Giant — Divine Teachers about Themselves

We can support the lake of Giant with the hands of our arms growing from the spiritual heart. Let us try to give our love-tenderness to all beings living here.

We can support the lake of Giant with the hands of our arms growing from the spiritual heart. Let us try to give our love-tenderness to all beings living here.

Quiet autumn morning over a large forest lake. Gentle haze of mist… The odors of the forest and water blended into one blissful aroma…

We came to the water. Here is a unique place of power for development of the arms of the consciousness: the arms growing from developed spiritual hearts can be easily stretched to any distance beneath the lake’s surface. One can hold on the arms the entire lake and caress the living beings in it, the trees growing on its shores…

This is the lake of Giant — one of our Divine Teachers.

He stands as a giant Body of the Consciousness over the lake. He is Love. And the water below Him is also saturated with Love-Bliss. When entering with the consciousness into the water, one turns into Divine Bliss!…

He does not stand immobile. No, He moves to any place where He needs to concentrate Himself for helping incarnate people. When we work on the place of power near the edge of the lake — He is with us. When we walk to another place of power situated on a hill which is 300 meters away from the lake — He comes there. On that place, He helps us to feel in all fullness the Divine quietness inside the spiritual hearts expanded in the Infinity…

… He has called Himself by this name — Giant — since the first moment of our acquaintance. He says that people called Him so in His last life in a physical body on the Earth.

He teaches us how to become as giant as He is: to move in Mahadoubles over the lake, to support with the hands of the consciousness living beings and to saturate them with love, to caress small fishes and to feel how it is pleasant for them, or to become Infinite Divine Calm-Quietness

“What would You like to tell through us to incarnate people?”

Quietness! Inner quietness, calm inside consciousnesses developed as spiritual hearts — this is the main thing which can bring a spiritual seeker into Me! All the grandiosity of the Creator’s Intention for people is contained in these words!*

“Would You tell us about how You developed when You were embodied on the Earth? Which methods did You use from the very beginning? What would You suggest to those who want to enter on the spiritual Path, but do not know clearly what to begin with?”

“Let Me tell first about the main thing.

“The structure of the Whole is composed of parts**. These parts are as eternal as the Absolute.

“The structure of the Absolute, which is described correctly in your books, existed and will exist in this form always.

“The freedom of will, in general, is realized through the choice — you choose in what part of the Absolute you will continue to exist further.

“In other words, moving inside the Whole you can choose that part of It which you want to be, becoming identified with it.”

“Please tell us about Your path in detail! Every such a biography is extremely valuable for incarnate people who seek the Perfection!”


“My path started long ago; it was natural, smooth, correct growth. It was similar to the development of a giant tree from a small seed. As a tree with every year gets another ring in its trunk, its crown grows up and wide, its roots go deeper into the earth — even so with every new incarnation, with every next cycle of life, grew My calm, power, and experience.

“I grew — through unity with nature. I always lived in natural harmony with it…

“With every such an incarnation, I felt Myself less and less a body, and more and more — a giant soul merged with living nature.”

“Tell us please about Your last incarnation.”


“… First become the mist over My lake…

“Become every drop of water hanging as a transparent miracle on the top of a fir needle…

“Become these circles on the water produced by fishes’ touching the surface with their mouths… Stroke fishes with the hands of the spiritual heart — stroke their bellies between the fins…

“Stroke these ducks…, the reeds…

“Feel in yourself the quietness permeated with silent love for all the living…

“Take on your hands My lake with its shores covered with forest.

“Feel the hills overgrown with tall pines and lined with gray lichens…

“Feel the thick silence of the dark-green spruce forest, growing on the carpet of soft green moss…

“Let all this live in you — in the depths of your boundless spiritual heart…

“… From such a state one can merge with Me, one can perceive the world as I perceive it when I come out from the Father and keep on My Palms of Love the green carpet of forests on hills, which as if rests on the sea of Living Light. My lake is as if an entrance into Its Depths… Or — an exit from the infinite Light to the world of the Creation…

“Stand near Me as a Mahadouble and listen…

“… My last incarnation prepared Me for the life of an Avatar — the life for others, the life for helping them to achieve the Freedom

“I spent My childhood in India. My father was an Englishman working in India, which was an English colony at that time. My mother was half-French…

“… My first deepest impression in childhood was the sea. I liked to dive. Against the background of deep calm, which I mastered in the past lives, I could swim underwater holding My breath for a long time. I did this almost effortlessly. And at a certain moment, I had a sensation that I had become all this calm and transparency of water permeated with sunlight. My body was similar to the body of an agile fish swimming in the tatva* of water. I felt Myself the sea. Inside Me — seaweeds swayed and fishes swam; in Me — there were stones on the bottom, corals, shells, water plants, and the entire transparency of water. It was a completely different world!…

“… Then the parents sent Me to England for receiving education. And they remained in India.

“I felt lonely there… I asked the permission to move to My grandfather in France.

“The grandfather, raised with the ideals of the French democracy, instilled in Me the ideas of equality and brotherhood of all people, their right for the freedom of choice.

“In France, I continued My education in university. After completing it, I came back to India.

“I did not inherit the business of the father, but joined Indians in their struggle for freedom and independence of India.

“I developed in Myself then the qualities of a kshatriya which I lacked: the ability to be a leader, to fight for the life and freedom of others.

“My body was very tall. My Indian friends were as tall as the height of My shoulder. They called Me by the name Giant: for obvious reasons neither they nor I wanted to use My English name…

“That rebellion was defeated. I was jailed…

“It was in jail that I met an Indian tutor who began to teach Me another Freedom — the Freedom of Spirit. He recounted to Me the Bhagavad Gita and taught meditation.

“I escaped from jail. And continued to learn Buddhi Yoga.

“My next Teacher was a follower of the spiritual traditions and techniques of Babaji.

“Divine Babaji was His non-incarnate Guru and became such a Guru for Me.

“Not only My body was very large — the consciousness was also giant. I learned easily. The process of cognition of God went on quickly for Me. I cognized the Highest Nirvana in Ishvara*** and merged with Him.

“In this way, I became the One Who helps others to achieve the true Freedom.

“And now you can see what a remarkable place I have chosen for Myself here: on the one side of it there is a Mahadouble of Great Krishna, on the other side — a Mahadouble of Great Babaji. They both are your and My Teachers! And I am here — a Keeper of a lake, which teaches people quietness in which Love lives!

“Listen to the Quietness! To listen to the Quietness means to listen to Me!

“And one has to try to listen — in the middle of Me!

“My friend, this forest is so beautiful! So beautiful is the world around you! Do not become dejected because of plenty of earthly troubles!

“Your next task is to expand your work to all the Earth! At that, you must stay in the very depth of Me.”

“Tell us, Giant, how can we help people more efficiently?”

“Understand: souls grow slowly…

“If one plants a cedar, only the grandchildren of this person will see the power of the adult tree.

“Such is the process of growth: the seeds of love and knowledge which you sow now — produce sprouts, but do not expect quick fruits…

“Do not be sad about this! Look from the Depth! Look with the Eyes of God: to Him, one life of a soul is just one of many steps of that soul. Look from Him — and you will not expect immediate result, but will gain Wisdom of the One Who has patience and always helps everyone, yet never interferes with the freedom of one’s choice…”

*  See more detail about achieving such quietness in the book [13].
**  Spatial dimensions (eons, lokas) comprising the Absolute (see [67,13]).
***  The Creator.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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