Instead of Conclusion (Chapter Dictated by Jesus)

Chapter from the book  “How God Can Be Cognized. Book 2. Autobiographies of the Disciples of God”  — Anna Zubkova.

Jesus has come…

“Did you want to write a chapter about Me?”

“Yes, I want to very much! …”

“If you want, I will dictate.”

“Yes, do not go, please, do not go, I will take a pen and paper…”

“I never left you! I came into your life a long time ago and will never leave! I remember very well all your words to Me and all your promises to Me.

“I have been leading you for a very long time. I have always been close. Back in those days, when you did not know that I — existed, you had already been feeling my first touches. It was I, who was standing near you, when Yeshua from the pages of ‘The Master and Margarita’ touched your heart…”

“Jesus, it was You…”

“Yes, I was with you even at that time.”

“Do you remember when you were reading the Gospel and thinking that you would follow Me… if it was true?… I was there with you, I was telling you: it is — the truth! Yes, I was healing by touching, yes, I was walking on waters, yes, I was raising the dead… I was telling you: everything about this was — the truth! And you, still not knowing Me, was starting to believe Me…

“And then in church, do you remember?… There was only Me and you — no matter how many people were around us… My eyes were looking straight into your eyes. I was looking into your heart, soul, wherever your body was standing…”

“I remember, Jesus…”

“And then I gave the book of Vladimir Antonov ‘The Original Teachings of Jesus Christ’ into your hands. You finally picked it up… I was so happy at that moment!

“I remember how you dared to start the Path to Me, I remember all your promises. I remember when you saw Me for the first time with the clarity of the eyes of the soul at My place of power and I was blessing your Path to Me.

“I have not forgotten anything! I remember how you merged with the consciousness with My Mahadouble and how you were stretching out your hands with Me to all the souls whom I hold on my hands, how you were asking for permission to help them to find out, at least a bit, about the opportunity to be with Me always. About this you know now… I granted your request: I was speaking words through you which were addressed to all humans on Earth…

“It is — just the beginning of the Service that you will do on Earth from Me, for Me, in order for God to touch every human heart! People need to know that God is Love, that He — is cognizable, that I am — always next to everyone who is on this Path, that I am not leaving anyone without help, who puts all personal efforts — and with love rushes to Me! I lead him/her by the hand into the Abode of the Father!

“See: ‘the fairy tale’, in which you once feared even to believe, — became a reality of your life!

“I am here today to confirm that you have cognized Me!

“Live with My Heart in your chest, shine from the Sun of God* with the Great Love of the Creator!

“Remember: I teach you to live as I lived! And I and the Father are One!

“I bless all of you to serve Father so, as I do this! Feel the Great One! Feel the Power of the Great Father!

“There is an amazing power of the love of the Father, which is able to transform souls of humans!

“God is Love!

“That, to which I have committed, everyone can commit to!”


Your Jesus,

Whom people call Christ


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