Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Huang

“My greetings to people living not for themselves but for God!”

“Huang, tell us please about Yourself.”

“Let Me first tell you who a true Taoist is.

“A Taoist is, first and foremost, the one who has cognized calm. The developed mind of a Taoist stays silent. A Taoist is immersed in contemplation and in the creation of the fathomless quietness in which Tao abides.

“A Taoist is firmly connected with Tao by the ties of Love.

“The Path of a Taoist is the Path of calm and bliss. The love of a Taoist is steadfast, the faith of a Taoist is unswerving. A Taoist feels great tenderness for all the Creation. A Taoist never harms living beings without necessity, never disturbs the calm of any creature.

“Tao fills the heart of a perfect Taoist, and a perfect Taoist lives in the Abode of Tao. A Taoist lives radiating bliss to all the living.

“A perfect Taoist becomes Tao.

“… And now I want to describe the methods that were taught in the School which I finished in one of My incarnations.

“The entire course of learning was subdivided into three main stages: a) the initial stage, b) the stage of thorough treatment of all the energy structures of the body, and c) the stage of transformation of oneself as a consciousness. The latter stage was also called ‘birth of the new body’.

“The initial stage of the School was open to everyone: anyone who had a sincere desire to change oneself could be accepted. This stage included the methods of initial cleansing of the body. Beginner students were taught to enter the subtle states of the consciousness. This allowed them, for the first time, to cognize the non-material Light inside the body. They were taught to merge with this Light and to wash the body with It. This helped, in particular, to heal the body. Most of the students were quite satisfied with such an initial level of knowledge and did not ask for more.

“But there were those aspiring for more, those who wanted to receive the knowledge about further possibilities of self-development.

“Such seekers were gladly accepted in the School, but the requirements for entering the next level of learning were quite strict. Only those were admitted to whom this Path could really become the main purpose in life, those who could sacrifice all the rest and dedicate themselves only to this goal.

“These students learned to master more subtle states of the consciousness and to control sublimation*. They were taught the methods of more thorough treatment of the entire body with Light. Special attention was paid to complete cleansing of the energy structures of the head. This work was considered successfully done when a flow of energy could absolutely freely and naturally move inside the body and nothing obstructed its movement.

“At the third stage, students worked with the Golden Elixir. This term denoted the most tender and subtle goldish Light of Tao. Students learned to find It in the Primordial Depth and had to accustom themselves to Its state, to the state of being this Light. Students also learned to influence the body with this Light. Under the influence of the Primordial Light, the energy structures of the body had to as if ‘dissolve’, ‘disappear’, so that in the body there remain nothing denser than the Light of Tao.

“… I want everyone to understand that work with the Primordial Light or Golden Elixir — whatever one may call it — must not be reduced only to the treatment of the body. People have to transform themselves as souls, to change the emotional states, first of all.

“It does not make sense to move energy through the body again and again, hoping that the body transforms miraculously while the soul remains as coarse as it was. After all, the purpose of alchemy is not to transform the body into the Golden Light but to become the Golden Light of Tao!

“… Tao is Calm.

“Tao is Bliss.

Immortality is mergence with Tao.

“Centuries-old traditions live in China. They may become slightly forgotten… but again come to the Earth Those Who restore the Teachings about the Path and about the Highest Beingness.”

“Did You know Lao Tse?”

“No. I knew His Teachings. I lived after Him.”

“Tell us please more about Yourself, Huang.”

“When I came to My last earthly life, I had no unrealized desires of the soul that would require immersion into the earthly affairs. I sought neither glory, nor wealth, nor woman’s caress. I aspired to nothing but to cognition of Tao. I came to become a Teacher of Tao, and this intent, formed before the embodiment, led Me from early childhood.

“From childhood I lived in a small monastery, where there was true spiritual knowledge.

“A little boy, I was initiated into the life of the Spirit.”

… Huang shows Himself — a child with deft arms and smiling face radiating light. He nimbly moves, climbs, jumps. He easily switches to the state of deep contemplative calm when sitting near adults immersed into meditation…

“My freedom was not limited, I explored the world around Me by climbing the mountains, observing the plants and other living things…

“The meditations of adults became the first lessons of inner quietness for Me. I cognized calm through the silence of the mind immersed into the Heavenly heart — the spiritual heart. These were the first meditations I learned.

“The stories of My tutors about the Immortal Ones were My main food for thought. The tutors wisely included in these stories history and ethics, psychology and truths about God.

“When I grew up a bit, the chakras and meridians, the organs of the body and its structure became the object of My study. I possessed clairvoyance developed in the past incarnations and easily mastered working with the energies of the body. The energies moved inside My body as flows of goldish light — like small mountain brooks. I could see every meridian and could easily direct there a flow of light.

“When I grew older, the next important stage was work with the Divine Fire. I learned to submerge into It in the core of the Earth through the structure called the stem of golden flower. I learned to be this Fire. The entire treatment of the body up to its smallest meridians was done by Me again — on this new level of subtlety.

“I could radiate now the Divine Fire from My eyes or could easily move it through the meridians of My arms with the purpose of healing someone. I easily saw in the bodies of other people diseased parts and contaminated meridians that did not let the energy pass. And I could wash dark energies away or burn them with a flow of Fire.

“I was allowed to help the poor coming to the monastery. It became for Me the first important lessons on psychology: the ability to discern people. After all, healing of the body without transformation of the soul cannot give a stable positive result. On the contrary, it can only burden the destiny of the healed person and of the healer** as well.

“Then I ‘crystallized’ a giant Spiritual Body. In such a Manifestation I met you for the first time on this place of power of Mine and helped you then to cleanse your bodies.

“The next stage was a stage of merging with Tao. I had to master the Great ‘non-I’. I had to learn to retain this state not just for several minutes or hours: I had to become it.

“It was non-doing from the ‘I’.

“It was non-thinking from the ‘I’.

“It was total reciprocity in the Abode of Tao.

“It was cognition of the Highest, of the Original Source, of the Ocean of Tao.

“The Great ‘non-I’ was now the Ocean of Tao in the Primordial Depth and in every part of My body.

“I learned to be the Ocean of Tao, which fills from within everything, everything that has a form and everything formless.

“This state became total! The Bliss of the Subtlest One was in everything, and there was no ‘former me’.

“Everything submerged into the Ocean becomes filled with It like a jug submerged into water.

“I want to give you this state of Great ‘non-I’ connected with the physical body. It is the state when all parts of the body are purified from the ‘I’, immersed into the Ocean of Tao, and filled with Its Great Calm.

“If one lives so, then the next step is easy. One needs to perceive this Great ‘non-I’ as the only existing ‘I’ of Tao. In order to realize this, one must grow a giant Immortal Body. This state may be called the dynamic aspect of Nirvana in Tao: the ability to act from the Primordial, from Tao.

“I cognized this and became a Master of Tao.”

“Huang, did You have many disciples?”

“Not many: tens, not hundreds. I taught those who were near Me and those few brought to Me by God. You know One of Them: His name is Han.

“I also left Teachings to people and later helped many from My non-incarnate state. I am also happy that I helped you.

“I love you all, you are My spring!”

… Huang shows Chinese pagodas, an old Taoist edifying his student. Gardens. Handmade beauty…

“Such an environment is favorable for cognition of Me.

“I am the Beauty! And a reflection of this Beauty is the beauty of people who have cognized Me.

“… I want you to note also that through cognition of handmade beauty one can approach the cognition of Me.”

… Huang shows teahouses, trails in gardens where a brook murmurs and lotuses bloom…

“This handmade beauty immerses one into calm and through calm — into Me. I want it to be so throughout the Earth: so that dissolving calm immerse people into Me!”

“And what about the beauty of nature?”

“Not everyone can admire it. Some people living in cities virtually never go outside… They can know a little of the Beauty of Tao through handmade beauty.

“And note: the beauty of souls is the highest handmade beauty!”

*  Transformation of energy from one kind into another.

**  Read about the principles of healing in [12].

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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