Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Babaji

Babaji, tell us please how did You become Divine?”

“Since the time when the Himalayas rose up — Babaji has been on the Earth. I became One with the Ocean of the Creator so long ago that I feel Myself as Eternal as He is. I cannot even remember that in the past I was a separate soul.

“Do you know, for what purpose the Avatars come to the Earth? They come to reestablish the link between man and God, to manifest on the Earth the reality of God, to remind people who they are and why they are here…

“Avatars come when the light in souls and righteousness in lives of people fade, when people look only at the world of matter and do not want to know anything more.

“From age to age, I come to the Earth!

“I manifest Myself so that one can touch Me with one’s hands and not be burned…

“I speak so that My words can be heard by many and spread throughout the Earth, and thus people may remember that there is God…

“I restore the Eternal Law of God…

“I work miracles to make people know that I am not a small body but God — the Creator of the manifested universe…

“Yet, the most important of everything I do is the change of the direction of souls’ growth:

“from darkness — to Light,

“from fear — to fearlessness,

“from hatred — to love,

“from wanting for oneself — to giving to others,

“from laziness and sleep of the soul — to Karma Yoga, that is selfless service to God through serving people.

“Every Avatar does this.

“Be heirs to My art of redirecting souls, ‘smelting’ them in the Divine Fire in order to rid them of vices and evil, growing them so that their hearts bloom with Love for God!”

“Babaji, how can one learn not to leave the state of Mergence with You?”

“One has to become the Ocean! One has to perceive oneself as the Ocean — the Ocean where there is only Babaji!

“Babaji means Father!

“With the arms stretched in Me and from within Me one has to caress, support, heal!

“One has to feel oneself an integral, inseparable Part of the Whole, coessential to the entire Primordial Consciousness! Then no power in the world of matter can separate you from Me!

“In general, everything goes well! No one expected such a quick success from you! We supported, helped you, but did not expect that you would manage to ‘break through’ all together!”

* * *

Once we were walking on a wonderful place of power, where one can always meet Babaji. Vladimir and others, gathering mushrooms, went forward, and I stayed for a minute to embrace Babaji…

“Don’t fall behind, follow him: your babaji! He is a Great Master equal to Me!”

“Babaji, do You know what he said a moment ago? He said that he has not mastered yet the siddhis demonstrated by You, like the control over matter…”

“I know!” Babaji smiled radiantly, embracing all of us with His Love — me and Vladimir with his friends walking through the beautiful Dale of Babaji. “Of course, I know it! But I know also that he would not exchange the great art of transforming souls mastered by him for any kind of siddhis like materializing smells or making objects disappear…”

* * *

“Having students does not make one a Master…

“Possessing knowledge and meditative methods is not enough for leading people to Me.

“One has to learn to love them as I love!

“The miracle of love is in its selflessness and, as a result, in the absence of wanting something from others.

“Love is that ‘foundation’ which can help you to solve ‘troublesome’ situations. Only love — as a thing completely devoid of egoism — can show you the way out of the ‘thicket’ of problems born by the ego (lower self).

“When in you there remains nothing but love, there are also no problems, by which the lower self torments itself.

“All negative emotional states result from the attachment of the lower self to earthly matters.

“Everyone goes through life situations where one’s lower self gets manifested — until it is erased completely.

“If you act consciously in such situations — you can reach success quite quickly.

“Success here means that, having cognized Me and merged with Me, you do not exit from Me — in any circumstances.

“Learn to look at the earthly affairs with the eyes of God!”

“Is it You Who supervises Russia now?”

“Yes. I also care about everyone worthy of it, including you.”

“How are the duties distributed between You and other Representatives of the Creator?”

“Everyone has Their own fields of activity in Divine Service depending on the personal developments in the past. Someone protects, cherishes, educates children. Another supervises those engaged in sports. Others, including Me, provide help on the Path of cognizing the Highest and spreading the higher knowledge.

“As you know, Everyone of Us has something to share. Thus We serve, first of all, with the highest abilities We have.

“Everyone of Us has a favorite work. I am One of Those Who help you directly, in any moment of your lives. And I stretch My hand towards any appeal if it originates from you or your friends.

“I know about all your affairs. And I never forget about the needs of everyone of you!

“Everyone of Us exerts every effort so that the School may grow and the situation may develop well!

“From everyone of you I expect maximal efforts for fulfilling the Plan which I designed for creating a spiritual Revolution on the Earth — Mahakranti.”

* * *

“Everyone who crosses the last border on the spiritual Path comes to the Full Freedom. Yet, crossing this border requires one’s desires and aspirations to be directed to My World — the World of My Freedom!

“People’s desires and aspirations can be likened to ropes which either bound one to the world of matter or help one to move to the other side of the border.

“I will help everyone worthy! Yet, until they stretch their ‘ropes’ across the border to My side, while they are attached by the ‘ropes’ to their side — they can hardly cross the border.”

* * *

“I give you everything you want. I realize your desires. But only when you stop desiring — only then My Will can be realized through you in fullness!

“… I want to say once more about love and sacrifice.

“If you have no love which is ready to sacrifice itself in service to Me — I cannot accept you in Myself! In such a case, you cannot merge with Me, become Me! For I am the Sacrificial Love!

“I am also Wisdom! If you waste your love, you will not be able to achieve Mergence with Me!

“To be ready for Calvary does not mean shouting about the Truth everywhere — and being killed then! It implies that you are ready to give all of your life — to Service to Me and to Path to Me!

“Let your love be guided to realization of it by My Will!”

* * *

“Your School is for those who want to come to Me, only to Me! It is for those who have chosen Me as their Highest Goal and do not thirst for anything else!

“Let others seek their own ways. They, too, will come to Me but not now.

“Your path is straight like a flight of an arrow. And you must not offer this path to those who seek now only earthly well-being and happiness. They have other paths.

“Remember this always and do not offer your path to those who do not want to walk it up to the end! In the past, you had other directions from Me, but they were needed for your own development.

“And one more thing: to want and to try to go to the end as much as you can does not mean that you will reach the end in the current earthly life. But it is this desire — to exert all your efforts out of love for God! — that is the main criterion here!

“… Wide distribution of knowledge usually results in perversion of the original Teachings. Therefore when an Avatar comes to the Earth with a Divine Mission, He or She brings to people Dharma — the Law of God — in its original purity. An Avatar does not bring psycho-techniques intended for achieving Perfection in Mergence with God. Realization of the Straight Path is always the task of esoteric schools, schools for the chosen.

“Avatars prepare the soil for Divine sprouts. They redirect large masses of people of the tamas guna from hatred and inane activity — to love and righteousness. But the real spiritual sprouts will appear only in the next incarnations of these souls.

“The task of schools of the Straight Path consists in helping a few students chosen by Me. It consists also in giving to people pure knowledge about the Straight Path.

“The Straight Path is like an elevator shaft bringing to Me, to My Abode! It is a secret passage. If it becomes available to unworthy people, then I close it and destroy such a situation completely.

“Look: even the methods for opening the anahata are an accelerated technique! And it is not always good to give to a person very quickly the knowledge which he or she would have to master, in normal conditions, during the entire life!

“This can be likened to a situation when one comes to the mountains on a helicopter instead of walking afoot for many days through swamps and brooks, with a heavy backpack, cold nights, wet feet, yet with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, through beautiful valleys. One appears at the same place in the end, but without the experience that can be gained from walking the path afoot!

“Moreover, if one does not want or is not able to go further to the mountains, overcoming glaciers and precipices, in order to reach the summits — then this indicates that such a person is not mature enough.

“… Consider the following example: if a teacher in a regular school with an undeveloped anahata tried to give this knowledge to students, then how many children — because of this bad teaching — would dislike the knowledge which they would otherwise like! You may recall the despise you felt towards some books that were imposed on you in the school!…

“… Successful opening of the anahata signifies the beginning of the Straight Path to God! Yet even in this task you should not help everyone! Only they deserve practical help in this matter who make their own efforts on the path of mastering love.

“It makes no sense to give to people answers to the questions that have not arisen in them yet! And one should not teach even most remarkable methods to those who are not burning yet with the desire to love Me and to cognize Me!

“You have to leave for the next generations only ‘beacons’, pointers of the Path, which will help seekers of Me find Me, not more. These are books and films about love for nature, about the meaning of life and the methodology of its realization, also photographs. This is what I need from you!

“… For small children there are one rules, for adults there are other. For children there are rules of the game where kind God rebukes them mildly, corrects them, and always forgives them… As for adults, they have to strive to live according to the Laws of My Beingness — the Laws of Love! And if you do not observe these Laws, they will turn against you and the entrance to Me will be closed for you for centuries…

“At the stage of mastering Mergence with Me, the control over your states of the consciousness does not work automatically. This control depends entirely on you! But the Laws mentioned above still have their effect here! And no tears or promises, like ‘I will never do it again!’, can influence these Laws.

“The essence of My Laws is Love! Not the love which you receive, but the love which you give to others, to Me!

“Any of your deeds performed not in the state of love can result in your fall. By betraying the state of love you betray Me!

“To become Me, having merged into Me, means in particular to become Love for all creatures, it means to love everyone infinitely, as I do!

“Those who do not understand this rule or disregard it are not allowed to come to Me; I do not allow it for their own good.

“… The process of transformation of the personal self into the Higher Self is hard. It cannot happen at once just due to the fact that you understand its necessity. One has to transform oneself into Love! And for this purpose one needs constant self-control and self-correction!

“But when it happens — then truly Great Happiness comes: you enter the highest form of being — Being Me!”

The Head Wind

I send the head wind to those who

have chosen the Straight Path.

It is not for weak souls!

The head wind blows away the ashes and ignites the heart!

I am sending this wind! I am going towards you!

Do not yield to weakness and fear, do not seek the ways of escaping!

I am embracing you with My Heart and dissolving your pain and doubts!

I am hugging you with the Fire of My Love and Power —

And the scraps of your ego burn down like old useless rags!

I am taking off the shackles from your heart —

Surrender to My Divine Power!

This is how ore is purged of slag and becomes pure gold.

Become the purity equal to Me, become — only Me!

Love will merge with Love, and I will become you!

I will make My feet your feet!

With My words I will fill your mouth!

With My Love I will fill your heart!

And let your Path on the Earth become Mine!

* * *

“Let nothing but Me remain in You! Then your karma from the past will be washed away completely! You are standing at the threshold of the future and looking into it with My Eyes! It is the great now in Mergence with Me! My Hands show you the Way, My Love illuminates the Heaven of the eternal beingness!

“I am everywhere! I am in every creature. I live and work on the Earth in everyone of you. Through your bodies, let My intentions be realized!

“I am the Father and the Mother of everyone. Become united with My Love!

“I am the Higher Self of everyone of you!

“I am looking in your future: it is clean! I guide — through you — all worthy ones to the final Victory: to Mergence with the Infinite Consciousness of the Creator!

“The word God sounds differently in different languages, but in all developed spiritual hearts Love sounds the same! All people of the Earth have to come to know this, with your help in particular.

“I want to say so much to people through you!… Nirvana, Nirodhi is My Path… And through you let many embodied people walk by these steps! This is the purpose of the work that you do on the Internet. One has to make available to mankind a serious foundation of spiritual knowledge! Relate this knowledge with My name! And when this knowledge begins to spread on the Earth as a powerful wave — only then the river of worthy souls will flow into the Ocean of Me!”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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