Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Divine Emperor of Ancient Japan

“Once I was the first emperor of Japan. I had also several other incarnations after it…

“In My last incarnation, I was born into a royal family. From childhood, My life had only one purpose — to become the Emperor. Not just a monarch — an ordinary person who is fortunate to possess the highest power in the country and can live in pleasures and luxury at the expense of his subjects. No, I had to become a Divine Emperor, that is an embodiment of Perfection for My people.

“Many people in My country had a difficult lot, they had hard work. Yet among them all, My work was not easier.

“The qualities of a warrior that a samurai had to develop, the honesty and the sense of duty that a state official had to possess, the righteousness that every citizen had to follow — the Emperor had to demonstrate to people all of these qualities. And He could not fail in anything, could not be less than Perfection — because He had to be Divine.

“My life was not the life of a mere mortal: the ideal qualities that people strive to develop for years and often do not succeed because of indulging in weaknesses and earthly desires — I had to manifest these qualities with My life every minute! And I could not allow Myself a moment of weakness, in which many ordinary people indulge most part of their lives.

“The Emperor lived not for the sake of Himself — He lived for people. He dedicated His life to them, making it an example of impeccability.

“Such a task of My life made Me a person to whom there is no personal concerns, who has no personal life, but who lives with concerns about the life of all people entrusted to Him. The very meaning of the Emperor’s life was to be the highest ideal to people!

“… Thus I lived My life. I lived not as a small ordinary soul immersed in its personal problems, but as a great Soul existing everywhere and taking care of everyone.”

“Tell us please about the methods and techniques that Your tutors taught You during Your young years to prepare You for becoming the Divine Emperor!”

“You know these methods well! They are the same methods that I and all of Us taught you!…

“I can tell about how I was educated in early childhood…

“Though I came to that incarnation from the state of Divinity, but even a Divine Consciousness needs time to unite the Divine awareness with the growing and developing physical body.

“At that time, I — a boy-Emperor — had two wise Tutors.

“One of them taught Me reading and writing, history and meditation. He also taught Me the calmness of the mind and the clarity and broadness of the calmness of the consciousness, in which every thought has to unite with Will and Power, with Wisdom and Beauty.

“He showed Me how the beauty of several words united in harmony gives birth to images which live then as verses for centuries.

“And how several hieroglyphs written on a blank page can contain in themselves a great meaning of the law and change the destinies of the country and people.

“And how a thought expounded against the background of the calm of the mind and consciousness can bring in itself the power of the Intent of the Creator.

“He taught Me to think, having united the Consciousness with the mind of the body: making the brain a well-functioning tool that perceives the Divine Wisdom and manifests it in the physical world.

“My other Tutor taught Me the higher art of military valor. He was a samurai, a faithful subject of My father. It is His training that allowed the Divine Consciousness to unite with every cell of My physical body, so that the Consciousness could easily control the movements of the body making them either slow or lightning-like.

“He taught Me to feel to the tiniest instant — against the background of deepest calm — the moment when one has to act.

“In My life, I did not need the ability to fight with a sword. Yet the skill of this art allowed Me to know that moment when My Power and Will unite in a Divine Intent and manifest an impeccable action. This is the art of Intent in which the Will of the Creator manifests Itself against the background of absolute calm and at the right moment of time.

“Both these Tutors possessed great courage, yet they taught Me humility.

“No one but They had a right to strike the Emperor to be. They both knew that if I had willed it, they would have paid with their lives for being severe with Me. Yet they both had the courage to strike Me until they became convinced of connectedness of My Divine Consciousness with My physical body…

“Their art of training was a great mastery!”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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