Yasin — Divine Teachers — about Themselves

Another Mahadouble of Yasin. In the expanse above this forest we can feel the subtlest Divine Purity! One can enjoy freedom in it!

Another Mahadouble of Yasin. In the expanse above this forest we can feel the subtlest Divine Purity! One can enjoy freedom in it!

One day, many years ago, we were walking a forest trail being guided by Jesus. Suddenly, we found ourselves in front of a pyramid of Divine Living Light-Fire! Another Divine Teacher!

We greeted Him and asked:

“What is Your name?”


… Yasin-God… I remember this name from fairy tales… This name sounds like the Russian word yasny — which means pure, clear…

… Later, many times we enjoyed being in this Mahadouble of Yasin, attuning with Him… Years later we found two other Mahadoubles of His, situated several tens of kilometers away from the first one. One of them was on the place of a former Finnish house… and another one on a large glade in the forest.

On these places, many times we learned to be the Divine Fire and cleansed our bodies with It…

… Now, long after our first acquaintance with Yasin, we are visiting Him again in order to ask Him to tell about how He developed spiritually: from an ordinary human to that Divine Yasin Whom we know now.

Yasin offers:

“Let’s go!”

… We walk as large anthropomorphic consciousnesses along a road among fields suffused with sunlight. One can “walk” touching the road with the feet, one can “walk” over it, or one can “walk” under the road: a refined consciousness easily passes through material objects including the earth’s matter…

Yasin reminds us how in the past He taught us to move in the Clear Light with the help of the arms of the consciousness. We can feel the hands of these arms in the place where we want to appear. Then we shorten the arms — and appear with the spiritual hearts in that place… It works so because a spiritual heart is located between the arms that grow from it…

Such training on moving in space can help remarkably to accustom oneself to be a pure consciousness free from the physical body and, in general, from the dependence on the world of matter.

Yasin taught then:

“Imagine that your body has died. But you continue to be! You can exist well without it!”

… Also one could flow through the body from any side as many times as one liked, could seek in it energetical disorders and fix them with the hands of the consciousness

Yasin taught:

“The body has to become as transparent as the Consciousness of the Primordial Plane is. Then it does not impede the growth of the consciousness on the Primordial Plane…”

… Why is the work inside Divine Mahadoubles so important for us? Not only because of the possibility of easy communication with God! But also because here the Divine Consciousness manifests Itself much more intensively. Also because in such places it is quite easy to attune with It, to merge with It, to accustom oneself to being It, thus crystallizing oneself in It.

It is not by chance that Divine Teachers call such places, where Their Mahadoubles are present, — working sites.

Realization of Mergence with God begins with Mergence with concrete Divine Teachers. And one can learn this most easily inside Their Mahadoubles.

Let me repeat the same in other words: if I enter into Him completely and perceive neither my material body nor the material plane in general, nor other planes except for the Divine Consciousness — then this represents that very Mergence though in a small volume of space.

Then this volume can be increased up to the universal scales if one continues training…

… And now Yasin continues:

“I embodied in ancient Russia long before the coming of Christianity. I embodied several times.

“My Service was not limited only to helping people from My incarnate state: I helped them always.

“I began My Service on this land when people lived here as tribes-communities not united by some power into one country. I worked with them by conveying to them through folk tales and beliefs — the ideas needed for correct development, by suggesting right thoughts, by supporting in them good emotions — especially in their leaders, elders — in those who were respected by people, whom people followed. In this way, I influenced the worldview of the nation, formed the characters of people.

“In that ancient time, this land was inhabited by people of character quite different from that of the modern citizens of Russia. Their main qualities were calm, nonviolence, kindness. They could live among nature and interact with it very harmoniously. And nature provided them with everything they needed. It was the harmony of interaction with nature that was one of the fundamental components of their culture of life.

“Such interaction with nature and kind, nonviolent attitude towards others helped these people to grow with the experience of happiness and joy of life. And benevolence, mutual understanding, tenderness and caress in relationships with each other did not allow ‘dirtying’ the souls with negative emotions and hostility.

“The happiness in life is ensured not at all by technical achievements of civilization. These tribes did not have even a tiny part of the modern technical achievements, in many aspects their life was much more difficult. Nevertheless, they lived with the feeling of freedom and happiness — in contrast to the modern Russians.

“The life of people in the modern technocratic society became ‘fettered’ and is far from happiness and freedom. And the reason for this is the desire of people to ensure, first of all, the material aspect of their lives; they hope that it is material wealth that brings to happiness.

“Yet, happiness — by its very nature — originates not from something outer, but from the inner. Happiness is a state of the soul. Therefore, only they can be happy who live not by the concerns of the body, but by the true aspirations of the soul.

“Let Me repeat that the ancient Russians had values different from those of the modern society: harmony of communication with nature, nonviolence in relationships with each other, respect for the freedom of everyone — this made them happy, free people…

“… One of My last incarnations was on the territory of the modern Kostroma region.

“At that time, this land was inhabited by beautiful people — pure souls. Their outer appearance was very beautiful as well: harmoniously shaped bodies, light slightly curly hair, eyes in which one could see purity, clearness, deepness.

“They lived in communities comprising several families. They lived simply and purely, in harmony with nature. It was a norm of their life.”

“Yasin, where does Your name come from? I read that Yasin is an Arabic name. Were You embodied among Arabs?”

“No, but I like all Arabs, too, as My children. And I am always ready to help them to cognize God: Allah, Svarog, Heavenly Father — it is just the words that are different, but the essence is one.

“The name Yasin means Clear Light. It is this Light that I cognized and that I became when I attained Mergence with the Creator.”

“Yasin, You have not told us about how You cognized the Creator…”

“It was in one of My incarnations, when I was brought by Svarog* to one of His forest schools.

“First, we were taught to dissolve in the energy fields of plants — spring birches, ashes, poplars; then — to let the clear light of the morning sun into the chest and to fill with it the chakras, to move it through the main meridians. Sunny purity had to fill the entire body, making it shining and almost transparent, — then the student could move further.

“And then our work was similar to yours: we learned to spread with the spiritual hearts over lakes and fields, disappearing in the quietness of the forest…

“Then we cognized the Brahmanic eon and all other strata of the Absolute — with the help of Assyris and other Divine Teachers.

“And on the higher, final stages, we had to fill with ourselves the image of a Tree, whose branches stretched into the material plane, and the trunk went through the deep subtle spatial dimensions; then we with the consciousnesses grew, like roots, in the layer adjacent to the Abode of the Creator.

“And what happened then — you may understand very well.

“… This is My biography. Is everything clear for you?”

“Thank You, Yasin! Please tell something more.”


“You began to do what I want, what We all want; in other words, what the Universal Creator wants to manifest now for people of the planet Earth. Yet you have not understood fully the scale of the work intended by Us!

“What you are doing now is like a small seed. Looking at this seed, you cannot see the size of the tree that you are planting now. But I see both the tree, and its blossoms, and its fruits, and new future seeds!

“… And now I want to tell about the Yoga of ancient Russia. Without this, the picture would be incomplete.

“I embodied for the last time on the Earth — from the state of Divinity — long before the coming of Jesus Christ to the Earth.

“I was one of Those Who were called in later times Magi. They were incarnations of Souls Who accepted on Themselves care about the growth and evolution of consciousnesses of incarnate people. They created moral norms, which later were called customs. These norms became imprinted in the people’s way of life: in everyday work, in rest, in celebrations. And with time, they became traditions.

“The rites of these people were not a meaningless series of ordained bodily movements or memorized words. They were thought-out actions that helped the participants to create good emotional attunement, good thoughts; this created a positive life program for all the participants.

“The customs formed in this way helped to establish joyful spirit in work, harmony in marriage, good relationships in the family and in the community. But the most important thing is that they contributed to the tendency of uniting the consciousnesses. Everyone learned to live feeling themselves a part of the family, of the community, of the entire world of living nature, a son or a daughter of the mother-Earth and Father-God. This was achieved not through words, not at the level of words — but through performance of rites which produced such states of the consciousness.

“We, Magi, created variations of these rites which would be more effective for correct development of souls.

“Take for example, sowing of grain or gathering of harvest done by the entire community. Merged together, the consciousnesses of people doing this work created an energy field of power and joy which helped to work easily! It is similar to the effect of your meditative running — when it is very easy to run! The field sown in this way becomes a place of power in the full meaning of this word; the harvest and the energy of the grain grown on such a field are also extremely good!

“Another example is building of a house: one chooses trees for this work, then asks forgiveness from every tree before cutting it… Every part of the tree is used: bark, branches, and the parts which are not used in building — they become spoons, splinters for the torch, fences made of branches…

“The ethics of relationships with plants was an integral part of the rules of how one should build a house so that to make it firm, to have good relationships in the family, to give birth to healthy children in it.

“By following other similar rules of life, people learned to create good, to create beauty.

“Celebrations also served the purpose of strengthening health and cultivating joy in the soul. They helped also to remember about God-Creator!

“People learned such mergence of consciousnesses also in harmonious dances and choral singing.

“These people had domestic animals, which provided milk and eggs. But they did not hunt animals living in the forest.

“The nature provided people with mushrooms, nuts, berries, honey. It was enough for good and healthy nutrition. There was enough food!

“And relationships of man with the world of nature were not hostile. We taught to live in unity, in cooperation with all the living: with forces of nature, with inhabitants of the forest…

“There was no trade at that time, but there was exchange. Usually it was in the form of gifts that have to be responded with gifts — it was also a law of life. One tried to give to others something that he or she was master to make, or something that others needed more. In this way people lived, according to the law of GIVING and THANKING! Such was ‘business’ of that time!

“Magi were creators of these rules of life and teachers of people, including children.

“Magi did not have a family and a home: all people were Their family. The Abode of the Creator was Their Home! They traveled from one land to another, stayed in the local communities for a long time, and then walked further. They were a connection link between many tribes of Slavs of that time; also — a link between people and God.

“The higher knowledge was not written but conveyed in oral form or from Consciousness to consciousness. And We protected the purity of the spiritual knowledge.

“… But, to Our regret, the time came to Russia when there remained almost no one who could learn Our Mastery; there remained only a few worthy disciples…

“For a long time, I supported from the non-incarnate state these traditions, which had been created with My help: I strove to cultivate in people kind character, love for work, love for the Earth. Even after millennia, there remained echoes of what was called customs. For example, Nekrasov was amazed and delighted by the fact that enslaved Russian people kept nevertheless the inner purity and power.

“And if there had been no total drunkenness destroying souls like poison, one could continue this work even now…”

“Could You tell a bit more about work in forest schools?”

“You ask Everyone of Us about exercises for the body and soul performed at the initial stages of psycho-energetical work!… Yes, such an exercise was, for example, dance of the sun. It resembles the so-called spontaneous dance existing in different spiritual schools. But its main feature was to feel the center of oneself-soul as a shining sun in anahata. The student invited Father-Svarog into the spiritual heart — and began the dance of love-thanksgiving to God! The Sun-Love in the spiritual heart, burning brighter and brighter like a rising sun, created the state of giving love, radiating it to all sides, as in the meditation Cross of Buddha. Then this Light filled the arms, the legs, the head — and the Light began to flow through the arms, through the eyes… It was done as a dance. And one gave flows of this Light-blessing — through the arms of the consciousness, through the look of the consciousness — to all living beings around.

“As the soul grew, this morning meditation did not become obsolete, but the size of the sun became much larger than the size of the body. Then one moved the feeling of the center of oneself to the center of the Earth, and then to the Abode of the Creator.

“In this way the disciples of God meditated at dawn of every new day, learning to be Svarozhichi — sons and daughters of Svarog.

“There were also songs resembling a combination of mantras and inducing positive resonant states in different energy structures of the body. But let Lada tell about this: She developed this direction perfectly.”

“And what about the Tree of Life or World Tree — is it related to You or to Your Teachings? For example, in Scandinavian legends this Tree connects all the worlds.”

“Such myths existed in almost all nations. They are ‘fairy tales about the truth’. The Tree of Life is a higher meditation. Variations of this meditation were known throughout the entire history of spiritual initiations on the Earth. It is Mergence with God in the Aspect of the Absolute. The Tree of Life grows from the Primordial level of subtlety and pervades the Creation with Its Divine Power of Life: ‘I am Life creating life!’

“Its analogy is the golden flower of Taoists, and the Vine of Jesus Christ. It can be called differently. This image shows the structure of the multidimensional Absolute.

“Do you remember how Don Juan described to Castaneda the emanations of the Power? He said that these emanations resemble trees, and living beings in their cocoons resemble fruits on branches.

“The cosmic bodies of planets are also similar fruits.

“And the Creative Power is the One Primordial Consciousness, God in the Aspect of the Creator, the United We.

“In the tradition where I grew, with the help of the image of the Tree of Life they mastered not only submergence into the Abode of the Creator but also reverse motion: growing from the Divine plane into the body. Thanks to this, the energy structures of the body could be treated up to the tiniest details.

“The body of man is just a branch of the Divine Tree. But the structure of the body’s inner channels resembles a branching tree. The Divine level of subtlety has to be realized in the meridians of the backbone, also in the energy channels branching from the backbone and transmitting in the body flows of energy which can be called by the word Life. This method allowed one to control all vital systems of the body: breathing, blood circulation, heart rhythm… But this is possible only in full Mergence with the Divine Power which gives life — in particular, inside the substances of one’s own body.”

*  Svarog is a Slavic name of the Creator.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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