Assyris — Divine Teachers about Themselves

Working site of Assyris where it is most convenient to fill our bodies with the Light of the Divine Sun.

Working site of Assyris where it is most convenient to fill our bodies with the Light of the Divine Sun.

A sphere, looking like the sun, made of subtlest goldish Living Light, easily visible to the eyes of the consciousness, emerged once from the Ocean of the Creator and rests now above the surface of the Earth. It permeates the forest with the Divine Tenderness. This is a place of power of Assyris, His working site for teaching incarnate disciples.

“Tell us please about Your past!”

“First, embrace Me from outside and become Me inside!…” laughs Assyris.

… We merge together. Now there is only He…

Then He begins the narration:

“Long ago I raised two ‘waves’ of spirituality on the Earth: one — on the land of ancient Assyria and Persia, long before the establishment of Islam there, another one — on the land of Russia, before the coming of Christianity.

“I supported these ‘waves’ from My non-incarnate state.

“People worshipped Me as the God of Sun or God of Fire. Usually I would come to My students in forms similar to the Sun or Divine Fire. And only occasionally I would assume, for a short time, the form of a herdsman or a wanderer — an appearance visible to ordinary people.

“I was not born, nor did I die in this Kalpa… I acted through My Children, Who could easily perceive Me…

“I taught worshipping not the sun or fire — but the One Father existing in everything… And I continue teaching this now.

“The methods which I suggested are most precisely represented in your Three Steps of Centering*. They were three fundamental stages of development, which students had to master one after another.

“First, the spiritual heart of any person has to develop in everyday life. And only the one who becomes absolutely steadfast in the states of love-giving receives the possibility of further growth in a spiritual school which has serious esoteric methods.

“Only after this — on the first stage of studying in My School, the students mastered spreading with the spiritual heart over the surface of the Earth and then — dissolution of the consciousness.

“The second stage implied living in the state of a spiritual heart united with the Heart of the planet. Mastering this stage normally took more than one incarnation of the soul… The students also had first contacts with the Creator.

“On the third stage, the students cognized the Creator.

“And then, all these three centers of self-awareness had to be connected by a Ray of the ‘Sun of God’. This Ray goes through the physical body of the student, and the center where this Ray originated is the Heart of the Absolute

“When this Ray becomes a constant attribute of the Soul coessential to the Creator, then such a Soul becomes a Son of God or a Daughter of God. It is the fullness of soul’s Self-Realization.

“I would not like to tell you now about the further steps. I want to tell about another thing.

“I want to tell you about the Love of God, about how unconditional the Divine Love is.

“This Love is like the light of the Sun, which shines equally on everyone, warming everyone… It is the nature of the Sun — to shine… The nature of fire is to be bright and to warm; the nature of sugar is to be sweet; the nature of the Sun is to shine; the nature of love is to give!

“Let Me repeat: the nature of love is to give oneself to others!

“Love is the state in which God lives…

“And God shines: from Himself, with Himself!

“Some people aspire to Light; others hide in the shade… But all they receive their lives from Him!

“One has to learn to be the Light of God’s Love!

“One has to live not as a body, but as Light Giving Itself! One has to shine with Love — then the soul gradually transforms into the Purity of the Clear Light of the Creator!

“… And now I am going to outline for you the last two steps of the Path. The first one of them you have mastered already, though you need to strengthen yourself on this level. This is the ‘program-minimum’. And the ‘program-maximum’ is the next step which I also suggest for you.

“… The attributes of the Warrior of Spirit are a Shield and a Sword.

“For the Warrior of Spirit, the life in the material world is a life on the battlefield.

“In order to become independent and invincible, to avoid becoming engaged into the tumult of earthly passions, and to develop detachment — the Warrior of Spirit gains a Shield*.

“One has to fight for this Shield. The Warrior of Spirit receives it as a result of many years of everyday struggle for Perfection.

“Possessing the Shield implies the ability of living in the Heart of the Absolute, behind the Curtain, much deeper than this world with its whirling of passions. From the very Depth, the Warrior of Spirit raises with the strong arms the Curtain as an infinite Shield; this Shield makes the Warrior invincible. This is the Shield of the Creator. It is impenetrable to earthly passions, to hatred of enemies, to mundane fuss.

“However, one can attain more. The one who masters living in constant Mergence with the Infinity of the Creator, who lives beneath the Shield as an Infinite Heart united with the Heart of the Absolute, with the ‘Sun of God’ — such a one receives a Sword.

“The Sword is a Divine Ray, unchanging in its original subtlety and coessential to the ‘Sun of God’, which is directed from the very Essence of Everything — to the Creation.

“The Sword implies the ability of doing the Will of the Creator on the Earth in all fullness. It is a Scepter gifted by the Father, a symbol of the Royal Power. It is the Intent of the Creator; it is the whole Power of God concentrated in One Ray and directed to the world of the Creation, bringing fully the Will of the Creator to any object. The Creator says, ‘Be!’ and it happens!”

“What would You advise us now?”

“Whatever happens around you on the material plane — contrast it with the Eternity of Life in Me.

“And another thing: you have to inspire people to serve Me! You have to kindle their hearts with the ideas of service to God!”

* * *

“How did You manage to collect so many disciples — so promising?”

“I collected them ‘from the entire Earth’, from the entire European part of Russia. I collected students by sending messengers of successful students.”

“I see about 50 people.”

“This is only a small part. Look deeper: there are hundreds of Disciples, whom I brought up during centuries.”

“… During several incarnations?”


“… Incarnations of You or of the disciples?”

“I educated them through the bodies of My students. I Myself was here always.

“But later… everything good in Russia began to fade away…”

“Did You work here, in this region? Your forest schools were here?”

“My School was throughout all Russian land! Over centuries I educated promising souls, raising one wave of disciples after another!”

“How did people prepare themselves for this?”

“I ‘shepherded’ them. At that time people were engaged in farming, cultivating the land. A wide network of forest schools was created, where I collected the best students and taught them.

“There was no ashram here — on the place where you are now. The best people were found mainly in the Volga region. Not in steppes. But in the regions with forests, there were schools. This is why I call them forest schools.”

“What methods of teaching did You use? Did students study the structure of the organism, including the chakras and meridians?”

“Certainly, yes. I explained the essence of the structure of the Absolute and the methods of self-development. ‘How’ and ‘what’ — I have described, in general.

“Bring people here, so that everyone may experience Me, My Essence, as at the place of Lao!”

“May one call You Svarog?”

“Svarog is a generalized name. It was not a name of some particular Divine Teacher. This is an equivalent of the words God-the-Father, the Creator.

“Bring people here! Here I manifest Myself more vividly than at the place of our first acquaintance. I manifest Myself here in all fullness!”

“How did You manage to achieve such a result: so many disciples of Yours became a Part of the Creator?”

“The main point is to know well what your group has cognized and continues cognizing. Then, after the end of life in the body, everything becomes all right! If one remembers this well, then there is nothing special to do: everything happens naturally, by itself.

“If you could write a book about Me Ancient Russia — the Country of God?! This book could make a small beginning for collecting around you souls with good potential. Over many years, a small sprout could begin to mature. Write that it is not praying in temples but a transformation of oneself that constitutes the main essence of transfiguration of a common person into God! Among flowers, singing birds, rustling leaves, or opening spring buds one has to find the Main Essence of Beingness!

“Now let us talk about something else.

“Vishnu is spring!

“(Jokingly): I would take you into a journey to the places of My ashrams, but you have no money for travelling, so someone else will have to write the book Ashrams of Vishnu. Also you would need a cart for going around!”

“Was the word Vishnu known in ancient Russia?”

“Yes. Vishnu and Assyris are different words, but they mean the same: Rising Sun and Spring.”

“By what name were You called in Russia?”

“Assyris is the main Essence of Me as God. Vishnu… — too. Vishnu — Visna — Vesna… Vishnu-Vesna** is just a transformation of the word.

“I am like the Sun! I shine always!

“Shadow and light, day and night exist for you only while you live on the Earth and experience yourself as a body…

“The Sun gives its light always! Sunrises and sunsets are just a result of Earth’s rotation. Where there is Earth’s shadow, there is night; where the Earth faces the Sun, there is day!

“I am like the Sun! I am always LIGHT, LOVE, CALM!

“All shadows and duality are in people. But I shine equally at everyone.

“Some people aspire to Me and grow in the rays of My Love.

“Others hide in the shadow, being unable to withstand the Fire of My Touches. But they, too, are nourished by My Light.

“Become the Sun of My Love!

“Love as I do!

“Only by giving My Love can you learn to be Me!

“As the Sun sends its rays, even so I send My Sons and Daughters to the Earth.

“Ancient Russia was a good soil for God thanks to the preservation of the moral Divine laws, the laws of love. For a long time, I could preserve the knowledge about the Highest in My Schools. Thanks to this, souls could be embodied in the conditions where there was knowledge about the Path. These Schools were directed by Divine or nearly Divine Souls. Every such a Soul is like a tree that grows over the Earth and supports the existing hearth of spirituality.

“Only mature souls were selected to these Schools for teaching them the higher esoteric methods. The criterion of selection was the ability of the developed consciousness to think seriously. Possessing a developed spiritual heart was necessary, yet not sufficient condition.

“At that time, in Russia there was a natural economy. And spiritual Schools always had enough food because local communities supported them materially. And the people of the communities received from the Schools help in the form of warnings about droughts and bad harvests, curing of diseases, teaching of children… Such a community and a School near it lived as one organism, as one family.

“… Those coming from Me helped, first of all, mature souls who did not need to develop the intellect through filling the mind with information… The mechanism of the development of the thinking skill of the consciousness was slightly different for these people. It was similar to ancient Greek philosophers who cognized through meditations the structure of the multidimensional universe, the spherical form of our planet, etc. It is clear for you that there are different variants of studying the same problem with the consciousness: starting from information that comes from one’s own thinking — up to Revelations and direct investigation of the strata of the multidimensionality with the developed consciousness. Your talk with Me is another example of such cognition. Yet another example can be a meditation given by Me.

“The ability to think creatively is developed best of all against the background of contemplative calm.

“Many people grew inside such Schools. Through contemplation about natural phenomena, about all kinds of living organisms, children learned to think; the adults just corrected, guided this work of the consciousness. Any bug, any flying bird, any dry or living branch of a tree — could become a ‘school-book’ for understanding life and death, the connectedness of the consciousness with its material container, the similarities and diversities of the forms of life…

“It was the first stage of studying.

“And then it was very easy to explain to such a soul that God — Living! — is present always and everywhere, right here and now! And that everyone is responsible before Him for one’s own thoughts and deeds.

“Then quite easily and quickly students learned to perceive the multidimensional space. They had a small numbers of indriyas connected to the material plane. It was easy for Me to redirect the indriyas of the soul to cognition of the non-material plane, to conversations with Divine Souls!

“It is conversations of the soul with God — with the non-incarnate Divine Consciousness — that was the basis of learning. Thanks to this, I could easily give lessons to everyone. The incarnate teachers just had to correct this process, to explain the main methods, not more. And the main Teacher was God! Submerging into the Depths of Me was as smooth and natural as life itself. It was growing up of children in a Divine Family. And there was no need to speed up this growth.

“Do you remember, I gave such an image: in order to cross a powerful river on a boat, one needs to make constant efforts, to row constantly: otherwise one cannot reach the other bank. So was your spiritual Path. But in those times, the worldview and the structure of the society allowed as if a wide bridge to exist. When there is such a bridge, one can walk over a turbulent river without being afraid of the swift current and rapids. It is the correct structure of the society that allows making the Path to God a bridge by which one can safely cross the powerful river of sansara…”

*  The video film Places of Power. Three Steps of Centering created by us.
**  Russian word vesna means spring.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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