Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Yamamuto

“The beauty is everywhere: above me
and below me. And when I leave the body,
I will also walk the path of beauty”.

(From Hindu teachings)

“Yamamuto, tell us please how did You become One with the Father?”

“My path is similar to the path of Lao*. I came to My last earthly life having an experience of dissolving calm originating from the contemplation of the beautiful. It was a great heritage from My Japanese ancestors.

“I could dissolve, disappear — and stay for hours in mergence with the beauty of blooming sakuras, feeling every blossom, every stamen, the fragrance of semi-transparent white petals illuminated by sunlight… I felt then a great ecstasy: My joy would turn into calm, and the moment would turn into eternity!

“The beauty is inherent to that which is eternal! And in that flow of eternal beauty, I would become streams of transparent brooks, the calm of stones warmed by the sun, the boundless blue of the sky, and foamy crests of waves — as on Japanese paintings…

“I could feel the bliss of a grass blade swaying in the warm wind and breathing in the sunlight… I could rise together with the sun over the calm ocean…

“Thus I lived before I began mastering meditations on a vast place of power in New Zealand, which I described to you earlier. This place is similar to a volcano with a crater of kilometers in size… First I perceived it as a precipice, an abyss leading to the infinite Living Light

“I would come and jump into that Light and learn to be It…

“Every time I jumped deeper and deeper, I could stay in It longer and longer… And I managed to become It — as I had used to become the beauty

“Then I felt Myself as a giant blooming Tree… The entire beauty of the world blossomed on the branches of this Tree, its trunk was a passage to the Infinity of the Ocean of Light — the Foundation of Everything. The roots of this Tree nourished all the lives on Its branches…

“I began to go deeper under the roots of that Tree, to its Foundation, and asked:

‘Great Light, of which everything is created, how do You create the beauty?’

“Great Light did not answer but invited Me to go deeper and deeper into It…

“I came again and again… — until I merged with It completely — in unceasing ecstasy which became the Calm and eternity of Love!

“After that I learned an answer to My question. Because the infinite Ocean became Yamamuto.

“And inside Yamamuto, there continued to live the beauty of blooming sakuras, the transparency of flowing brooks, the blue of the sky, the foamy crests of waves, the blades of grass breathing in the sunlight, the sun rising over the calm ocean…”.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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