Maenuel (Alexander Svirskiy) — Divine Teachers about Themselves

At the place of power of Maenuel. One can attune with Him and then invite Him into one's body — so He may come in it.

At the place of power of Maenuel. One can attune with Him and then invite Him into one’s body — so He may come in it.

“Maenuel, tell us, please, about Your last incarnation. In particular, how did You realize, recall the Unity with the Father? Did You know this from the beginning, from childhood?”

“No, not from the beginning… It took a lot of time to unite My new body with the realization of Who I am…

“Since early childhood, I had been seeking this Unity, the memory of which lived somewhere in the great depth… I sought Him! And this led Me to an Orthodox monastery. But My spiritual mentor — a sincere and kind man who taught Me humility, obedience, and meekness — could not answer My questions: he could not show Me the way to the Heavenly Father, because he himself did not know Him…

“Because of asceticism, which gave no results, because of the Church’s ideas of the inaccessibility of the Creator, of impossibility to cognize Him, and because of the doctrine of everlasting sinfulness of man in front of Him, in which I was taught, I was almost on the point of despair…

“Later on, having not found answers among people, I directed My eyes and My love only to Him.

“I asked for the permission to live in the forest and received it… Living in the forest, I was alone… And I aspired to Him incessantly…

“… And one day — in the moment of the utmost exertion of the strength of the soul, I left the body like a close cell and ‘fell’ into His Light…

“He was Boundless, Living! Everything was created by Him in the Eternal Radiance of His Light! Everything was filled with Him and based on Him!…

“It was the Ocean of Love and Calm! And I also became this Ocean!

“I did not want to return back. I swam to the body and swam off again, submerging into the long-awaited Unity, into the state of being dissolved in Him…

“The Ocean called Me by a very familiar name:


“And I recollected My previous path to Him.

“… An endless expanse of Manchurian steppes, joy and freedom! Running horses, their manes streaming in the wind, and a boy united with his horse, are flying over the waving sea of the grass!… I recollected the monastery in the mountains, wise teachers, and the expanse between the sky and the earth with a carpet of delicate vermilion poppies. I recollected the state which filled now all My being — the state of unspeakable love for the Earth, for everything existing on it, for all His Creation! I recollected the meditations of Mergence with Him and why I am here now…

“… Then I returned to the body…

“I built a monastery on the place where I achieved this Unity with Him. And I tried to give people this Knowledge and Love which lived in Me now… But it was similar to oceanic waves which caress the shore stones with their transparent water, but cannot transmit to them the infinity of the depths…

“I had some disciples… Among them, there were real ones, but the rest were mainly children in adult bodies whom I taught by My own example: to carry water, to chop firewood, and to remember about Him at least sometimes…

“… I left an imperishable body on the Earth. But it is a pity that most of the pilgrims coming to it seek only to heal their bodies! And only few see the Ray of the Light of the Spirit, the Ray of Love which is the Way to the Father!

“Realize how great the wealth, which you collected, is: the methods of growth from the state of human living as a body — to Divinity! I wish I had such methods in that incarnation of Mine!… Give them to people! Give the entire Ocean of the Creator’s Love to them!

“I am with you! I am beyond each word of you! I — in your activities — continue My Service on the Earth!

Your Maenuel

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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