Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Mahavir

“I greet you, new GUIDES to the world of Nirvana, to the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness, to the Abode of the United We! You have opened the Straight Path for people again! I am glad to see that the purity of the Higher Knowledge is open again for people of the Earth!”

“We can feel very well Your presence here. All the space around us is filled with Divine Calm, Light, and Joy!

“Will You allow us to see Your appearance?”

“Try it! (He is laughing).

“But how can you see the One Who is ‘clothed in the four quarters of the sky’, Who has dissolved Oneself completely and has become Everything?

“I am everywhere and in everything: in space filled with the air which you breath, in the multidimensional depths inside the earth which you walk, in the Shining of Brahman that you merge with, in the Great Calm of the Primordial Consciousness of the universe!”

… But then Mahavir assembles His Appearance of Shining Light — and allows us to see His smiling Face.

Then He continues:

“The One who has managed to achieve the fullness of Mergence, the fullness of Nirvana during life in the material body — is called Jain, i.e. the Winner. A Jain is the One Who has conquered the lower self. This gave origin to the term Jainism.

“In Jainism, as in Buddhism, the main purpose of human life is depicted as follows: one has to cross the violent river of sansara and to reach the opposite bank — the bank of Nirvana. Those who were the first to traverse it, paving the Path for others, are called ‘Creators of the Passage’.

“Every Avatar strives to open again this Straight Path for people — the Path which is laid directly through the ‘Passage’!

“Unfortunately, people do not preserve this Knowledge in its original purity… And it is not the fault of Those Who give Divine Teachings that with time people pervert these Teachings into the opposite… Vladimir described it very well in his books!

“… Yes, now it is your time to show to people the Straight Path paved by you. Why now? Because today one can talk to people in the language of scientific knowledge. And this great work is done now by your efforts!

“… I can tell a few things about My Path and about the Knowledge which I brought to people when I lived on the Earth in the material body, feeling at the same time the fullness of Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness.

“It was a long time ago. Twelve books written by My worthy disciples have not survived till present days…

“… Let Me draw your attention to the fact that it is enough to begin to talk about the One Truth in other words, using slightly different terms — and people begin to regard it as new Teachings… But the Truth — which is One Divine Law common for everyone and for all times, called Sanathana Dharma in Sanskrit — exists without boundaries of differences related to the historical or ethnical peculiarities or to the aureoles of Personalities who pave the Path!

“Sanathana Dharma is One Common Principle of the development of the entire multidimensional space. According to this Principle or Law, souls go through personal evolution and become clothed in material bodies time and time again. Having reached in this evolutionary ascent the stage of being born in human bodies, souls gain the possibility to cognize their Highest Essence, to merge with It, and to achieve thus the Liberation from the necessity of incarnating again. Jains and Buddhists call it Nirvana — dissolution in Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness.

“I, as Everyone of Us, am very grateful for the work done by Vladimir on collecting information about the Path from various religious movements and expressing it very clearly for people of all religions confessions! The true meaning of Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Sufism, and of other Teachings shines now in the original purity! I am glad that Jainism is among them now!

“… My path was similar in many aspects to the path of Shakyamuni Buddha. I began to seek the Truth not because of personal problems or calamities. I was born and grew in a prosperous family of kshatriyas and could keep a comfortable life. But I could not accept the injustice of the society subdivided into castes, the nonsense of religious rituals. I wanted to find the true purpose of human life! I sought it not only for Myself: I wanted to help all people. Thanks to this, the Divine Souls — Those Who had traversed this Path to the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness long before — helped Me in My search.

“As a result, I left for people My ‘Passage’.

“I traversed the entire Path, I preached and taught, and then I left this world and dissolved Myself completely, including the matter of the body.

“What did I teach? I taught that only a soul embodied in a human body can realize its higher purpose, I taught that prayers, sacrifices, and reciting of the Vedas cannot help in this task. The basis of My preaching for all people was moral laws of love and harmony with the surrounding world, with all the creatures living in it. The principle of ahimsa — love-compassion for everything and non-harming other souls by words, thoughts, and emotions — this was the ethics that I tried to introduce into people of all levels of evolutionary advancement.

“I also told about the necessity to distinguish the tasks of those who want to continue to live in the world — and those who are ready for more and choose the path of monasticism.

“It is the latter that need the meditative practices of higher levels — as the only means of gradual Divinization of the soul and cognition of the Primordial Consciousness and the Absolute. One’s sex in not important in this matter, among My students were both men and women.

“I taught My closest disciples about the structure of the Absolute, which includes not only the material plane but also various non-material worlds differing among themselves by the level of subtlety; and the most subtle Foundation of Everything is the Primordial Consciousness. As for the material world, it is infinitesimally small in comparison with the Primordial Consciousness!

“Gradually I led My disciples in meditations into more and more subtle strata of the Absolute and taught them to dissolve the consciousness there.

“I taught them also that the multidimensional human organism is similar to the structure of the Absolute — from the point of view of multidimensionality. Yet this knowledge was perverted by people to the opposite, as it often happens unfortunately. They decided that God resembles the human body… In the books of My future ‘followers’, the description of the structure of Absolute was a mixture of fantasies and images from meditations…

“Unfortunately such a degradation of the true knowledge about the Path — when it is reduced to myths and rituals — happens always if there remains no one who can inherit the Wisdom…

“But now I am glad that the true Divine Knowledge has been revived and presented to modern humankind by you!

“On My side, I will try to help by attracting worthy followers to you!

“And let the eternal Gate to Nirvana be open again for all those who deserve it!”

* * *

“I want to tell also about the significance of the Path of Heart! It is very important not only to talk about love but also to teach people to live as a soul transformed into a spiritual heart!

“Without love even the rule of ahimsa turns into fear: ‘I should not violate the prescribed rules…’. And fear is the opposite of love!

“Therefore, to everyone who wants to enter on the Path of transformation of oneself, who wants to become ‘clothed in the four quarters of the sky’* I recommend to begin with the exercise The Cross of Buddha described and shown by you. And let the emotional waves of love, calm, and tenderness flow from the spiritual heart to all sides:

“May all beings have peace!

“May all beings be calm!

“May all beings feel bliss!

“Do it to all sides one after another — forward, to the right, backward, to the left, upward, and downward!

“And let everyone remember: the Path to Nirvana opens for those who dissolve themselves in Divine Love and become It!”

*  Mahavir means here, among other things, the article The Clothed in the Four Quarters of the Sky published on the website http://www.swami-center.org.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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