Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Yogashira

On a small clearing in the forest, I suddenly enter Divine Light-Love similar to subtle and tender mist sparkling under the rays of the morning sun.

He entered my body, filled it with His Divine Joyful Light — and… the body began to dance! Soft flowing movements, the body as if floats above the ground, the hands of the soul caress everything around… A Stream of Divine Love from the universal Depths flows out from my anahata.

“What is Your name?”

“Yogashira, from Japan. My last incarnation was in the region of Nagasaki.”

“Tell us something about Yourself!”

“Japan is My country! I embodied there several times, achieved Divinity, and merged with the Creator. Now I represent Him for you and for other deserving people.”

“Please, tell about Your Path to the Creator: in what spiritual traditions did You work?”

“I walked to the One Source of Everything through love: by growing love in Myself, I grew as a giant Spiritual Heart, I learned to support with the Hands of My Arms growing from this Source all living beings, to nurture them with My Love.

“I spent many incarnations for this development of Myself.

“I began as you did: with love for nature. The Japanese culture and mentality are very favorable to this!

“My mother was a highly privileged geisha. She was a very beautiful and clever woman, knew the art of dance, singing, painting. She could speak several foreign languages, knew history and philosophy.”

“It was she who taught You to dance?”

“Yes. I learned from Her softness and the ability to live in harmony with the world.”

“What did You want to tell me by this dance?”

“Dance can contribute to spiritual development of man! On the background of dance, with its help, one can teach the higher philosophy and love!

“When the body of the seeker of Truth is purified from coarse energies, and the consciousness developed as a spiritual heart is merged in love with the Divine Consciousness — then through such a body one can convey to people Higher States directly from the Original Source, convey the feeling of the Eternal Truth and Pure Love.

“For example, the dance that I showed to you contained the entire essence of the Path — respect for every life, humility and love, caring attitude towards all living beings. And you understood Me!

“Other people can understand it as well — when their distorted perception of the world will be corrected and when they will have a Divine Teacher to attune to!

“This is an express method of conveying the Truth: directly to the soul, without intermediates!”

“Tell something more about Yourself please!”

“Well, listen…

“I was not a samurai. When I grew up, I did not have to fight for victory…

“I was not a ruler, yet I could dictate laws to the emperor.

“I was not a painter, yet the beauty that I saw could be painted by others.

“I was not a poet, yet the best poets wrote verses which I inspired to them.

“… Once I was asked: ‘How can one be happy?’. I answered:

‘The happiest person is the one who grows a garden inside oneself-soul! The one who has become a master of one’s own desires is the most rich and happy person! The emperor of life is the one whose heart blooms with love!’

“… Telling My biography cannot add much to cognition of Me, but maybe it can help someone advance to cognition of the Truth.

“The Living and Immortal Truth cannot be held in hands, cannot be drawn as a picture, cannot be expressed — in all the fullness — in words.

“The Divine Truth lives on the other side of the manifest world.

“It is like Quietness behind the sounds of a song…

“It is like Light behind the beauty of nature…

“It is like Love which is present always and everywhere, one needs just to be able to dive deep into It…

“This Truth-Light-Love is God in the Aspects of the Creator and many His concrete Manifestations; I am one of Them!

“Having become this Love, you understand that there is nothing which is not contained in this Boundless Calm of the Eternal Universal Primordial Consciousness…

“This Primordial Power, this Infinite Being lives manifesting Itself in everything! And every soul is just a dewdrop in the endless expanse of the Infinite Ocean of Life…

“So, listen!

“I was a son of the emperor. But I never ruled the country.

“My mother was a concubine of the emperor. It was a very high position in Japan of that time. Besides that, the emperor’s semen was considered holy. She, as I have said already, was very beautiful, and she loved him sincerely.

“If the emperor’s wife had not given birth to a son, I would have inherited the throne. And until the birth of My junior brother and emperor to be, I was raised as an heir to the throne.

“When My brother was born, I was ‘transferred to the reserve’: anything could happen…

“My destiny was good. I received the best education and a remarkable ‘vaccine’ against the feeling of self-importance: from childhood I knew that there could be born a person who would be a candidate for the throne more important than I.

“Of course, I could begin to fight for the power and riches… But My mother was a wise woman: from childhood she trained Me to be a senior brother of the emperor.

“I did not comprehend immediately the role destined for Me… But love for My country and for My people helped Me master it.

“When My brother and the courtiers became convinced that I did not aspire to power and throne, they ceased to be wary of Me.

“And soon everyone began to regard Me as a great sage.

“… I lived alone on the bank of a small lake. All the Beauty, all the Love, all the Wisdom of the Creation were available for Me for contemplation and merging — for My growing spiritual heart

“In childhood I, as an emperor to be, was taught that God lives in Me. And that My body is a container of the Divine Consciousness. With time, going farther into the Depths of the heart, I learned to feel — in those Depths — God’s presence and guidance.

“The Infinity of the Great ‘Sun of God’ became open for Me! And I learned to live in this Primordial Depth!

“And then I learned to manifest subtle Divine states from that Depth — to the world of people. I learned to give Divine Touches even to those who were far from Me, to those who never saw Me, but I saw them…

“… One of the qualities that ensured Immortality for Me was a positive outlook.

“I abandoned completely a negative way of interaction with the world. I had a positive attitude to life, I loved the world around! Thanks to this, My life was filled with harmonious and joyful states, which allowed Me to settle in the Creator.

“I want to share these states with the entire world!”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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