Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Haji Bei Murat

Over a hill overgrown with low “fluffy” pines with long needles, there stands a Mahadouble of Haji Bei Murat. His appearance is of a young man of about twenty years old, shining with bright, clear, pure youth.

“It seems that Your last incarnation ended when You were that young. How did You end that incarnation?”

“I ‘soared’ into Heaven!”

“Did You dematerialize the body?”


Lada joined the conversation:

“The ‘ascension’ was as follows: the body soared up and dissolved.

“His ashram was on this place. Sufi teachers would gather here from the neighborhood. And then they would initiate mureeds into the mysteries of the ‘golden flower’.”

Haji Bei Murat pointed at other non-incarnate Great Souls and continued:

“Look at Our Children! They are Sufi sheiks’ disciples who gathered here and listened to the preachings. Non-incarnate Lada was also always present among them. Some of those present here have not achieved the Mergence, but the majority merged with Allah.”

“Tell us please about Yourself, about Your Path to Allah!”

“The boy Murat was born very joyful and happy. He was born as the one who could feel the presence of Allah. He came to the Earth knowing that God is in everything, that He is Loving and Omnipresent, Caressing and Omnipotent!

“The true Islam helps one to understand this. And any true spiritual knowledge also brings one to the understanding that Truth is God!

“I began that earthly life of Mine with experiencing this Truth. And I ended it — with Mergence!

“I lived in the bliss of feeling the constant Presence of Allah! I was happy to see the smooth flow of His river, branches swaying from the breathing of His wind, splash of waves of His sea… I drank His Blissful Nectar and partook of His Blissful Gifts!

“Everything that the river of destiny brings to a Sufi is Sufi’s talk with God, Sufi’s learning from God! The Sufi gladly accepts everything sent by God!

“Sufi’s life is communication with Allah through everything that the Sufi receives from the Beloved. The Sufi receives everything as a gift! It is Sufi’s learning; it is Sufi’s bliss! It is Sufi’s song of thanksgiving, Sufi’s reply with love to the love of the Creator!

“Everything that comes out from the Sufi’s mouth is a hymn to the Eternity and Beauty of Allah! It is the fragrant nectar of love, which either accepts the form of words or music, or becomes silent lines and forms and leave guiding lights to those who walk the Path of Allah. And those walking can touch these lights and become burning with more love, gain power and confidence needed to overcome the difficulties of the Path.”

“How did You learn, who was Your Teacher?”

“Only Allah! I came to the last earthly life being open to perceiving His Love and Power directly! I did not need intermediates, which instruct people on religious dogmas and rituals. The Lord of everything was with Me: I saw His Presence in the manifest and in the non-manifest, in people that I met on the Path, in everything that His generous Hand gave Me! I did not divide these gifts into good and bad ones, because Allah does not give gifts which one should not receive!

“I thanked Him for every such gift! Every meeting, every turn of My life, every day and every minute, every drink of water and every breath of air was His Gift! I thanked — and this conversation of Ours was beautiful! What can spoil your life with the Creator but your ingratitude for His Gifts?

“Every minute of your life is a message of God to you and your response to God. You can read every moment as you read the Quran! Because everything is the Book of Beingness, and He teaches you how to read it. When you have learned to read it, you will experience only the Bliss of His Love! And when you talk then — it will be your song of thanksgiving to the Creator!

“Songs of birds, fruits you partake, and every person you meet is a gift of Allah to you! This is an invaluable experience of the soul! This is your talk with the Creator!

“It is in this way that I lived: I looked and listened to Life! And I got filled with the Bliss of His Presence — independent of whether sweet or bitter was the fruit I partook of.

“As a result I learned to hear the rhythm and melody of Allah and to talk to other souls in Allah’s language. Allah gave Me this mastery, and it allowed Me to begin teaching people whom He brought to Me…”

“How did You teach? It is not an easy matter — to teach man to feel God!”

“Yes, for this purpose one has to wash first the vessel — the man’s body —where the soul dwells, to wash it with the Light of Love — and everything becomes easy then!”

… He shows the body of man, its middle meridian resembles a transparent pitcher without bottom, which has to be washed inside. He shows streams of Living Light that flow freely through this form and wash it. As a result, it begins to shine with light…

“This is how I taught. Yet the main things are love and thanksgiving to the Creator — they compose the soul’s song! I taught how to accept God in one’s life. I helped My disciples to feel His Presence in every moment of their lives. And then — Allah began to play the instruments of souls, while I just tuned the sounding of these instruments.”

“How did You dematerialize Your body? Did You learn this ability?”

“I wanted to achieve the Fullness of Unity — and Allah responded to this desire…

“Allah knows everyone of your thoughts, everyone of your desires! And He fills them with Power only if His desire is one with yours. This results from Unity. If you are suffused with Allah’s Will, then everything you want or think becomes filled with His Power for realization. And your desires become fulfilled! And when there remains only the last desire for the Great Reunification — then let it be! In this way I left the body!

“Those who pray do not know the Love of Allah. But those knowing the Love of Allah praise Him!

“And nothing can spoil the Bliss of those who know Allah! Even a jail does not bind them, even those exerting violence do not constrain them!

“The earthly life of such a person is a dialog with Allah. And when the time of earthly life comes to an end, he or she makes the final step and comes to the Whole. When the earthly song of love for Allah is completed — he or she plays the final cord — and the music of the soul merges forever into the melody of Allah’s Beingness and helps then other seekers to tune the strings of their hearts and to create new songs of praise to Allah!”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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