Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Krishna

“Only Love can contemplate Me in My
Innermost Essence and merge with Me!”

Bhagavad Gita

“Do you know what Yoga is? It is Mergence!

“Do you know what Mergence is? It is when the separate become One!

“Do you know what Oneness is? It is Love!

“Do you know what Love is? It is the nature of Perfect Souls! And Love is God!”

* * *

“In service to Me let everyone forget about themselves! Then only I remain, and everything transient disappears, there remains only the Foundation of everything! It is I!

“Walk boldly towards realization of your goal! Do not be afraid of anything and anyone: I decide everything! I stand behind you, I help you!

“… As a plant grows with its roots into the soil, even so a soul can grow with its roots into God.

“As the Earth nourishes and sustains all the lives on it, even so I fill with Divine Aroma souls open towards Me.

“As flowers blossom, as trees bring fruits, even so souls nourished by Me bring their fruits to humanity on the Earth.

“There are souls which create earthly beauty but do not realize the Great Beauty Which gives them inspiration. Lives of such souls can be short yet bright — as a flash. They are geniuses. With their lives I breath beauty into the world…

“Souls who are aware of Their Origin, who are merged forever with the Ocean of Beauty can give the Highest to humankind — the Light of Divine Truth.”

“Krishna, tell us please: how did You attain Divinity?”

“It was long ago, at the time when the Earth was inhabited by people who looked very different from modern people.

“At that time, the nation among which I was embodied did not know about the existence of the Divine, and among My tribe I was a Pioneer who found the Way.

“From youth I strove to break away from the limited world of common, everyday existence, I strove to find a greater expanse, greater freedom. And for some reason I believed that I had a Great Friend Who saw and knew everything. He was not present among the ordinary world, yet He was always with Me as if on the other side of a kind of ‘cosmic curtain’. I believed that He would never leave Me alone and would help Me in My quest.

“Once I addressed Him mentally:

‘How can I cognized You?’

“And He replied:

‘By keeping and developing love in yourself! Love will be that gate inside you through which you can enter from your usual world into My World of Light, the World of My Beingness.

“Since that moment I directed all My strength and efforts to developing love in Myself. I stretched from My chest the arms of love to all living beings around, I caressed, embraced them with these arms.

“Then I learned not just to stretch the arms of love from My body to other beings, but to fill the space around with love flowing from My chest. And I could feel Myself a large lump of love, which was much larger than the body.

“However, after some time these achievements ceased to satisfy Me — I wanted more than just to be a lump of love caressing others. I wanted to find the world of My Great Friend!

“Again I addressed Him, asking to show the way to Him. I received His reply as an understanding that on the next stage of My development I had to learn to move as a lump of love into the Depths, there — deeper than My ordinary world — are strata of Light in which I have to learn to live.

“Having found this world of Light in the Depth, having entered it and exploring it, first I just stretched My arms in it. As one opens the arms and turns the breast and face towards the fresh wind — even so I opened there My arms, opened Myself towards the Light coming from the Depths and looked to these Depths.

“I felt amusement and joy having discovered this new world — the world of Joy, Freedom, and Light — beneath My ordinary world!

“I submerged into the world of Light and attuned Myself to Its subtlety and purity. Gradually I learned to merge with that Light. The feeling of the separate ‘I’ disappeared completely, and there remained only the Light. I could stay for hours in this state.

“Yet I understood that this world of Light is not the Foundation of everything.

“My next breakthrough in cognition happened much later — after many years. I had to grow more, to become mature in that incarnation.

“… Among people I became an instructor of youth. And I came to know the harmony of life, serving others.

“Yet I did not abandon the desire to move to the world ‘on the other side’* — where My Great Friend lives. And one day, aspiring to Him with all the soul, I penetrated into His world of the Primordial Purity and Subtlety, boundless, infinite world. And there My Great Friend met Me with His Embrace opened to all His infinity!

“… After that meeting with the Friend, I came back to My body but My life changed forever — it received a new meaning — the meaning of His Universal Beingness!

“… Remember and tell others:

“Let love and power walk together being guided by Wisdom!

“Only absolutely pure love can merge with Absolute Power!

“And Absolute Power abides in great calm.

“And only from the state of great calm, one can cognize the fullness of the Truth!”

*  On the other side of the Curtain that separates the Creation from the Creator.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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