Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Shakyamuni

“The true foundation of the entire universe is Love!

“The one who wants to know the primal essence of all things must be full of love, first and foremost.

“The opposite of love — disregard towards others and self-conceit — casts man into the abyss of ignorance and illusions.

“It is love that endows man with the eyes which can perceive the Truth.

“Love for all living beings helped Me, too, find the Way.

“Without such love, man can only wander about in the darkness of illusions.

“Let this love illuminate the way of every seeker of the Truth!”

* * *

“My purpose in the last incarnation was to bring to people the state of total freedom from the shackles of the material world, to reveal to them that there is Liberation, that it is really possible.”

“What are the distinctive features of Your Path?”

“It is the Path of realizing that all of us — in our very essence — are potentially completely free.

“I cognized this Freedom in the depths of Myself, when I sought the Primordial Essence of everything. I cognized that in My Deepest Essence I am not bound by anything happening in the world of matter.

“It is this truth that I wanted to convey to people: that in their very Essence they are free and that this Freedom is by far more valuable than any property in the material world. Thus, there is no reason to fight against each other, to envy others, to be jealous. Everyone possesses the most priceless Treasure from the very birth. One needs just to discover It.”

* * *

Conversation in a tent, during the rain:

“It is raining, but this is not a problem. Rain is a good time for meditation!

“I liked to meditate in the rain. You just need to spread the consciousness with the rain in the space around your body — and feel every falling raindrop by coming from the ‘other side’ beneath it.

“In this meditation, you can feel the difference between Me and an ordinary soul. An ordinary embodied soul experiences itself living only in its body, while I experience Myself living in everything that happens: in every sway of the grass, in every rustle of the leaves, in every falling drop of the rain…”

* * *

“I will speak with you more, will tell you more things useful for you and for other people.”

“Why have we not felt You before?”

“Because you sought Me there, while I am here: in the depth of your developed spiritual hearts — simple and tender, loving you…”

* * *

“Everyone who begins a spiritual search deserves to be helped. Everyone walking the Path receives Our help, even if his or her path is not straight yet.

“… Yes, incarnate people forget many things, when the knowledge is imparted through centuries.

“To keep the purity of the Teachings and, at the same time, to make them comprehensible to many is a very difficult task. Only a few have managed to realize it.

“Every Avatar coming to the Earth exerts every effort for realization of this goal initiating into the higher knowledge everyone capable of comprehending it, giving the basics of the laws of morality to all people so that they may walk the Path of Light.”

“Why God, as the Purpose of the search of every soul, was not the main theme of Your preaching?”

“… When I started My own spiritual search, I sought the Higher Justice, sought the possibility to liberate people from suffering.

“I loved people and wanted to help them.

“I was born into a family of an earthly king and was destined to become a ruler. I was kind and just. Soon I would have the entire power in the country. Yet, I saw that My justice and power could not defeat suffering, diseases, death, which are unavoidable for all incarnate people…

“I started My spiritual travel and sought the meaning, the reason — why man, born into this world, has to undergo pain, calamities, and death. I sought the answer from hermits and sages… I sought the answer Myself, exploring the depths of the soul, going deeper and deeper into meditation.

“And I found the answers! I saw many worlds — lokas of the multidimensional space. I saw the laws of karma, which determine the reasons for birth and death, suffering and happiness occurring in every earthly life. I found the ways of how to overcome the suffering through transformation of oneself, transformation of one’s own attitude towards the world and towards the souls living in it. I found the Great Freedom!

“I sought this not for Myself. I wanted to give the possibility of conscious living, the Path of Liberation — to all people!

“I walked the Path where the ego disappears and becomes ‘emptiness’ (this is the state of Nirodhi*). And when this happens on the deepest, subtlest plane of multidimensionality — then there remains the only existing Eternal Consciousness — the Universal Primordial Consciousness. And then — at the moment when the ‘I’ disappears — one becomes an Integral Part of the Only Existing Being. This is what I called the Liberation, this is what the Nirvana is. In this state the Higher Self of the soul is aware that It is one with the Primordial Consciousness. The Diamond Sutra is about this.”

“It follows from Your words that You rediscovered anew everything that Krishna taught — the fundamentals of this knowledge had been expounded in the Bhagavad Gita far before Your last incarnation. How could it be that You, a member of a royal family, were not familiar with the Teachings of Krishna?”

“India at that time was not a united country: on that territory there were several kingdoms or principalities… There was not even a common language… Mass book printing, mass media appeared much later…

“Moreover, My parents and tutors ‘protected’ Me from the higher spiritual knowledge…

“Yes, I and many people around Me did not know the Teachings of Krishna. Therefore, I had to ‘rediscover’ everything Myself, guided by the non-incarnate Higher Consciousness.

“If I had attained the Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness through the Bhagavad Gita, then Krishna would have been My Teacher. Then His words, His precepts would have appeared in My Message to people!

“Yet, it often happens that the eternal truths have to be discovered again and again.

“… In India at that time, for many people the knowledge about the Truth brought by Krishna was superseded with the rituals of worshipping mythical ‘gods’… Ritual and ceremonies substituted for the Truth. You may see the same problem at present, by the way…

“Yes, I sought the Path Myself and tried to tell people once again that they have to live according to the laws of non-harming and giving love, that they have to make their way to the Freedom not through praying but through a righteous life and meditations.”

* * *

“It is not enough just to master entering Nirvana. Many of your students cognized the Nirvanic states, but by their wrong decisions or actions, originating from the personal ‘I’, they brought themselves back to the circles of destinies and incarnations to begin seeking the Unity again in the future. Their future path will be easier, because they had knowledge about the Truth, but… Also many of your Divine Friends told you that They knew the Nirvanic states in the next to last incarnation but did not manage to establish Themselves in Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness that time…

“The Unity with the Primordial Consciousness has to become one’s essence, one’s beingness! The individual self must be fully replaced with the Divine Self!

“It was not that I just achieved the state of Nirvana for a short moment. I replaced the personal self with the United Higher Self. And since then, I lived thus. I still lived in a material body, but I became absolutely free, because the individual mind was replaced with the Divine Consciousness.

“… There are several stages of conquering the mind:

“First — one has to master inner silence, to make the mind silent. One achieves this by moving the consciousness into the spiritual heart.

“Second — one has to learn to merge oneself as a consciousness with the Divine Consciousness.

“At the third stage, one’s thinking is moved into the United Primordial Consciousness, into the United We.”

“Tell us please — was the meditation Cross of Buddha gifted by You?”

“No, but it presents a realization of My ideas concerning the spiritual Path. Everyone who invites Me into the spiritual heart, when performing this meditation, receives My help.

“Everyone has to choose love as their main guiding principle in life. It must not be ‘love’ for oneself but love directed from oneself to all living beings — incarnate and non-incarnate.

“Everything is filled with life, everything develops thanks to love, regardless of whether one knows about it or not. And it would be unwise to turn away from this knowledge when it knocks at your door.”

Nirodhi is one of the highest meditative Nirvanic states of a developed consciousness. One enters the state of Nirodhi by performing the meditation called total reciprocity. This meditation results in disappearance of the consciousness from the ‘center of principal coordination’; on its former place one perceives then the ‘emptiness’. In this meditation, the individual consciousness becomes merged with the Consciousness around it.
In the beginning, one masters total reciprocity not in the highest spatial dimension (this is why the followers of Buddhism say that there exist different ‘emptinesses’, which can be perceived in different spatial dimensions-lokas). The purpose of practicing this technique is to gain the ability of entering the state of Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness.
In our practice, one easily masters total reciprocity at corresponding places of power. Yet it is feasible only for those who developed themselves as large spiritual hearts and achieved a high level of the subtlety of the consciousness.
Nirodhi is a quite effective means of Merging the individual consciousness with the Primordial Consciousness, though it is not the only one.
It is important to emphasize that such Merging can be performed only by a developed spiritual heart and provided that one has intense love for the Primordial Consciousness.
Therefore, one has to begin the Path to It with accepting and realizing in practice the basics of spiritual ethics, with developing the emotions of love, and with practicing the methods of transforming oneself into the spiritual heart.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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