From Conversations with Babaji

“It would be good if you described in your films how the work of God is perverted, in particular, under the disguise of My name. Talk about it on My behalf.”

Babaji, tell us please how did You become Divine?”

“Since the time when the Himalayas rose up — Babaji has been on the Earth. I became One with the Ocean of the Creator so long ago that I feel Myself as Eternal as He is. I cannot even recall that in the past I was a separate soul.

“Do you know, for what purpose Avatars come to the Earth? They come to reestablish the link between man and God, to manifest on the Earth the reality of God, to remind people who they are and why they are here…

“Avatars come when the light in souls and righteousness in lives of people fade, when people look only at the world of matter and want to know nothing more.

“From age to age, I come to the Earth!

“I manifest Myself so that one can touch Me with the hands and not get burned…

“I speak so that My words are heard by many and spread throughout the Earth, and thus people may remember that there is God…

“I restore the Eternal Law of God…

“I work miracles to make people know that I am not a small body but God — the Creator of the manifested universe…

“Yet, the most important of everything I do is the change of the direction of souls’ movement, of souls’ growth:

“from darkness — to the Light,

“from fear — to fearlessness,

“from hatred — to love,

“from wanting for oneself — to giving to others,

“from laziness and sleep of the soul — to karma yoga, that is selfless service to God through serving people.

“Every Avatar does this.

“Be heirs to My art of redirecting souls, ‘smelting’ them in the Divine Fire in order to rid them of vices and evil, growing them so that their heart lotuses blossom with Love for God!”

“Babaji, how can one learn not to leave the state of Mergence with You?”

“One has to become the Ocean! One has to become aware of oneself as the Ocean — the Ocean where there is only Babaji!

“Babaji means Father!

“With the arms stretched in Me and from within Me one has to caress, support, heal!

“One has to feel oneself as an integral, inseparable Part of the Whole, coessential to the entire Primordial Consciousness! Then no power in the world of matter can separate you from Me!

“In general, everything is going well! No one expected such quick success from you! We supported, helped you, but did not expect that you manage to ‘break through’ all together!”

* * *

Once we were walking over a wonderful place of power, where one can always meet Babaji. Vladimir and others, gathering mushrooms, went forward, and I stayed for a while to embrace Babaji…

“Don’t fall behind, follow him: your babaji! He is a Great Master equal to Me!”

“Babaji, do You know what he said a moment ago? He said that he has not mastered yet the siddhis demonstrated by You, like control over matter…”

“I know!” Babaji was smiling radiantly, embracing with His Love me and Vladimir with his friends walking through the beautiful Dale of Babaji. “Of course, I know it! Yet, I know also that he would not exchange the great art of transforming souls mastered by him for any kind of siddhis like materializing smells or making objects disappear…”

* * *

“Having students does not make one a Master…

“Possessing knowledge and meditative methods is not enough for leading people to Me.

“One has to learn loving them as I love!

“The miracle of love is in its selflessness and, as a result, in absence of wanting something from others.

“Love is that ‘foundation’ which can help you to solve ‘troubling’ situations. Only love — as a thing completely void of egoism — can show you the way out of the ‘thicket’ of problems born by the ego (lower self).

“When in you there remains nothing but love, there are also no problems, by which the lower self torments itself.

“All negative emotional states result from the attachment of the lower self to earthly matters.

“Everyone goes through life situations where one’s lower self gets manifested — until it is erased completely.

“If you act consciously in such situations — you can reach success quite quickly.

“Success here means that you, having cognized Me and merged with Me, do not exit from Me — in any circumstances.

“Learn to look at the earthly affairs with the eyes of God!”

“Is it You Who supervises Russia now?”

“Yes. I also take care of everyone worthy of it, including you.”

“How are the duties distributed between You and other Representatives of the Creator?”

“Everyone has their own fields of activity in the Divine Service depending on one’s personal developments in the past. Someone protects, cherishes, educates children. Another supervises those engaged in sports. Others, including Me, provide help on the Path of cognizing the Highest and spreading the higher knowledge.

“As you know, every One of Us has something to share. Thus We serve, first of all, with the highest abilities We have.

“Every One of Us has a favorite work. I am One of Those Who help you directly, in any moment of your lives. And I stretch My hand towards any appeal if it originates from you or your friends.

“I know about all your affairs. And I never forget about the needs of every one of you!

“Every One of Us exerts every effort so that the School may grow and the situation may develop well!

“From every one of you I expect maximal efforts for fulfilling the Plan which I designed for creating a spiritual Revolution on the Earth — Mahakranti.”

* * *

“Everyone who crosses the last border on the spiritual Path meets the Full Freedom. Yet, crossing this border requires one’s desires and aspirations to be directed to My World — the World of My Freedom!

“People’s desires and aspirations can be likened to ropes which either bound one to the world of matter or help one to move to the other side of the border.

“I will help everyone worthy! Yet, until they throw their ‘ropes’ across the border to My side, while they are attached by the ‘ropes’ to their side — they can hardly cross the border.”

Chapter from the bookHow God Can Be Cognized. Autobiography of a Scientist Who Studied GodVladimir Antonov




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