Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Wrestler

“The last time I was embodied was in the south east part of Mongolia. Since childhood, I felt Myself large and strong, like an epic hero: the large and pure consciousness embodied in a sturdy, strong body. The villagers called Me — Bator*.

“From childhood I liked wrestling. In wrestling, I felt freedom. When wresting, I felt Myself in My elements — as a bird sailing in the wind and enjoying the freedom.

“I was never aggressive, never caused pain to others.

“Before each bout, I felt a deep and joyful calm. And every time I felt that a Source of Inexhaustible Power stood behind My back, filled My body, My arms — so that I felt I could bring down a mountain! I called this Source — Great Spirit, Great Wrestler. I knew that He was My Friend, that He loved Me and would never leave Me without His support.

“Men from neighboring villages often came to measure their strength against Mine. I embraced them with My arms, suffused them with the light of love and then tenderly and carefully put them on the back. After the bout I always shook their hands and said:

‘Thank you! It was fair wrestling!’

“They could not be angry with Me, only smile shyly and go home…

“I knew the rules of fighting and never violated them. The most important rule for Me was the Golden Rule given to Me by My Great Friend. Often He as if infused Love and Power into My body and said:

‘Always, however hard the fight may be, you must be in the state of steadfast calm! Always, whoever your competitor may be, you must be in the state of unbreakable love for him! This is the Golden Rule.’

“People of our village respected Me much, boys ran after Me. They looked at Me with rapture and wanted to learn My art. I gladly taught them the art of power — power without violence, without aggression, without anger and arrogance.

“I felt Myself the ‘father’ both of these boys and of all the villagers. I loved very much these simple people and cared about them. Thus — in joyful calm — I lived My life. I was happy and could not imagine greater happiness…

“… Strangers seldom visited our land, and when they came everyone immediately knew about it.

“Once rumors spread in the village about a new stranger. My boys came to Me and told about a stranger who came from the East. They said that He was an unbeatable wrestler who wanted to fight against Me, that he had visited many countries and nowhere could find his equal. Boys said that this stranger spent all morning on the square. I went there to greet him — My future competitor.

“I saw Him from a distance. He stood in the center of a crowd of onlookers. For the first time I saw a man possessing power no less than Mine. But His power was different, unknown to Me: dark, paralyzing. I saw how it spread over the people standing around him, and it was as if they became smaller — stooped, bent down. Our eyes met — and I felt His ‘heavy’ look. I greeted him, and we agreed about the time of our fight.

“The day of the fight came. My power was great, but His power was no less. His arms consisted of hatred. His dark malice embraced Me from all sides and suffocated…

“I was always open and kind towards the opponents, yet towards this person I could feel only disgust. For the first time in My life, I felt disgust! I could not find in Myself a spark of that calm which always preceded My victory.

“Rage boiled in My body — and in that instant My power left Me. My arms became weak, as it happens in a dream, My eyes almost ceased to see. I felt a hole in Me through which dark poison flowed in, paralyzing My body. After a few seconds I lied on the back. I almost could not breathe as if My body was pressed by a giant stone…

“… Leaving the square I could see only sad looks and hunched figures of people — people who lost hope, lost faith. It was My fault! I wanted to tell them something, yet they did not look at Me. I could look only in the eyes of a few people, but in some of them there was pain, in others — contempt.

“… I went away for a long time — walked without seeing the road, went away from these eyes. I went until I fell. I lied for several hours without sleep. Night fell, but neither the night’s cold nor the starry sky — nothing brought Me relief. I lied unmoving, with closed eyes, the body was as if petrified…

“After some time I felt that My face, arms, breast were caressed by gentle warmth. I opened My eyes — the first rays of the Sun caressed and stroked Me. The Sun, in all its morning majesty — rose over the horizon, suffusing the entire world with goldish and pink light.

“The Sun smiled at Me! It did not turn away from Me, did not despise Me, did not deride! The Sun — with the same power and love — bestowed its light upon Me and upon the entire world! Rising higher and higher, it suffused with gentle morning warmth, with goldish shining everyone and everything! It filled with the rejoicing of love every inch of space! The Sun unswervingly followed the golden rule — to love everyone! — the rule violated by Me…

“Recalling the events of the previous day, I thanked the Great Wrestler for this lesson, thanked Him for My defeat even more than for hundreds of previous victories…

“I stood up overcoming the pain. I collected My strength and stretched the rays of My love to all sides, stroking the morning freshness of the Earth, the dew glittering on the grass, the misty distant mountains… I stretched Myself to all sides, farther and farther… — until I embraced the entire Earth. I gave the entire of Myself, suffusing the entire space with Myself-Love… I even did not notice the moment when I dissolved completely in the Light and disappeared, forgetting about everything: about My broken body, about the bitterness of the defeat. There remained only Boundless Light — and It was everywhere! There remained only Love caressing the Earth! There remained only boundless freedom, without limits!

“At that moment, I recalled about My body: it is here! — inside of Me, inside of the Boundless Light. I touched it with the Light of Love. The power flowed into its chest and arms — and the body became filled with the Divine Might. In that very moment, I realized that I am the Great Spirit, I am the Great Wrestler!

“I became free, absolutely free! I could go wherever I wanted…, yet I came back to the village. Who would I be if I had deprived My children of hope and My support?!

“… Of course, there was the second fight. I am not going to describe it, I can only say that invincible is the one who has defeated the evil in oneself! The true power comes only at the moment when you rid yourself of the last vestiges of evil!

“The true power is the Power of Love! Only this power is unconquerable!”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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