Lastochka — Divine Teachers about Themselves

On the sea coast — on beaches and over the sea — there are several working sites of Divine Teachers: Pythagoras, Lada, Konstantinos, Larisa, Nikifor, Thoth-the-Atlantean, Adler, Surya, Carthage. Then, after a part of the coast unexplored by us, there are places of Elisabeth Haich, Clara, Adler and Lada again, Lao, Sarkar, Odin, Boris.

Today our task is to visit the non-explored by us part of the coast.

We come there and discover a giant Mahadouble of a female Divine Teacher shining with young, frolic sexual power! In order to attract our attention, She transforms a part of Herself inside Her Mahadouble into a large swallow bird consisting of Divine Light and flies over our bodies.

“My name is Lastochka*!” — She tells us joyfully.

We feel that She is very happy that we can see and hear Her!

“In My history there were incarnate people who came here and understood Me, but you are the first such visitors during the last centuries!”

We ask Her to tell about Herself.

“In My last incarnation, I was a countess, a daughter of a landlord in this seaside. It was My last Incarnation, and I already had had several Divine Incarnations before.

“I was guided — from incarnation to incarnation — by great Lada. Now I fly over this beach, accept guests, give My Love and Tenderness to everyone who is capable of becoming attuned to Bliss even a little! And today I give Myself to you, My dear!

Lastochka is not My real name. This nickname was given to Me due to My light temper. I received many guests in My house and arranged merriments!

“Since now I will be among you!

“I wish that your School exist forever on the Earth — the School from God, the School of God! I will help it exist for centuries. And you — with the help of your methods — have to give knowledge about Us to the current and to the next generations of people!”

“The experience of Everyone of the Divine Teachers is extremely valuable for incarnate people. It is like numerous trails made through the wilderness that allow seekers of Perfection walk much easier!”

“Your distinctive feature is Your sexuality — as a bright component of Your Divine Love! Would You tell something about sexuality to incarnate people?”

“One should not reject sexuality! Of course, except for situations that involve violence or causing other kinds of harm.

“On the other hand, even healthy and ethically impeccable sexuality should not supersede God in the attention of people who aspire to Him. In this matter, as in everything, one has to find the golden mean.

“Also it is clear that with the help of sex alone, i.e. without special methods of Raja and Buddhi Yoga, one cannot come to Perfection, no matter how one tried to! (There are naive people who believe the contrary! There is also even such literature, as you know!)

“Sexuality was included by the Creator into the life programs of incarnate people with a purpose! It socializes people, teaches them to cognize, to understand, and to love each other, teaches them tenderness and caress. It teaches to GIVE ONESELF TO OTHERS! Without it, birth of children would be impossible. Also education and upbringing of children is important both for development of the parents, and for continuation of the evolutionary process (the process of the Evolution of Consciousness) in bodies of people on the Earth.

“Moreover, sexual dissatisfaction creates in the soul persistent desires that impede one’s spiritual progress. (Of course, I mean only those people who indeed work spiritually on themselves).

“So, sexual life is important both for psychical well-being and for spiritual growth!”

“What do You think: is it appropriate to tell here, as a kind of a joke that will make people ponder, that celibacy practiced allegedly for the sake of spiritual achievements can be regarded as sexual perversion?”

“Yes! I always believed so!

“Dedication of oneself to God — through efforts on personal spiritual development and service to Him by means of spiritual service to people does not imply renunciation of sex! On the contrary, healthy sexuality is a sign of good energy potential of the organism in the corresponding age within incarnation!

“Let Me assure you: God has never wanted from people that they renounce the sexual aspect of love — for the sake of Him! After all, sex does not impede spiritual progress — provided one has a correct attitude to it! On the contrary, it can help!

“You, Vladimir, very clearly defined in your books all the nuances related to sexuality.

“Yes, sexuality of different people can be subdivided according to the gunas. And it would be useful for everyone to study this subject and to apply the scheme of the gunas to oneself — to all ethically (and aesthetically) important emotions, thoughts, words, and deeds.

“Yes, ‘mixture of gunas’ can bring very dramatic consequences.

“Yes, the main ethical principle is always the principle of non-causing harm to others, as possible.

“In particular, I am very glad that in the book Sexology you suggested that men be aware of their responsibility for the pregnancy of their female partners! Unwanted pregnancies bringing often to abortion — are the guilt of men rather than women in most cases! They are a crime of men who do not think about the consequences and make their female partners suffer!

“What concerns the erotic component in the activity of spiritual groups, you are completely right in this matter too: it brings refinement and energetical freshness, but, of course, one should behave appropriately and not tease people who think differently and can attack you.

“I agree with you in the question that one should educate sexually the youth and tell them about correct behavior in sex. So many mistakes bringing bad consequences in human destinies could be avoided! And one should not be shy of talking on this subject!

“Everyone has to acknowledge that sexuality is allowable! People received it from God! Sexuality is not sinful at all, provided that people themselves do not fill it with sins!”

“Tell us please, did You have children in Your last Incarnation?”

“It is not important! Even as you, I regarded all people as My children. Of course, at that time I had no possibilities, such as the Internet, for sharing My knowledge. Therefore, I dedicated all of Myself to providing help to concrete people living around Me.”

“Did You manage to bring some of them to Your Divine level?”

“No. But I brought many close to it. Later on, some of them cognized Me in all the fullness. You know several of Them, for example: Andrei Arshavsky.

“His next incarnation took place in Russia near Saint Petersburg, not a long time ago. You saw Him several times in suburban trains, though never contacted Him. Do you remember?”

“Yes, I remember… He had a noticeable appearance, a white beard similar to the beard of Rajneesh. Was it He who led the struggle for sobriety in that region?”

“Yes. He chose Jesus Christ as His Teacher. Thanks to My lessons, He could dedicate this incarnation to real, true love for Jesus realized in Mergence with Him in one of His Mahadoubles. Thus Andrei gradually gained full coessentiality with Jesus, including the Part of Jesus that dwells forever in the Abode of the Creator.

“I see that you are impressed with His success! Yes, He, as I do, represents now One Universal God-the-Father for incarnate people! Receive His Love, His help!

“I wish success to all of you!”

“Thank You!”

*  Lastochka is a Russian name for swallow bird.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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