From Conversations with Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba said once to one of us (to Anna Zubkova):

“When you are in Me, when we are coessential — then your body and your ‘I’ of the consciousness cease to exist separately from Me. Then they become manifestations of Me, manifestations of My Higher Self. Then there is no other you but Me!

“This Coessentiality has to become a natural, constant state of the consciousness.

“This is what Enlightenment is.

“You ask: what can you do with the earthy plane?

“But everything taking place in the Absolute is I!

“If you immerse the hands of the consciousness into the earthly, then you get attracted to it and suffer from earthly problems; then your small ‘I’ cries: ‘I cannot withstand it! Let me into Your Abode!’. This is the separateness that you yourself create.

“… Nothing can oppose Me! Nothing can hinder Me!

“Everything that happens — happens only by My Will!

“When you immerse the hands of the consciousness into Me — they become free from the earthly concerns. Then they turn into My Hands.

“When you immerse your eyes into Me — they begin to see the Truth because they become My Eyes.

“And when you immerse yourself as a heart into Me — you become Me, you become that United Self, that Divine Love which cannot be shaken by anyone or anything!”

Chapter from the bookHow God Can Be Cognized. Autobiography of a Scientist Who Studied GodVladimir Antonov.



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