Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Kayr

Working site of Kayr. By merging with Him over the forest we can feel ourselves as consciousnesses free from the world of matter. In particular we can turn the face of the consciousness in the direction toward the body.

Working site of Kayr. By merging with Him over the forest we can feel ourselves as consciousnesses free from the world of matter. In particular we can turn the face of the consciousness in the direction toward the body.

“Kayr! How did You merge with the Father?”

“I died… I died of plague… Everything ended — and there remained only He… He alone — One and Boundless — remained, and there was nothing but He…

“Everything I did before, striving to the Mergence, — all meditations, all other efforts, pain of the body — everything was over, He alone remained…

“And now, when He looks at the Earth — Kayr appears on it.”

“Could You tell us a bit more?”

“In the past I embodied in Middle Asia, grew in the traditions of Sufism. It was then that I touched for the first time the Primordial Consciousness. The name Kayr is from this incarnation…

“Do you remember, I described how I meditated when the sun was rising in the desert?…

“Do you know who is a dervish? A true dervish is not a poor Sufi monk who goes begging… No: a dervish is a wayfarer, the one who goes and seeks… A dervish is the one who goes on the Great Path towards cognition of the Creator!

“My sheikh was not Divine, he was like a person who rests calmly after traversing a part of the Path. He did not aspire to God with all his heart, but lived in calm and harmony. I am grateful to him: it was he who taught Me correct meditation, correct methods of working with the consciousness.

“One of My first strong impressions in learning was from Sufi whirling. This method helped Me to experience for the first time that I was not a body but a consciousness: living self-aware light.”

… Kayr shows His appearance in that incarnation: a face with dark eyes of elongated form, a white turban contrasting with swarthy skin, a regular oval of the face… Then He slowly begins to whirl — and His light clothes fly up and turn in this movement into gentle waves like those on the surface of the sea…

He continues to whirl — and His clothes become like an extending to the horizon transparent cover, under which a sea of Light waves softly…

Then the whirling ceased — yet the Light… remained…

Kayr shows the movement of the arms which helped Him to submerge into this sea of Light under this cover. There was only Light under it…

Then He continues the narration:

“There was also the desert… It is an expanse where — up to the horizon — there is only sand and the boundless sky above it. There was no one there — only Eternal Almighty God and a small grain called Kayr in the midst of the desert… We were always two together… One-to-one… And — no one else, wherever you look…

“There God taught Me to watch the sunrise…

“Have you ever watched the sunrise in the desert? It is quite different from the one in your land…

“… The dark sky, full of stars, lies on the surface of the planet… My body sits on the sandy bottom of this ocean of stars… The eternity and infinity of the universe embraces Me from all sides…

“Then gradually dawn begins… The sky becomes brighter, changes its color… The giant disc of the sun appears over the horizon… Rising of the sun! The ocean of the starry sky turns into an ocean of light above the earth…

“It is in this way that I watched the sunrise of every day of My life…

“But once I suddenly ‘sank’ into more subtle Light, which lied deeper. With gentle strokes of My now giant arms, I could submerge deeper and deeper…

“It was a wonder! — this Light did not disappear after sunset!

“Since that time, sitting in the desert and waiting for sunrise, I could already be in that Light.

“And when the light of the risen sun filled the entire expanse — immeasurable joy of experiencing the presence of God in everything filled Me! My body could walk towards the sun — while I was below and deeper, dwelling in the Light of God, supporting tenderly with My palms the sea of light above the surface of the Earth!

“I learned to stay in the Depth always. There, as if in ‘the heart of the Earth’, was a passage letting in to the Creator of everything, into the Heart of the Absolute!

“It is in this way that I acquainted Myself with the Consciousness of the Creator, but I had not become One with Him…

“… Before My apprenticeship with the sheikh, a young woman touched My heart…

“Now I see how foolish was My understanding of asceticism… I could have taken her with Me into the Path!… But at that time… At that time, I began to seek solitude in the desert in order to forget her…

“This longing for earthly love, which had not been lived through, brought Me to a new incarnation.

“… It took place here, in this land, where you live. Here I met My earthly love, got married, had a child…

“… Yet, in the dreams, I often saw sunrise in the desert… And again I began to seek the Path, became a wayfarer walking this Path… I grew here, on these places of power, which are known to you too. I was helped to recall that which I knew in the past… — and I cognized Mergence with Him deeper and deeper, learned to be One with Him, completely One, learned to love all lives, learned to love people… Then I moved to Middle Asia… And what happened then — I told you already…”.

… Kayr was smiling from His appearance familiar to us. The day was dawning in our northern land. Tender joy of Kayr was mingling with singing of skylarks and rising of the sun! The Ocean of the Creator was looking from Its Depths through Kayr’s eyes, and His Hands were supporting all the living on the Earth’s surface…

Kayr continued:

“I feel tremendous joy now, always being with you! On the experience of our common work, I master new methods of helping souls in our common School! I continue to learn thanks to you!

“It is in the interests of God that branches of the School be created throughout the planet!”.

“Tell us, Kayr, why Mahadoubles of the Divine Teachers very often stand in the midst of busy streets, squares, in parks, on lakes — on the places visited by a large number of people who do not aspire to God at all?”

“The answer is simple: We are ‘Fishers of men’, as Jesus once put it! We act like radars — detectors of good emotions in people — even the slightest ones. And We seek to support these tendencies in every person. We are also Realizators of people’s destinies…

“An embodied person is a separate autonomous system. Usually there is no entrance from the outside, the doors can be opened only from the inside. What does open these doors? Emotions. Good emotions, especially those which accompany altruistic deeds and make the soul opened to the Light. It is this openness that allows the Light to flow inside the soul.”

“Why is it so difficult? God is omnipotent. Why can He not enter in some other way?…”

“Of course, God is omnipotent, and every soul is on His Palm. Yet, the freedom of will which He granted to people does not allow Him to intervene uninvited in that autonomous system called a human.

“The task of the Holy Spirit (or the Holy Spirits, to be more precise) consists exactly in this — in detecting every new opportunity for contacting souls of people for the sake of correcting their advancement, missing no chance.

“… I would like to talk also about intent.

“The intent to cognize the Creator, to merge into Him, and to help other people in this — this must be an absolute dominant in the life of the spiritual warrior, and this intent must not contain anything earthly. Only then will it be able to make miracles, passing freely through all the earthly pileups and achieving the goal. Only such an intent has the true power to create.

“The true intent of the developed consciousness of the spiritual warrior is beyond the sphere of people’s notions about ‘possible’ and ‘impossible’. Therefore, it equally easily accomplishes both the ‘possible’ and the ‘impossible’.

“One has to subjugate completely the mind, body, and consciousness to the intent of uniting with Me. One has to aim for the complete Mergence, in which there is nothing left of that which the former separate self considered its own.*

“In that case I, too, give Myself fully to such a warrior.

“In the entire universe, it is only love that can bring one to the true unlimited Divine Freedom.

“I love you and want to give you this Freedom.

“I am ready to give Myself to everyone who sincerely desires it. Such is My essence — I want nothing but to give Myself through love — to give Myself to you and to everyone worthy!

“Entrust yourselves to Me completely! The best solution to all earthly troubles is in Me!

“The first thing to recall in the situations of earthly troubles is My Universal Calm! To be in calm means that you do not allow yourself to become involved recklessly, with the whole consciousness in some earthly situation, where passions boil.

“From the state of My Universal Calm look at your troubles and see how petty and insignificant they are!

“Never engage in the battle by the lower self, never cease the awareness of being united with Me! Whatever happens in the course of the battle — I lose nothing! The lower self can suffer defeat, but the Higher Self — can never!

“… How many lives can one live through, approaching the Threshold, cognizing the state of Mergence, yet failing to attain the Unity…?!

“How many times has one to embody again, having not traversed the final step of the Path, and begin this difficult travel as if from scratch (in every new incarnation one has no memory of the past achievements of the soul!)?!

“How many times has one to begin it anew until the soul has no desires but the yearning for becoming One with Allah…?!

“We went through many lives — in order to come Here.

“We lived through many destinies — in order to come Here.

“We grew up many times in order to learn to be conscious of oneself as of the Higher Self.

“We did this many times in order to come finally to the understanding that He alone exists and His Beingness has no end.

“And Everyone Who gave Oneself to Him completely — remained in Him in order to merge into His Beingness and be Him.”

*  This recommendation concerns only those people who have grown up in their personal evolution (both in psychogenesis and in ontogenesis) to the capability of becoming true monks.
As for the rest — they have to prepare themselves for this stage of personal development by “ripening” in living a righteous life and in learning in the material world.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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