The lower self and the Higher Self

When an ordinary incarnate person says “I”, he or she means his/her mind or body. After the disembodiment, such a person (if he or she was not too primitive*) retains the awareness of oneself — as a lump of the consciousness resembling in form the former body.

Independent of the size, power, ethical and other qualities of an individual consciousness, such a consciousness belongs to the group of lower selves.

The Higher Self is the Creator dwelling in His Abode — in the most subtle spatial dimension. In order to become Him, one has to learn first to enter His Abode, then to become established in Mergence with Him to such a degree that one is capable of saying “I” on His behalf, experiencing oneself as Him — as opposed to all the rest.

If we manage to habituate ourselves to this state during the life in the body, then we continue to live in this state after the death of the body.

After the death of the body, people maimed by atheism or by primitive religious concepts continue to identify themselves with their dead decaying bodies. This is the reason why there are so many spirits at Russian cemeteries.

Many years ago I witnessed the following case. An old woman died, who worked in the same institute with me. I, as the head of our labor union group, was sent to participate in the ceremony in the crematorium. Her relatives and I were standing in a corridor and waiting for the beginning of the ceremony, when a coffin with her body was brought in. Suddenly she appeared before me (without a body of course) and cried:

“Vladimir! Vladimir! Are they going to burn me?!”

She continued to identify herself with the body despite the many days that had passed after its death.

… Sometimes in the vicinity of the crematorium, I saw perplexed spirits rushing away from it: they used to live clinging to their bodies, but now the bodies had been burned…

But more miserable are those who continue to identify themselves with… the stinking, decaying flesh of their unburned bodies.

Chapter from the bookHow God Can Be Cognized. Autobiography of a Scientist Who Studied GodVladimir Antonov.


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