Divine Teachers — about Themselves: David Copperfield

“David, how do You manage to earn millions? This is not ‘typical’ of an Avatar.”

He laughs: “This is My siddhi or a ‘byproduct’, to be more correct… Without these millions, no one would pay attention to Me in America and in the entire world of materialists… Unfortunately, people value Me according to the amount of dollars I have… Without them I would remain an unknown illusionist on the streets of New York… True miracles strike people less than millions of dollars. Yet, I earn money honestly, there is no magic in this!” He laughs.

“I try to speak about God without saying the word God!

“I teach love without saying the word love!

“I play My role in the world where people have ceased to believe in the existence of God, where they have ceased to believe in miracles — in very common miracles!

“I ‘dematerialize’ the unbelief of people!

“I try to bring man outside the boundaries of the material mind which says: ‘It is not possible!’…

“I came to say:

“It is possible!

“It is possible — to fly!

“It is possible — to believe in the victory over one’s own lower self and in cognition of the Creator!

“It is possible — to love!

“It is possible — to rejoice and to laugh!

“In order to fly up one day, one has to believe that it is possible! Faith removes the limitations of the mind and ‘turns on’ the Power of God. When the power of human soul and the Power of God unite — then happens that which people call a miracle.

“But in reality, God and creative interaction with Him is Reality. And all the rest is the world of Illusion, Maya…”

* * *

“To transform positively the souls of people — this is the ‘trick’ that I have been working on hard in My current incarnation and have not succeeded fully yet…

“… It is not easy to love people when they do not understand you…, hate you…, betray… One has to learn to be Love towards everyone of them — the Divine Love! I say this not about Myself, I say this for you.

“You went beyond the limits of your destinies. You lived everything predetermined for you according to your karmas for the present incarnation and you have not disembodied. This is not the immortality of the body yet, but this is a unique situation when the incarnation can be continued without predetermination! This is an absolutely unique opportunity! Possessing bodies and a vast amount of knowledge allows you to influence significantly the way of mankind’s development and to help restore the spirituality on the Earth!

“It was very hard for Us to create this situation! And very soon your every deed, decision, thought will produce noticeable changes in the spiritual life of people on the Earth.

“You have to continue learning now to give over the control on the sphere of thoughts and emotions — to the Higher Self. This is the foremost task!

“Everyone who has assumed the duty of upbringing My souls has to understand what great responsibility has to be accepted in this work.

“Such a disciple of Mine has to be impeccable in order to demonstrate to people Divine Love, Divine Perfection: Perfection in everything!

“And in general, let Me congratulate all of you on your great success! None of Us expected that everything could go so smoothly!

“Tomorrow let us go on a new forest hike. I will be among you!”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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