Bright New Moon — Divine Teachers about Themselves

Bright New Moon and Assyris.

Bright New Moon and Assyris.

Transparent non-material clear Light, youth sparkling with the power of life, joyful shining of the look and smile — this is Bright New Moon — one of the many Disciples of Assyris.

“If you could convey this state of soul through your films!

“To make the hearts be filled with joy!

“To make the ice of skepticism and despondency melt away!

“To help everyone to see how close the true happiness is!

“To allow souls to touch the life-giving joy of Light, Love, and Spring!

“Give these states so that everyone who has watched your films may want to share this joy with others and to tell others about this! Thus people will learn to enjoy watching opening leaves and sparkling dewdrops, white birches and murmuring brooks, singing birds and your eyes shining with joy!

“Our Tenderness will be behind every frame, every word, and every sound of your films! Our Hands will be stretched to viewers’ hearts to make them aspire to Light, to Divine Purity!

“Everything is so simple! To become happy, one needs to make a little step in the right direction… And then it becomes clear that behind all the beautiful — there is its Creator: God! And one’s heart filled with joy begins to aspire to Him!

“And the methods of further advancement are known to you…”

“Bright New Moon, tell us please how did You attain Divinity?”

“I just completed a forest school of Assyris!…”

“Were You taught dematerialization of the body?”

“I was not: probably I was too little at that time!

“There were two main directions in our education:

“The first one was development of souls as spiritual hearts, and cognition of God: first in the Aspect of the Holy Spirit and then — in the Aspect of God-the-Father, as you call Him in your language.

“The second one was the ability of living independent of the body and helping incarnate and non-incarnate souls from this state.

“As a result of such education, even those students who had not mastered the fullness of Divinity — that is Mergence with the Creator — after disembodiment continued their part of the service: everyone chose what they knew better…

“I would like to elaborate on this.

“Having mastered, for example, living in large subtle states, everyone would master the ability of giving them through oneself. Someone created fields of love on places where children play* — in order to accustom them to living in a field of love, so that even when playing games children would not feel the emotions of offense, hatred, or irritation. And children got used to correct emotional reactions. And the parents explained to them the same thing in words.

“Or, for example, taking care about plants: about gardens or about trees in the forest. Have you noticed that on your places of powers there are plants of wonderful beauty? Beautiful tall trunks and dense crowns of deciduous trees, beautiful soft needles and trunks full of life of the coniferous friends of ours… While on places with adverse energies, especially those created by evil people, plants look like poor, sick children…

“Understand the importance of love which incarnate or non-incarnate human being can give to nature… One has to teach… not only a non-harming attitude towards our lesser brothers and sisters — but to love them! Because they are our lesser friends, capable for creating and maintaining on the planet the energy states of paradise!

“There were many other possible aspects of our service — for example, helping souls after disembodiment to become acquainted with life without a body, to create musical rhythms and tunes, etc.

“Every next step of learning was accompanied by mastering such skills of service. And whenever the death of the body came, the soul was already schooled in some spiritual ‘profession’, which was useful in life without a body.”

“You are so young! Is this appearance from Your last incarnation?”


“… In our village, a house caught fire. ‘By chance’, I happened to be nearby. I rushed to rescue those who were inside — an old man and two children… I carried out the children. Someone splashed My body with water, and I again entered the house enveloped in flames. I took the body of the old man into My arms; it was very heavy… — and at that moment the roof collapsed… The body on My arms suddenly became very light… I continued holding it and with a part of Myself appeared in paradise, whereto the soul of the old man was drawn… He became glad, having recognized Me. I embraced him with the state of vigor and youth, and he easily stood up on his feet, despite the fact that his legs were paralyzed during the last years of his life… Other paradisiacal souls approached wishing to help him… Then I submerged into the Depths of the Father

“Thus I live now — in Him and from Him!

“… It is very easy to support in people the traditions in which they grew up… It is much harder to help those who know nothing…

“Sometimes We manage to give even to such people the states of transparent purity, love, and tender calm, from which it is only one step to the Heavenly Father…”

… Bright New Moon was smiling and filling everything around with the state of youth, spring, purity, goldish light of the morning sun, power and tenderness of a young leaf appearing from a bud… — and with the Divine Power of Life…

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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