Multidimensionality of Space

In this life I had no incarnate spiritual teacher. Non-incarnate God became my Teacher; I learned to communicate with Him thanks to my aspiration to Him.

He guided me by giving me just the basic guidelines and by creating situations where I had to learn to take correct decisions myself. This was very hard and long! On the other hand, this allowed me as a scientist to study deeply and fully the nuances of this Path: what one should or should not do, what happens as a result of certain mistakes, etc. Eventually I have managed to build a system of many practical methods: a way from the knowledge of matter — to the knowledge of the Creator. In the process of this work I — as a scientist-experimentalist — wrote down all observations, all experiments performed on myself, all directions of the Teacher, all conclusions, all the discovered regularities.

In the most concise form all this can be expressed as follows:

Space is multidimensional not only theoretically but also in practice. Yet its multidimensionality cannot be studied with material tools: material tools can receive only information coming from the material world.

But multidimensional space can be studied by the consciousness of the researcher. For this purpose such a researcher has to work on the two following directions: a) refinement and b) growth of oneself as a consciousness transformed into the energy of the spiritual heart.

Success in this work can be achieved only if the researcher is mature ethically and intellectually.

In case of success, such a researcher can cognize what exists in all the spatial dimensions including the highest dimension — the Abode of the Creator.

Therefore God is cognizable but only for worthy seekers of Him, for those who dedicate their lives to searching for Him.

An incarnate person can cognize also the abodes of non-incarnate beings, the abodes that are called paradise and hell in religious traditions. This subject needs to be discussed in more detail, because I have never seen in the literature explanations of this phenomenon which can satisfy an intellectually developed person. Also there was no correct understanding of the reason why people go to hell or to paradise.

In order to understand this, one needs to explain what spatial dimensions are.

Let me note straight away that full understanding of the multidimensional nature of the universe cannot be received just from words: it can be gained only through personal experience of direct cognition.

So let us look at the following analogy:

Let us imagine an aquarium filled with water. The glass of its walls, the water, the sand on its bottom are the objects representing the matter of the most dense spatial dimension. Yet in the same volume of the aquarium there are also radio waves, light, magnetic and gravitational fields, etc. And all of these manifestations in usual conditions do not interact or interact slightly with each other.

It is the same with the real multidimensional space: emanations in spatial dimensions differ as intervals of the scale of subtlety-coarseness, as different states of life peculiar to different “stories” of the “building of multidimensionality”.

The energies of the densest dimension are relatively stationary; they are dense matter. On the other end of this scale, there is the Primordial Consciousness, the Creator. In between them, there are layers-“stories” inhabited by spirits of different levels of development: more subtle spirits are closer to the Creator, more coarse spirits are farther. The former abide in paradise; the latter abide in hell. Everyone resides among others similar to them.*

Therefore one can define two vectors of the two scales of multidimensionality: between the Creator — and the matter, and between the Abode of the Creator — and the boundary with hell.

Are there places of accumulation of non-incarnate souls in every dimension, i.e. places of their localization? Yes, but this is not what is principal. The principal thing is that in paradise there is only love, harmony, subtlety, tenderness — that is the qualities which the inhabitants of paradise developed in themselves during their earthy lives. While in hell the dominant states are anger, hatred, violence, pain, terror; these are the qualities developed by the inhabitants of hell in their lives on the Earth.

It is the level of the subtlety of the consciousness peculiar to every particular person that determines in what spatial dimension this person will stay until the next incarnation if it happens. And the length of staying in this dimension can be hundreds of years…

Let everyone make corresponding conclusions for themselves!

Chapter from the bookHow God Can Be Cognized. Autobiography of a Scientist Who Studied GodVladimir Antonov




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