Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Danish Lady Gott

“You told us that You came to Your Danish incarnation being already Divine. Tell us please in more detail about that life of Yours.”

“Yes, I came to My last incarnation from the Home of the Father. But it took Me many years to recall and become aware of My Divinity.

“Denmark! My beautiful Denmark! You know what it is — to live on the shore of the northern sea, to listen to the calls of gulls, to breathe the freshness of the sea wind, to embrace this expanse with all the soul!…

“I was born at the end of the nineteenth century into a very cultured and well-to-do family. My life went on very joyfully and calmly. In young age I married a wonderful man whom I loved much. One could think I had an enviable fate: a loving husband, family harmony, no material problems, a beautiful house at the seashore… Everything was very good, yet with time I felt more and more depressed about the fact that we had no children. And I wanted so much to take a baby into My hands, to stroke its small head, to feel its soft hands embracing your neck, to hear how your baby calls you ‘mama’…

“This problem caused a crevice in the soul, the crevice grew larger and larger and turned into an aching inner emptiness… For several years I sought with all My strength anything that could fill this emptiness… Literature, art, friends, church — this could alleviate the pain only for a short time… I began to seek and study spiritual literature, to visit esoteric meetings, to converse on these subjects with other people.

“My husband was a physician, his life was not a life of a spiritual seeker, yet it was a good life. His life was filled to the brim with caring about other people. He was not very interested in My new search, and probably regarded them a fancy, yet he never told Me about that since he saw that it was very important for Me.

“I received much help on this stage from the books of Helena Blavatskaya. I read The Secret Doctrine and felt that My heart ‘came to life’. This book awakened in Me the memory about the past — and the light from there began to seep in, filling the emptiness. The Secret Doctrine served Me as a pointer, a beacon showing the Way in full darkness. I saw where I had to seek this unique Source which alone can satisfy the thirst of the soul, and decided to exert all My strength to reach it.

“Yet, theoretical knowledge alone was not enough. I needed very much a Master, an Instructor, a Divine Guide! I even thought about visiting India, but suddenly… My friends invited Me to their house, where an Indian Swami (Monk) traveling across Europe stayed for some time.

“When I saw Him for the first time, I could not discern the features of His face. I saw only Pure Light, which flowed through His face and body. I was sure that He was a Divine Guide sent to Me. I asked Him for help, and He agreed to help Me…

“Swami stayed in our town not long, yet He taught Me much during this time.

“When it was time for Him to leave our land, I did not ask Him to stay. I understood that His Mission was to bring the light of Wisdom to other lands. He saw My sadness and said to Me when departing:

‘Do not be sad about My departure. I will be with you even after My body leaves this town.’

‘How is it possible?’

‘You have learned much. You have strong hands and a heart full of love. Now you should teach this to other people! I will help you!’

‘But I will not be able to hear and see You!…’

‘You will… if you throw away all the garbage from your head…’

“… A year passed. I tirelessly worked on Myself but did not dare to begin teaching others…

“Soon I fell very ill. Doctors could not diagnose the disease, but now I know that it was viral meningitis.

“I had a very strong head ache. I could not eat, only drank a little of water or tea. My husband — a remarkable physician — tried to heal Me, yet the pain only increased. I could not even stand up from the bed. In the beginning of the illness, I hoped for doctors, for medicine, yet nothing could help Me…

“Finally, I understood that could count only on Myself. And I began to recall everything that Swami taught Me…

“Pushing Myself away from the strong pain with the hands of the consciousness, I went deeper and farther from the body, submerging into the soft quietness of Light… When I could manage to break away from the pain-filled body and spread the consciousness in the depth, the pain became less.

“Then I began to touch with these hands My body lying on the bed. I introduced the hands into the head and took away from it the heaviness, pain, and all the ‘garbage’ of unnecessary emotions and thoughts… As a result, the illness receded, the pain decreased every day!

“Once when I began My next healing seance, I felt that there was nothing to cure — the head was pure and light! I was overfilled with joy! With the open arms I began to embrace the Light, which healed My body, and began to submerge deeper and deeper in It. Finally, I embraced and submerged into the very Source of All-Embracing Transparent Purity! I as if drank from the very Source of Life — and with every seep It dissolved Me in Itself… Then I became filled with It to the brim, and It absorbed Me completely into Itself… We became one: It became Me and I became It!

“In the quietness, I heard the well-known to Me voice:

‘Now I can continue teaching you. And you will teach others!’

“For the first time in several months, to the surprise and joy of all My friends, I could stand up from the bed. The weakness went away quickly, and I began My work…

“… Only then I realized My Divinity and recalled who I was. And then God gave Me children. My disciples became My children by right: I gave to them a second birth! I was their Divine Mother: I cared about them, by transforming their consciousnesses with My Hands. I explained to them the meaning of our lives. I was an example of the Divine Purity to them…”

“Did You have the mastery of dematerialization of the body?”

“No. Frankly speaking, I did not aspire to this. When I saw what opportunities were open to Me, when I understood that I could help people by healing souls — this captivated Me completely!

“I did not have the skill of dematerialization, yet when the moment of departure came, the death so lightly and tenderly touched Me with its hand that I even did not notice how I left the body…

“… I came to the people of Denmark with the purpose of showing to them the Path to God-the-Father, with the purpose of paving for them this Path. For My disciples, I opened with Myself the entrance into His Abode, I was this entrance for them. By attuning with Me, through Me as if through a gate, they could enter the infinite world of God-the-Father and cognize Him.”

“Did any of Your disciples manage to settle in the Abode of the Creator?”

“Yes, a few of them. As for others, I helped them by teaching them love and calm, by giving them examples of pure, light emotional states.”

“Why do You put so strong emphasis on work with youth?”

“In human incarnation there is an age when one begins a conscious life, but this is true only for evolutionary developed souls — souls which are capable of being conscious. This is the age when serious re-evaluation of everything takes place and when one chooses for the future the direction of the adult life. For most people this is the time of finishing university, that is 20-25 years old.

“It is very important that one receives by this moment a maximal amount of knowledge and possibilities for making the right choice in life…

“It is necessary to bring your knowledge to that part of youth who make their conscious choice, determine the direction of their life for many years for the future! One has to make them interested!

“To modern young people of European countries God is too distant from the real life. He is accepted in the worldview of most of them, yet He is ‘on the periphery’ of their attention, He exists separately from the rest: ‘Does God exist? Yes. So what? Does it matter?’ God exists separately from their lives, separately from the entire knowledge accumulated by humanity. God — in the minds of many young people of these countries — as if even opposes the scientific knowledge!…

“But scientific knowledge about God that you possess can change many things!

“… Once when I was going to give My first lecture, I made a list of twenty questions that were interesting to My future students…

“It is a question and not an answer that is the best catalyst for the beginning of one’s search. It is one of the means of finding seekers…”

“You told us how You worked with people in Your incarnate state by giving them knowledge about God. How do You do it now?”

“I like Danish people and introduce into young minds the correct thoughts about the Creator and about the structure of the universe — I ‘enlighten’ these minds. I also embrace them with My Heart, caress with My Hands, melt their hearts, give them the Love of the Creator.”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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