Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Ushastik

We have known Ushastik for many years. On His place of power, inside His Mahadouble, there is a Divine Flame filling you with the state of joy and happiness. On this place it is very easy to cleanse the energy structures of the body — the chakras and meridians, and to learn to be in the state of the Divine Consciousness. There are also special points on this place where one can train oneself in transferring completely the consciousness from the head chakras to the anahata chakra. In past years we brought here beginner students.

Today we came to Ushastik to interview Him about His past…

“When I was embodied on the Earth, it looked quite different than it does now. At that time, there grew ferns as tall as contemporary trees…

“People’s way of life at that time may be called primitive from the modern standpoint: they did not build houses, did not wear clothes — they did not need it: it was warm. People lived like flocks of monkeys, but the intellect of those sent from other planets to incarnate on the Earth was high.

“I indeed was embodied in the Carboniferous period of the development of this planet, and since that time I have never embodied on the Earth again.”

“Could You tell us how first people appeared on the Earth?”

“I was among the first embodied in human bodies. The bodies of the first humans were created by God right here. People were an independent biological branch.

“Man did not evolve from the ape. Neither was the human body materialized.”

“Was it a mutation of the ape?”

“I cannot say yes or no. The ancestor of the naked-skin man was the furry man.”

“You told us that at that time there were almost no mammals…”

“But there was I!…

“At that time there were just a few very small areas where the first humans appeared and multiplied. There were also dinosaurs, including flying dragons… I saw it Myself.”

“Had You embodied before on other planets?”

“Yes. From other planets I brought the possibility of cognition of what I am.”

“Can one call You the first Avatar of the Earth?”

“Yes, this is true. Huang Di embodied in China much later than I did.

“Since there were only a small number of people on the Earth at that time, paleontologists will never find the remains of their bodies: a full diffusion of the remains happened. When paleontologists find some petrified bones — it is only a few out of millions or even billions of remains. Only an extremely small part of remains is preserved — thanks to special conditions favorable for preservation. If it were the other way, then all the earth would consist of bones! But this is not the case!”

“How many people lived on the Earth at that time?”

“Their number amounted to dozens. Actually every such group was a family, which can be likened to a family of black grouses, well-known to you. It never happens that black grouses multiply so intensively that their flocks contain thousands of birds: their number is limited by predators, first of all. It was the same at that time — there was a ‘flock’ of people attacked from time to time by dinosaurs.… They swallowed the bodies of people completely… — what kind of paleontological remains can be found in such a case?!

“There were mammals as well, but they were also few: due to the same reason. Most of them were small rodents.

“An intensive multiplication of people began only after the great ice age, as it is called now, when dinosaurs almost disappeared.”

“With what purpose did You incarnate at that time?”

“I embodied with the purpose of giving beginning to humankind on the Earth. I also taught people how to survive and cultivated in them humanity by founding and supporting the basics of morals.”

“You said that You were embodied on other planet. Could You please tell in more detail about life there? Can one call its inhabitants by the word people?

“On this planet there is life similar to the life of humans. Yes, there are material bodies on it very similar to the bodies of earthly people. The human genome is at the disposal of Heaven!”

“How much is its civilization developed?”

“The development of consciousness is on the first place there. And the laws guiding the process of the development of souls are the same in the entire universe.

“Let Me note that God quite easily controls the evolution of physical bodies, controls the process of genetic mutations. So you shouldn’t wonder at the quick formation of human bodies in those times when there were very few other mammals on the Earth. By these words I correct the theory of evolution of physical bodies described by Darwin and Wallace.”

“What kinds of souls were embodied in the bodies of the first humans? Souls of people — in the evolutionary respect — have to be higher, in average, than souls embodied in bodies of mammals, which were almost absent at that time.”

“Transfer of souls between planets is not difficult for God! It is quite an easy matter! It is the same with souls of other animals: be it a mouse, a dog, or a whale.”

“What was the life of people like on that planet?”

Ushastik shows an image of palaces surrounded by high walls, landscapes very similar to earthly steppe with hills separated by ravines, and people. People of low height, with longer arms, their faces similar to those of humans living in South East Asia, but with a much higher forehead and with large pinnae.

“For what purpose were there walls around the buildings? There were wars?”

“The evolution of the human kind was always the same as on the planet Earth. There were epochs of conflicts and wars. There were weapons, in particular halberds and firearms. All it was similar to the events that happened later on the planet Earth. It is the same human kind!”

“And what about other planets?”

“Everything lives and develops according to the same laws everywhere.

“Creatures with a human-like mind and with bodies not like human — are fantasies.

“Differences in the form of human bodies exist of course. Yet such differences exist also on the planet Earth.”

“Are there interplanetary ships?”

“Ask Vladimir: he observed them personally and knows about it.

“Yet it concerns, first of all, the non-material plane.”

“Do they exist on the non-material plane?”

“I did not mean that. There is materialization, including materialization of interplanetary ships. Yet these ships do not travel between planets in a material form!

“Whatever kind of inventions were made by this humankind!

“These apparatuses exist only for moving within the sphere of attraction of a planet: to make it more convenient for the astronauts to feel themselves. Another purpose is to make miracles… and converse with some inhabitants of the Earth…

“But for consciousnesses the distance does not matter.”

“Do mushrooms grow on these planets?”


“Where were the first settlements of humans on the Earth?”

“They existed in distant past in the region of Novaya Zemlya, that is to the north of Siberia, and in Africa, later — in Malaysia. Why? Because the equator at that time was almost perpendicular to the modern equator…”

“What was the reason for the shift of the axis of Earth’s rotation? Was it an impact of a large cosmic body against the surface of the Earth?”

“Yes. And it happened several times in the history of the planet.”

“Can one say that there was no ice age — as a period of ‘freezing’ the entire Earth — that in reality the Earth’s poles just ‘wandered’?”

“Yes. And such significant shifts of the axis of Earth’s rotation and of both poles happened about five times. And every time above the new poles ice caps grew with time.”

“Thank You!”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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