Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Ptahhotep

We are on a road winding among fields, on a place of power of Ptahhotep. Walking along the road, we swim by the consciousnesses in His giant Mahadouble, fill with ourselves His Universal Form, merge with Him. High in the sky above the clouds, one can see His Face. He freely permeates the matter of the Earth, coming out from the primordial universal depth — from the Abode of the Creator. Power, Greatness, absolute Purity and Transparency, subtlest Light of Love — so Ptahhotep manifests Himself to His incarnate disciples!

The meaning of working with Mahadoubles of Divine Teachers is the following:

Filling with the consciousness the giant form of a Mahadouble, we grow quantitatively. And merging with the Teacher, dissolving in Him, feeling unity with Him — we habituate ourselves to His Divine state. This transforms the consciousness qualitatively, subliming it. In such a way, one realizes the process of crystallization of the consciousness on the higher stages of spiritual work.

For souls, who have no experience of such work from past incarnations, it is quite a slow and difficult process, because new states are not familiar to the consciousness and thus are not habitual.

Moreover, as Ptahhotep explained to us, the nerve cells of the body have to be adapted to the qualitative change of the consciousness. One has to habituate them slowly to this, it cannot be done quickly. If this process is speeded up, it may result in disorders of the energy system of the organism.

To facilitate this task for the disciples, a Divine Teacher may densify, to some degree, a part of a Mahadouble. The Mahadouble, in such a case, becomes a continuum which crosses several eons. On one side of such a Mahadouble there is a dense part, which is convenient for disciples to enter, while on the other side there is the Primordial Consciousness. This is what the Vine is, that Jesus Christ told about.

Ptahhotep begins His narration:

“Today I am going to tell you about the Intent of God.

“I am one of the Manifestations of this Intent.

“It arises from the Depths of the Creator and brings to the world of the Creation His original Will — the Will by which this world was created.

“The ability of working miracles comes from this Intent. The Intent of God creates whole worlds in the universe — in the same way any lesser material object is created; it is only the scale of the process that is different.

“The Intent of God is absolutely independent, i.e. it is not affected by anything of the manifest world, for It originates in the Primordial Depths of the Absolute. Therefore, in order to manifest the true Intent, one has to be completely free from the attachments of the lower self.

“Miracles worked by an Avatar are actions of His Consciousness from the state of Mergence with the Creator. A seeker of God gains this ability too, but only after mastering living in the Higher Self.”

“Ptahhotep, will You please tell us about Your life in Your last incarnation on the Earth?”

“That time I was born and grew up in a family of the country ruler. I was destined to become a spiritual leader of that nation, to form and direct the way of its spiritual development. I was a Messenger of the Divine Preceptors and came to this incarnation with a certain purpose. But it is just the general direction of My Mission* that was predetermined. I had to plan and undertake all actions Myself, taking into account the current situation.

“My childhood went on smoothly, without afflictions. In pure and sound environment, My body grew, and My mind developed.

“At the age of eleven, I had to receive the first initiation, which signified a change from the life of a growing child to the level where, for the first time in that incarnation, a serious knowledge was opened to Me.

“This initiation began with reading texts. They were records written by spiritual seekers who had lived before. I read descriptions of their achievements, their reflections about this world — and My mind could easily comprehend it, since the Consciousness knew it already.

“I, an adolescent, read the works of sages and, thanks to the experience contained in the Consciousness, could easily see what part of the Path they had traversed, and I also understood that they had not managed to reach the Final Goal.

“For Me, it was not a process of learning but rather a process of recollecting, formulating for the mind something that was already known, yet hidden in the depths of the Consciousness. Besides that, I had to learn what ideas, concepts had formed in the mentality of that nation.

“Once this basic stage needed for the subsequent work was mastered, I had to plan and carry out My further activity according to the Intent which I had in My Mission.

“First, I needed to establish contacts with the priests and the local nobility which might be useful in the future. To some extent, I even played along with the priests by allowing them to ‘instruct’ Me, to teach Me certain rituals. Yet, I never took their edifications seriously, because the world of the True Beingness was always open to My view. Behind Myself, I felt the True Source of Power and Knowledge, compared to It, all the customs and rituals of the priests looked like petty swarming of insects absorbed in their concerns and not capable of seeing the light everywhere around. They were concerned about observing the rituals inherited from the ancestors rather than about attempts to take the look from the earthly and direct it to the infinite Light. And for Me, My life was always the Life in this Light. Getting involved in the affairs on the physical plane, I never broke away from the true Beingness and was never fettered by the illusions of the material life.

“On a certain stage, in order to ensure the freedom of action necessary for the realization of My Mission, I had to overturn the religious system of that society. I ceased supporting the priests bogged down by their rituals and proclaimed a new religious doctrine.

“I was supported by the military elite, since they esteemed the leader of the country and by a part of the nobility. Some of the latter were not really concerned with religious matters — they just followed a bright, strong leader; the others were captivated by My ideas.

“I proclaimed the principle of Oneness, of One Source of everything. I said that like a leader governs the country and his governing ensures the prosperity of the nation — in a similar way, the One Source governs the entire world.

“To make this idea more understandable for common people, I illustrated it by an example of the ‘pyramid’ of the social structure, which comprises different social layers and the ruler, who honors worthy people by letting them to the next level and thus bringing them closer to himself. In the same way, taught I, everything in the world exists on different levels of ascension to the One Source, Which governs everything, illuminates all with Its Light, gives life to everyone.

“And when I, in white clothes, was present among gathered people, sitting on a throne or standing high, I shined at them with the Light from the Abode of the One Source, showing this Source to them, personifying It for them.

“I taught that despite having different social ranks, all people are equal before the One Source, that the lives of all beings have one purpose — advancement towards the One Source, that all beings have to achieve it sooner or later and merge into It. All are equal before It and differ only by the level of ascension.

“I taught that the duty of everyone is to work on that level where they happened to live, and to help others in this, that everyone, thanks to good work and righteousness, will ascend some day to the higher levels and merge eventually into the One Source of everything.

“Thus I taught people to view everything from a new perspective — from the perspective of Oneness of everything.

“During My governing, there were no large-scale wars between My country and its neighbors. God provided peaceful conditions of existence to aid establishment of the new religion.

“And those who accepted My Teaching never viewed foreigners as aliens. They viewed all visitors from other lands as equals who also go to the One Source, and were glad to share this knowledge with anyone.

“Thus I spent that incarnation, living by the body on the Earth and by the consciousness — in the Abode of the One Source, shining with Its Light to people, giving It to them.”

“Tell us please, is there anyone working with You apart from us?”

“Yes, on the south of the Arabian Peninsula there are many people who know Me well.”

“Are they meat-eaters?”

Ptahhotep shows an image of big leaves similar to those of lettuce or cabbage.

“I suggest to them to eat this. There are people who eat these leaves cooking them like cabbage rolls with rice and oil. Stewed, they are very delicious! For some communities this is the main food, plus, of course, various kinds of grapes and other vegetal and milk products.”

“Has something remained of the spiritual culture in Egypt which existed in Your time?”

“No. There is a good potential, but eating meat does not allow people advancing far enough. There are Sufi schools which try to induce intoxication-like states in order to switch the manas off. Yet, this is a wrong tendency, as you understand.

“… And now listen to Me well.

“You have become mature enough for assuming the mission of serving God throughout the Earth. Let none of you count oneself little or unable! I — possessing Unlimited Power — will act through you! I will realize through you God’s Plan of accelerating the evolution of souls on the Earth!

“I will involve big and small souls in the realization of this Plan. The main criterion of selection for this work is love for God and the desire to serve Him. Everyone will be given a task according to their ability.

“I begin acting through your bodies, spreading the Light of True Knowledge! It will be happening like a chain reaction, when every kindled heart helps many new people go to Me.

“Amen! Let it be!”

*  Ptahhotep relates about His Incarnation that followed the one described by Elisabeth Haich [34].

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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