Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Guru Nanak

Once Mahavir, the Founder of Jainism, acquainted us with Guru Nanak, the Founder of Sikhism.

This acquaintance happened on a forest trail surrounded by tall spruces, where the presence of Nanak could be felt very vividly.

“Is this place a working site of Yours? Are You present here always?”

“No, this is not quite right. I am present now here for you, My dears!”

“Does it mean that You will tell us something? We are always glad to receive from Divine Teachers recommendations, directions, and stories, including auto-biographical ones!”

“Very well! Let people living today on our planet hear My words addressed to them:

“Realize how it is easy to live and to cognize God for a person who is not fettered by passions and attachments of the material world!

“One needs to become an ethically pure soul capable of renouncing the concepts of ‘I’ and ‘mine’!

“And then there are no obstacles which can hinder one’s work on the development of the spiritual heart and on merging this heart, which grows more large and subtle, — with Boundless and Eternal God, Who is present everywhere, Who is Everything!

“In this Mergence the heart of the spiritual warrior can cognize its own Infinity.

“Also such a seeker can realize very clearly that everything in this world of matter does not exist on its own: in the depths beneath everything ‘manifested’ and transient, there exists the Great Eternal Foundation — the Universal Creator!

“One cannot cognize the Creator immediately, one does it gradually by means of the meditation NAM* which allows one to cognize the Depths of the Universe and the Evolutionary Essence of the Absolute. I am talking now about the same as Vladimir described in the Scheme for Studying the Structure of the Absolute.**

“So the purpose of human life consists in cognition of the Creator and in mergence with Him.

“And God is the true and highest Guru.

“So, learn to contemplate God!

“The true pilgrimage is the meditation NAM!”

“In books one can read that You did not attach significance to the necessity of killing-free nutrition… And that even You Yourself once killed a deer… Yet, any kind of nutrition based on ‘killed’ food does not allow mastering the highest meditative methods…”

“I know it. I did not kill a deer… That situation was created by Me on purpose: in order to show the falsity of the ideas preached by selfish and haughty ‘brahmans’, who did not know anything about God and just commanded ‘the flock’ to perform useless rituals, to follow useless rules, to worship manmade idols…

“However, it is true that I did not pay much attention to the subject of sattvic nutrition in My preachings. My task was different: I had to introduce into the minds of people other ideas: about the necessity to renounce striving for material wealth, striving for possessing — possessing everything but the knowledge about cognition of the Absolute! On the other hand, I denied also the parasitic way of life typical of many Hinduistic ‘swamis’.

“… I came to the last Incarnation from the state of Mergence, from the state of realized Divinity. It was possible thanks to My work in the Sufi tradition during My previous life on the Earth.

“In the last Incarnation, I did not choose My destiny Myself: it was God who sent Me.

“And I did not want to become the founder of a new religion! It was God Who wanted to proclaim once more — through the vehicle of My body — knowledge about the Universal Creator of everything!

“It was the time when people of India needed teachings about One God existing for everyone beyond all variations of beliefs. Suffering from forays of outer enemies, India had also an inner problem: quarrels between different faiths. The country became a place of conflict between two religious traditions: Hinduism and Islam.

“My body was a tool in the hands of God, which He used according to His Will. The body was just a ‘stage’ from which God proclaimed His Message to incarnate people. In other words, My body was a place where a Part of Him abided.

“When I looked from within My body at Him, I perceived His constant Presence — like the Shining of a Giant ‘Sun of God’, Which was present both inside My body and in the infinity outside it.

“… You know already that such a state of constant connectedness of the Divine Light-Fire with the body of the spiritual warrior signifies the last stage of the Liberation: both the body and that part of the consciousness which remains connected with the body are impregnated with God — and the matter of the body begins to live according to the laws of the Spirit rather than to the laws of matter.

“… The Most High filled My body — and miracles happened in the course of My Mission. They were performed by Him —through My body, which belonged to Him rather than to Me.

“I brought Divine Light — and people capable of attuning with this Light could easily become submerged into It. With My mere presence I could give the state of Samadhi to those who loved the Creator and accepted Him in their spiritual hearts. People regarded it, too, as a miracle. This is how, in particular, they were ‘converted to faith’ during My travels and preachings.

“… I strived to wean people away from the dull performance of rituals and worshiping of idols! I wanted to give them the feeling of real God, Who is common for all nations and religious traditions! I suggested that they live with a constant feeling of the presence of God, which helps one to purify the soul and to grow love which is realized in one’s deeds!

“Unfortunately people turned My Work… into rituals of worship of My body …

“… Only a few of My followers managed to fulfill the Teachings given by the Most High through Me… You can do now much more for people!

“I am glad to help you and to participate in our common work!”

“Tell us please which meditations did You teach to Your closest disciples?”

“I imparted to them the techniques intended for growth and crystallization of the consciousness, the meditation NAM, the methods of Divinization of the body.

“But I never made this information public, it was never recorded.

“I gave to every disciple only that what he or she needed at the current moment.”

“You dematerialized Your body, You had control over matter. Could You advise us something in this regard?”

“I cannot pass to anyone the quality of non-attachment to the body or control over miracles.

“I taught people in the past and teach them now to have such love-attachment to God that all other attachments fall off by themselves!

“Full devotion, submission to Divine Will, lowliness of mind, and love — these are My methods!

“You, blessed with the gift to impart the Truth from God,

“Be always happy, feeling how God abides in you,

“Feeling how you expand in His All-Embraciveness!

“Live as Suns of His Love!

“Shine to people — and God will live and grow in You!

“A candle illuminates small space around it,

“But it gives light and casts out darkness.

“A fire is larger than a candle, it warms and illuminates those,

“Who stay near its flame.

“The Sun gives light and warmth to everything and everyone on the Earth.

“God creates and illuminates with Love all existing.

“Let souls grow: from a small flame of love for each other —

“To Universal Shining of the Creator!

“Serve God with love and devotion —

“And Divine Fire will become one with the souls!”

“Tell us please: why did it happen so that Your Teachings were imparted within the tradition of warriors?”

“Spiritual seekers have to become spiritual warriors possessing discipline and the sense of duty which should be higher than any earthly desires and attractions!

“And everyone should remember that they were born on the Earth not for living their lives anyhow, but that their lives have a higher meaning, a higher predestination — and they should impeccably follow it.

“The life of spiritual warriors implies constant struggle — struggle against one’s own imperfections first of all! You know it very well from your own lives. This is how your Master led you. And recall what you were in the beginning of the Path, how hard it was to walk it, how difficult that war was — the war inside yourselves!

“Inner war, outer war… Yes, they both may happen on the path of spiritual warriors…

“In this regard, it is much easier for those who from childhood were raised in healthy spiritual environment, in a spiritual community like the one I wanted to establish.

“However, spiritual warriors are not necessarily born in healthy communities, in families of people close to Perfection. Usually those aspiring to spiritual Perfection (if they have achieved the necessary age in the current earthly life) have to struggle for this Perfection, have to free themselves from the environment of atheists or misbelievers where they were born, raised, and educated.

“Thus their war begins. And it is only the beginning of the war… One has to wage this war strongly, confidently, and wisely. Wisely means that one has to win without violating the principles of ethics of righteous struggle, in the state of sincere love, including love for those who you struggle with! And quite often one has to learn it… right on the battlefield…

“Let Me give you just one example: it is not always wise to take on arms and to begin bloody battle if you see armed enemies who are ready to attack you. Wouldn’t it be wiser to walk around them — and to continue the Path to your Goal?…

“… The war of spiritual warriors continues up to the very end: until they achieve full Perfection! This is struggle for oneself, for one’s friends, for the good of the entire humanity, and for the sake of the Creator! The Evolution of the Universal Consciousness goes on thanks to such efforts of spiritual warriors — warriors of God, warriors of the Creator!

“… And now let us talk briefly about how spiritual warriors fight and what they fight for, at the stage of their development when one lives in the process of direct cognition of Me:

‘God is One and only One’ — this is the main principle of Sikh philosophy.

“This is one of the greatest truths! God is One in the Aspects of the Primordial Consciousness and the Absolute. However, this Oneness consists of many concrete components.

“From methodological point of view, it is very important to understand and to accept this principle as one of the most important meditations. The positive evolutionary tendency consists in Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness and with the Absolute. People have to strive to get rid of the feeling of their separateness — with the help of the methods of intellectual-ethical self-correction and with the help of meditative training.

“Let Me repeat once again: the positive evolution of human souls is determined by aspiration to infusing oneself into this Unity, into Its primordial and main Part, first of all, — i.e. into the Heart of the Absolute, into the Primordial Consciousness.

“And the power which unites souls into One is love that has to be developed by everyone in themselves. Love of man merges with Love of God — and thus Mergence happens.

“Therefore, the first and foremost thing that man has to learn on the Earth is love! This predetermines man’s success in all the rest: in the intellectual and power aspects of the development, in refinement of oneself as a consciousness, in creation of a positive destiny for oneself, which ensures quick advancement on the Path of spiritual development.

“And the opposite tendency consists in defending one’s own separateness. It is manifested as the qualities of the soul that in aggregate can be called ‘selfhood’: pride, self-conceit, boastfulness, the ability to humiliate others, to subdue others, to humiliate others, to steal from others, to harm others out of selfish and egoistic motives. Such people usually develop emotional coarseness. Their destiny is growth of negative karma, and hell after the death of the body…

“… So My main precepts for everyone at all times are the following:

“— forget about everything that divides people in the outer aspects: about castes, sexes, races, and ethnicities; what is important is the essence of the person,

“— live a righteous life without harming anyone as possible,

“— do not take but give,

“— do not hate but love,

“— seek — in meditations — the Source of EVERYTHING that you see!”

*  NAM is a description of God from the point of view of the multidimensional structure of the Absolute and concrete Manifestations of the Primordial Consciousness in the form of Holy Spirits — Divine Teachers.
**  See in [6]. This book describes also the methods of mastering the meditation NAM.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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