Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Sathya Sai Baba

… I love Sathya Sai Baba infinitely! Through this love I learned to feel myself in meditations a part of Him. And when He talks to me, the feeling of infinite Love-Care of my Universal Parent does not leave me.

“Baba*, how can man learn to think like You do?”

“One cannot just throw away everything from the head and replace it with Me, with My Consciousness… — then one would become a biorobot, a puppet. No, one has to grow one’s own intellect, one’s own ability to think so. And only then this ability to think with the consciousness** unites with My Divine Wisdom!

“In this way the development of soul goes on. First, one has to learn to be love and to grow as love. Then one learns to give one’s love to Me. In this way, gradually, such a person masters Mergence with Me.

“If you have no love yet… — you have nothing by which you can merge with Me!

“Then love should be supplemented with the aspect of power.

“When you dedicate all the strength of the soul to serving Me***, then you begin mastering Mergence with My Omnipotence. This is a very gradual process…

“In the same way, gradually, one can learn from Me Divine thinking.

“Being in Me means to be Me! Therefore, the flow and the essence of your thoughts must correspond to this. I suggest that you master broad-thinking — thoughts flow easily, smoothly, calmly and become manifested from the Depth on the physical plane. And then one can encompass with the consciousness not only forests, meadows, rivers, lakes with their inhabitants, but also countries, continents, nations and communities of people, feeling them all together and everyone in particular.

“Yes, one has to learn from Me — to love, to think, to act! The lower self must be substituted with the Higher Self — with your True, Divine Self, Which is coessential to the Self of God.

“… But this is not the end of the Path. Every Soul that became One with Me continues to develop in Me, growing and perfecting Its service — the service to the evolution of consciousnesses in the universe.

“Those of Us Who come incarnate to the Earth differ from each other. It does not mean that Some are superior or inferior to Others… The difference is that Some are like sprouts which just have appeared on the surface from the boundless Foundation — from the Ocean of the Creator, while Others are like strong great trees which have been growing for a long time.

“Nevertheless, however great may be Everyone coming out from Me, He or She is but a small particle of the Great Primordial Ocean!

“… Avatars always have something to say to people: They are Flows of the Divine Energy directly from the Creator.

“… I am going to tell you about how live Those Who became One with the Father. They live helping people cognize their Higher Nature. They live manifesting the Father. And Everyone learns to help…

“I learn too…

“Shirdi Sai Baba was a Saint only to a small number of people who were near His body.

“Sathya Sai Baba became close to millions of people on the Earth. Many of them have never seen My body, nevertheless, I became a reality of their lives.

“When I was a boy Narayana, I talked only to those who saw the eyes of My body. And now I really help many of My followers living in bodies of children, adults, and old men. The love of Sathya Sai Baba for them — and their love for Sathya Sai Baba — in an instant! — connects Me with everyone like a current: one pushes a button to light up the bulb of love — and My Current flows to this person!

“I do this in all corners of the Earth, the distance does not matter here. I come to them so that they can hear My voice, can see Me. When they urgently need My help, I react instantly and redirect there a part of My Power. And miracles happen there. This is the reality of relationships between man and God.

“I just learned to do this. It is not the body of Sathya Sai Baba that does this; it is the Part of Me-Consciousness Which presents in the Creation and works there; and this Part is Giant!

“I also heal the bodies of My followers by guiding the hands of surgeons during operations. I write books with those who do this for Me. And I just sing bhajans**** with those who cannot do anything else yet.

“… I easily manifest Myself on different levels of the density of consciousness.

“Look: now I am of a human body in height…” Baba shows Himself walking slowly over the road in the park where our conversation is taking place: He walks as He does on darshan: I see His orange robe and thick dark hair, it seems that I can touch them with my hands.

“Or I can enter your body…” and Sathya Sai Baba looks through the eyes of my body at the leaves falling slowly from the trees; then He moves my arms…

Then He showed His Face familiar to us from communication with Him… It consists of Light-Love, Light-Tenderness, and His Arms can take on the Palms any soul on the planet and know about it everything…

“And this is I — Universal!…” Sathya Sai Baba appears in a Giant Mahadouble coming out from the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness.

“The Brahmanic part of Me is so great that I can be everywhere — wherever it is necessary.

“It is very important to learn to live being a consciousness free from the body: to love, to hear, to perceive, to speak, to act!

“To be and to act from the Ocean of God-the-Father here, in the world of matter, is possible only out of Great Love for His children. This is the state in which God comes to this world!

“And to be able to awake the hearts of people one must have also… the Divine patience!”

“Tell us please about the Divine patience. How can one gain it?”

“Patience is the foundation of calm, the basis of the true ability to work creatively. The more patience you have, the more you can achieve in all areas of life, and, of course, — in cognition of Me.

“Patience must not be passive: what use is it to be patient doing nothing? No, the true patience is an active state.

“One must patiently, step by step, reform in oneself all the defects of the soul, reform oneself in accordance with the ethics of God. In the process of this work, one gains the Divine Patience.

“Patience is also necessary for understanding of other people. One has to learn to understand other people! Without such understanding one cannot help them!

“I understand everyone who addresses Me. And My understanding results in people’s trusting Me. Trust is the foundation of faith. The true faith manifests itself as full trust in Me.

“Trust in Me is born and grows when man addresses Me, not only in the moments of despair but always: in sorrow and in joy, in work and in rest, being sick and being healthy. In the process of constant communication and interaction of the soul with Me, mutual understanding and trust are born, the true faith is formed, which is founded on one’s own experience and knowledge.

“Everyone can fill their life with Me to a certain degree. This is very simple: one has to open the heart and to invite Me into it! Also one has to learn to ask Me questions. God also has Divine Etiquette: I never come there where I was not invited, I do not answer unasked questions. Observing the Law of freedom of will, I do not interfere with people’s lives without necessity.

“… Love is multifaceted! You can know its various aspects: love-friendship, love-care, love-tenderness, love-respect and reverence… And now — unite all these together!

“And let friendship be without dependence, care — without attachments, tenderness — without a desire to possess…

“To love means to give, to shine with the Light of Love, to be Love in all Its fullness, purity, and transparency!

“Also — watch Me, watch My every move, My every thought. I guide everyone of you! In particular — through the deeds of vile people…

“Ponder: what is your goal? The answer is simple and obvious: to become Me completely!

“To become Me, to be Me — what can be higher than this? It is in My Beingness that you will find all the Highest that man can dream of!

“Explain this to people! Unfold to them this Goal in all its majestic greatness! Let everyone understand that God is not a ruler-usurper, but in Him is the highest Freedom of everyone, the Freedom which most people cannot even conceive now!

“First, they who have dedicated their lives to Me have to come to know what it is like — to be Me.

“Then they have to make a decision to sacrifice the life which they lived before — for the sake of coming to My Life in its fullness. And such a sincere seeker receives My help.

“Gradually, they must abandon their old way of life and transform their lives to the Life which I open for them.

“When in their lives there remains nothing of the cravings of the lower self and there is only Me — then they truly become a Part of Me.

“God cannot give Himself to those who do not yearn for Him with all the heart!

“All who seek to cognize Me have to kindle in themselves a great yearning for Me — for the Ocean of My Love! I want from people not a languid remembering about God…

“Everyone striving for the full cognition of God has to make Me their main Goal! Meditation brings true fruits only when love flares up so that between you and Me no obstacles remain! And then — your separateness does not exist any longer!

“The true cognition of God begins when the flame of your heart becomes a part of the Divine Fire. Only when you become the Fire of Love — you may know the main Essence of yourself, Which is God in the Aspect of the Creator!”

“How can one kindle such love in people more successfully?”

“Fire is kindled by fire…

“My burning Love touches the hearts of incarnate people and ignites the souls!

“One has to bring people to the threshold where they come in touch with Me. And then let everyone remain there one-to-one with Me.

“If a soul, after touching Me, continues to shine for others — then this is the true burning!

“The one who goes to preach Me and My name has to do it even in the absolutely empty desert: so that even a single traveler who happens to come there by chance may hear this preaching.

“But your particular situation is different, and you know about this.

“I love you, My son!

“Your voice is not a voice in the desert, and many people hear you!

“You are a Sower who went to sow true knowledge! I thank you and bless you to make new feats for the sake of Me!

“My Abode is for few! It is for those valued by Me, for those who lay down their lives for the sake of Me, not for their own sake! This is the main criterion!

“I am always among you! Everyone of you can feel My Love everywhere!

“I give My eternal Freedom to those who are devoted to Me, as you are. I invite everyone to come to My Abode, yet the time needed for traversing this Path is different for different people. For someone it is 100 or even 1000 incarnations. For another, this time can be reduced to 1 year or less. It depends, to a large degree, on to whom this person was devoted during the previous incarnation on the Earth.

“Let everyone feel here and now the dynamics of the flow of the evolution of consciousnesses: it can be likened to a situation when some particles of water become foul in the swamp, while other particles, in a rapid current, rush forward outrunning each other!”

“You told us that You are going to leave the body, to leave the earthly plane. And what about the millions of Your followers — how will You build Your relationships with them?”

“I will remain with everyone who have entrusted themselves to Me. I will continue to guide them through their lives to My Abode — to the Primordial Ocean of the Universal Consciousness. I will talk to them through you too. Many times I tried the purity of your hearts, the strength of your love, the reliability of your hands. And now I know: your hands are My Hands, your hearts are My Heart! I bless you to continue My work on the Earth!

“Fill souls with My Light so that they may arise to life in Love!

“I radiate Brahmanic Light through your Atmic Mahadoubles, They are like Light pipes!

“The strata of the Absolute are your ‘clothes’, and you live beneath them.

“Always perceive your new Atmic Bodies***** — to the Full Height! You have to learn to live with them, in this process, the physical body becomes divine and the soul’s control center moves into Paramatman — into the ‘I’ of God!

“The total freedom from the body is possible when it is separated from the consciousness through death. Yet, another freedom is also possible — as much total as the first one! — without the death of the body. It requires treatment of the body with the Consciousness of the Creator…

“People Who have learned to be the Ocean — They live connected with the Infinity of Me…

“For the sake of fulfilling a full transfer of the self-awareness into the Creator, one needs not only ethical purity and devotion — one needs also to bring the energies of the body to His state. Also one need to master living in total reciprocity, because the Creator is reciprocal to the individual ‘I’.

“So, let all your dreams and intentions become Mine!

“Let all your aspirations become Mine!

“Let all your decisions become Mine!

“Let all your love become My Love!

“Let all your deeds become My Deeds!

“Let all your desires become My Desires!

“Let all your life become My Life!

“… And do not think about money which you ‘cannot get from anywhere’!

Jesus had nothing on the Earth and did not always know what He would eat and where He would sleep with His disciples. Yet, this did not prevent Him from carrying out His Mission…

“And Krishna, after the battle, did not possess any earthly wealth: they left carrying nothing; their only wealth was the memories which they left to the future generations… At the moment of the death of His body, Krishna was as rich as Jesus dying on the cross: They were richer than other people, for They not just gave Themselves to Me but changed the history of the Earth by Their Lives — and even today souls flow into Me through Their Channels!

“Now it is your turn!…”

*  Father (Sanskrit).
**  I.e., not with the manas but with the buddhi.
***  This constitutes the main essence of the true monasticism.
****  Songs which praise God and accustom one to love for Him.
*****  Atmans in Paramatman.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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