiographies of the Disciples of God”  — Anna Zubkova.

I never managed to express my gratitude through words to God, to all our Divine Teachers. When I tried to do this…, the Dissolution and Mergence were always happening, the individual “I” was disappearing… — and instead of speaking of Love to Him, He Himself was speaking of His Love…

In particular, such were all the poems written by me: they were — His words that went through me when He and I were one…*

“How do I thank You, Father? How do I thank You for the opportunity to cognize, to merge, to learn to be You?”

Once, Sathya Sai Baba answered me on this question. He said:

“Try to get up close! Grow up to My ability to emanate from My Abode and give My Love — and just get up close: next to Vladimir, next to Me, with all of Us! And do what We do! This will be the best gratitude! This will be the Highest Service to Me!”



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