Good and Evil

Once I was asked the following question: “Do you know a method of diagnosing evil — so simple that any person can use it?”

I replied:

“Evil is too multifarious and has too many manifestations to be distinguished by a single test.”

The brightest evil is aggressiveness, malice, coarseness. There is also selfishness, falsity, inclination to betrayal, cowardice, haughtiness, absence of care, and many more: for example, dangerous manifestations of foolishness, possession, drug addiction, etc.

Therefore it is much easier to distinguish Good in the entire chaos of evil in people and to help it to grow.

Those who have developed clairvoyance can see evil directly — as darkness of the soul and of the energies of the cocoon. (But one has to take into account that acute diseases like flu can also cause darkness in the cocoons of normal people).

Clairvoyants see good as the developed spiritual heart and the purity of the soul. (However this is not an absolute criterion, because some of such people also have the qualities of falsity, foolishness, etc).

Therefore the most important thing is to develop oneself. And in the process of personal growth and accumulation of personal experience of providing spiritual help to others, one gains the ability to distinguish people.

The summit of evil is the devilish status.

The absolute Good is our Creator and His Manifestations in the form of Holy Spirits and Messiahs.

But in order to comprehend this more deeply than just in words — we have to grow in the direction to Divinity.

Also one has to understand that our encounters with evil are necessary for our spiritual growth. In that sense it is correct to say that “everything is good!”.

The process of our encounters with evil and good is controlled by God.

And all this happens inside the Universal Body of the God-Absolute. We are in Him.

Chapter from the bookHow God Can Be Cognized. Autobiography of a Scientist Who Studied GodVladimir Antonov


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