I Had Only One Thing on My Mind

Whether I was eating, talking with someone, working as a scientist-mystic, walking in the forest, giving classes — I always had only one thing on my mind — the aspiration to cognize God in all His fullness and to merge with Him, also to help others in this task.

I saw other aspirations in people, including people involved in religion. Whatever they did, they sought material wealth or fame; in religious groups many of them could not find anything for themselves but sexual amusements.

… It is important to understand that the reason for this is misunderstanding of the meaning of life by people.

We have to realize that we are all “in a trap”. And the only correct choice for us is to aspire to Mergence with the Creator.

We were born on the Earth with the only purpose of advancing in our personal evolution as much as possible to this ultimate Goal. If we use our freedom of will to move away from God — then we doom ourselves to suffering.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons for the abundance of human suffering is sectarian perversions of the Truth in those organizations where they do not preach, do not explain, do not practice the Path of Love, the Path of the spiritual heart, the Path to cognition of the Higher Self and to Mergence with the Creator.

… “Believe in Jesus Christ — and you will be saved!”, “Perform a suicide attack against infidels to destroy them for the sake of Islam — and you will go straight to paradise!”, “Get baptized, visit the church, participate in rituals and ‘sacraments’ — and paradise is guaranteed for you!”, “Worship that person, and he will save you!”, “Learn to plug the lower foramens of your body to avoid falling through them into hell, and then paradise is yours!” — I hope the readers of this book who have accepted what is written in it about the true Path understand the falsity of such ideas.

Only through the practice of love can man develop fully the organ of love — the spiritual heart. And then the consciousness transformed by this organ can infuse into the Creator with the help of meditative training. This is the only true way for us!

Chapter from the bookHow God Can Be Cognized. Autobiography of a Scientist Who Studied GodVladimir Antonov.



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