Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Sarkar

We sit near a fire in the fir forest. It is the time before dawn.

… A fire… Its flame not only warms us but also enchants with a dance of its tongues… From time to time, it emits sparks flying up — small particles of fire…

Divine Sarkar came to us.

Vladimir Antonov reminded us how we learned to look at a fire from the anahata chakra*… He told us that it is good to place now a large image of a fire into the expanded anahata chakra and turn this image into the Divine Fire — and then to shine through the body at the world of matter with the ‘Sun of God’…

Sarkar said approvingly:

“This is My meditation as well! I grew thanks to it!”

Then He addressed Vladimir:

“My contact with you was not difficult, because We similarly perceived the Path of cognition of the Creator”.

… He showed that when He was incarnate He walked along sand beaches and expanded with the spiritual heart over the expanse of the sea, how on corresponding places of power He fell into the depths of the multidimensionality, how He washed His body with flows of Brahmanic Light-rain, how He turned an image of a fire — into the Divine Fire

“Your paths to cognition of the Highest are well-known to Me… I know them as if I walked these paths together with you… I, too, was a master of Kundalini Yoga!

“I traversed all three stages of it known to you:

“At the first stage, the Kundalini* energy is brought to the body and moved through it…

“At the second stage, one does the same but on another scale: the Atmic energy of Kundalini gets unarchived — and then follows a new level of cognition of oneself as the Higher Self.

“At the third stage, one has to learn to help others in this.

“… Recall how in the past I taught you Mergence: the Self of God and the self of man are united by the laws of Love. Love unites with love, two separate selves merge into One — and then there is only the United Self!

“The essence of Kundalini Yoga can be outlined as follows. A developed human soul consciously allows the Divine Self to enter it and to unite so that full Mergence happens. Then a passage through the human body opens — for the United Flow of Love in Which there is no separation on the Self of God and the self of the soul… Through this, one gains the fullness of the awareness of Divinity…

“… I am also a master of the Atmic Divine Fire… You could notice it by how I manifested Myself to you.

“The paths of Kundalini Yoga and the Yoga of Agni* are not opposite to each other and do not intersect, but can be united quite naturally. It happened in My case and in yours as well.

“Yet for convenience of the readers of your book, I am going to separate them now, in order to outline each of these paths from the beginning to the end.

“… The last time I lived on the Earth was in the northern part of India. It was not an ordinary incarnation: I accepted it with a certain purpose, being already a developed consciousness. My development went on quickly, because it was determined so by My intention from the non-incarnate state.

“Even from childhood I aspired to cognition. I wanted to know the structure of this world, to unravel its mysteries, to develop Myself with the purpose of discovering My new abilities.

“Neither material wealth, nor earthly love — nothing attracted Me as much as the unknown which is concealed behind the mysterious veil of the starry sky, or the unseen which nourishes all of the diversity of life around. Most of all I desired to peer behind the curtain that conceals this knowledge.

“I could satisfy My thirst for cognition only when I grew up. I received an initiation in the tradition where they practiced, in particular, working with Fire. Not with physical fire, of course, but with non-material Fire, which was called sacred, purifying.

“On the initial stage, the students had to learn to use an image of fire for working with it inside the body. It had to be not an image of a violent flame but an image of calm, even flame like that which softly wavers over the coals of a long-burning fire.

“The students began this work with placing an image of a small fire in the center of the chest — and then igniting it so that it fills the entire volume of the chest.

“On the next stage, the students had to learn to spread the fire from the chest — to other parts of the body. With flows of this fire we cleansed the meridians, let the fire into the arms and legs, treated with it other energy structures of the body, thus cleansing them from adverse coarse energies.**

“At the end of this stage of work, the students had to purify the body completely — to burn with the sacred fire everything unnecessary in the body, so that its volume became even, uniform.

“Then the students began to work with another Fire, which fills the core of our planet — on the non-material plane, of course. It was a principally different stage, because now the students had to learn to feel themselves and to act not as a separate small consciousness inside the body but to move far beyond the body and to merge with the Sea of Fire in the depth.

“One of the exercises on this stage was to connect the volume of the body — with that Sea of Living Divine Fire.

“The students also had to learn to act from the state of the Sea of Fire: to stretch arms from there and to influence something with these arms, to heal others with this Fire.

“In this School there was also knowledge that deeper than the Sea of Fire there is space of Clear Light and that this Light is superior to the Fire.

“Having found a passage to this Light, the students mastered Mergence with It.

“And when Mergence with the Light became firm enough — the students learned to shine with this Light through the anahata chakra of the body at the world of matter, at people.

“The ultimate success on this Path was to settle in the Light, i.e. the ability to be this Light almost always, controlling at that the body in the world of matter.

“… In that incarnation I became a fakir. I could easily ignite with the Consciousness any flame: from physical fire — to the Divine one. I showed Divine mysteries as illusions: in this regard, David Copperfield and I are colleagues.

“I had a wonderful companion and assistant in everything — My wife. She had a remarkable ability to feel the partner. It was a joy to work with Her for the public… And it was a bliss to teach Her!…

“She became the mother of the dynasty of fakirs Sarkars…

“At present, She (or He, to be correct) is incarnate and continues the great work of developing the art of the Divine Magic of Love…”

**   This has a powerful healing effect.
The same technique (called jyoti) is suggested by Sathya Sai Baba.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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