Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Lorenz Byron

We are at the sea coast, at a working site of Divine Lorenz Byron. We have known this place for a long time, many times worked there and conversed with Him. Yet He has not told us the history of His Path of cognition of the Creator: there was no time for it because of intensive meditative work. Telling this story was postponed again and again…

But today He told us that it is time to tell His story.

“I was born and grew in England. However, I was not a descendant or a relative of famous English poet Byron.

“In the fifties of 19th century I received a diploma of military doctor and departed to military service in India, which was a Great Britain’s colony at the time.

“… I was enchanted with the beauty of Indian nature and with the spiritual treasures coming from the depths of Indian history.

“But I felt pain looking at the poetry and injustice existing in the life of the majority of people of that country, which provided riches and welfare to England…

“What could I change?… I just helped these people using my medical skills. I also performed the duties prescribed by military service.

“Apart from this, I dedicated my free time to studying the traditional Indian methods intended for development and healing of the body. I also read the spiritual directions of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga and other texts.

“Yet this reading did not make Me a man of knowledge. It just stimulated My interest in spiritual knowledge and in human possibilities that become open beyond the material plane…

“I met pandits and Hatha Yogis, but no one of them left a good impression on me. They considered themselves ‘great sages’, but in reality they had not known the depths which attracted Me.

“… Once I was sent to a new place of service — to a distant settlement in the Himalayas.

“… A small group of people, which included soldiers and civilians, men and women — started on a journey. The group was headed by an officer with an inflated feeling of self-importance…

“It was late autumn. Packed mules, several carts — our caravan was not well-prepared for traveling through a snowy mountain pass…

“Our guides left us once they noticed the signs of approaching foul weather…

“Soon a snow storm broke. The officer, who led the group, began to rush about in dismay, and it nearly brought us to a deadly end. Fortunately, he got a fever attack, which ‘calmed’ him.

“However, we lost the way. Because of the snow storm, visibility was close to zero. We were among steep cliffs, near the edge of a precipice, blown by the strong wind…

“… I did everything I could to save people and animals.

“I managed to find a large cave where we could hide.

“We unpacked the luggage, took food, made a fire of everything that could burn…

“The next day the wind dropped, but our situation was difficult: everything around was covered with snow, no trail could be seen, and we had no idea in which direction to go.

“I went to explore the area around, hoping that I would be able to find way back by My trace.

“… The day broke sunny. I admired the beauty of the blue sky and pure fresh snow sparkling under the sun!

“The view of this mountain landscape was majestic!

“I observed this majesty with the sad feeling that most likely we were doomed to die in this beautiful place!…

“… I began to try to talk to God, though I did not expect to receive answers and help… I asked Him questions about the purpose of human life, about the immortality of soul, and about what I could do in that situation…

“After giving vent to My emotions in this way, I suddenly found Myself submerged into light transparent quietness — and I dissolved with the consciousness in it… I did not know for how long this state of dissolvedness and blissful non-existence continued…

“… Suddenly I saw a person approaching Me.

“He wore light clothes but apparently did not feel cold. And He did not look like a lost traveler…

“He came to Me and asked:

‘Have you gone astray? I will show you the way and will help to save your companions! Bring them here! I will wait you.’

“I bowed to Him and went back to our group. While going, I several times looked back to check if this Guide, Who was so miraculously sent to us by God, had disappeared?

“But He stood at the same place and waited.

“… Then everything was like in a dream… We followed Him. His body radiated soft Light. Soon this Light expanded to include us. All of us — both people and animals — were embraced by Him. He embraced us with Himself and submerged us into Him… We forgot about the cold and tiredness while walking in this sphere of His Light

“… No one of us could recall then how long this travel continued. We traversed a distance that normally takes three or four days to walk.

“… When we approached the village that was our destination, the Guide said goodbye to us.

“I thanked Him and said that He saved us from death. Also I bowed and assured Him that I understood how great His abilities were and that I placed My life at His disposal.

“He replied:

‘I will wait you to come to Me after two years. I hope that time you will be ready to traverse the Path from the human ‘I’ to the Divine Consciousness!…’

* * *

“Of course this story changed — to a certain degree — everyone of us. We became real participants of a new legend about the Himalayan Saints…

“I also felt a joyful expectation about My future meeting with Him! I as if approached an open gate letting in to the Abode of Boundless Divine Light and Ultimate Happiness!

“I prepared Myself to this meeting. I began with resigning from service. I became a vegetarian and began to practice Hatha Yoga exercises.

“Also I tried to meditate. I say ‘tried’ because I had not even a little understanding of meditation!

“Sometimes, attuning to the memory about the Divine Guide, I would become filled with the blissful feeling of the presence of His Light-Love in My body. In these moments, He showed to Me the necessity of work on filling the anahata chakra with the consciousness.

“And I began to learn to submerge into the anahata chakra fully, together with the head, and then to expand from within it…

“… Also I read a lot. I found several persons who could translate sacred Indian texts into English for Me.

“Several times I tried to go to seek this Guide… But every time I heard from casual people phrases like: ‘Too soon!’, ‘He will find you when you are ready!’…

“… After two years, a Hindu barely speaking English came to Me.

“And we went to My Teacher.

* * *

“I lived in His mountain ashram about half an year.

“First, His disciples taught Me some pranayamas and exercises for cleansing the chakras. Then I had to learn to expand the chakras and to look from within them, not only forward but also backward, to the sides, downward and upward, to all sides at the same time. The most important chakra in these exercises was anahata.

“As a result of these exercises, the consciousness became purified and refined, and I could easily move outside the body. After that, real work on cognition of the Absolute and the Creator through meditations of Buddhi Yoga began.

“There were not many disciples in the ashram, two of them were Europeans.

“Everyone of the members of the ashram had a personal cell-cave carved in the mountain.

“Most part of learning took place in common meditations together with the Teacher.

“Sometimes we would gather together around a fire and had conversations with Him. He corrected our mistakes in understanding and gave us great knowledge about the nature of the Universe, about God — the Infinite and Eternal Primordial Consciousness… Sometimes He told us about spiritual warriors of India, about the depths of Christianity, Islam, and other religious directions.

“… When I had mastered the ability to enter the state of Mergence with the Ocean of the Creator and to come out from It — the time of My staying in the ashram of the Teacher came to an end.

“As a farewell, He told:

‘Now You understand that for Those Who are merged together in the Unity of the Creator there exists no separation! And You, too, now can enter this Unity!

‘You also know that it is enough for You just to think about Me and I appear near You!

‘I led You through the Path more quickly than people usually traverse it.

‘You have not lived through certain life situations that were predestined by the karma of Your past lives.

‘This is why I send You back to the world of ordinary people where You can participate in the events that must happen. And You have to strive to retain the state of unbreakable Unity with Me.

‘You should follow My recommendations and bring to the world of people the knowledge about God and about the spiritual legacy of India.

‘When it is realized, You will depart from the body as I taught You.

‘I will be with You — and will help You in everything.’

* * *

“I fulfilled this task given by Him. After coming back to Europe, I gave lectures and classes. I also published and sent around to libraries translations of Indian texts. I also played My small role in stimulating interest to the Eastern spirituality, which arose in Europe at the end of 19th century.

“My incarnation came to an end in the Netherlands. I had there several worthy disciples. When I learned that the time came for Me to leave the body, I left it on My own will: I entered the state of deep meditation and remained in Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness.

“During the years of My earthly life I was not allowed to tell publicly about My Teacher and about His miracles. Why? In order that the cult of a new Messiah do not overshadow the main thing: One Divine Foundation of all the religious teachings — the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness from where all Divine Teachers come out.

“The story which you learned today was told for the first time.

“The name of My Divine Guru — it was Great Babaji — was revealed to the world in due time by His another Disciple — Yogananda.”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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