Radek Volynsky — Divine Teachers about Themselves

We can easily feel ourselves — as spiritual hearts — over the Radek’s lake covered with soft morning mist.

We can easily feel ourselves — as spiritual hearts — over the Radek’s lake covered with soft morning mist.

Among the pine forest, there is a sphagnum swamp overgrown with cranberries. In the middle of the swamp, there is a small lake. Above the swamp, there stands a Mahadouble of a Divine Teacher shining with Divine Tenderness.

It is also a place of power: a developed spiritual heart as if by itself becomes separated from the body and fills a large space over the lake; then it is very easy to look from there with the eyes of the consciousness at one’s own body standing on the bank. It is a very good place for training of beginner students!

He introduces Himself:

“Radek Volynsky, a Pole in the last incarnation.”

We ask Him to tell about Himself.

“Yes, I lived here. Here there was our family country cottage — at the time when this land was a part of Finland. First it was My father’s cottage, and then Mine.

“The harmony and beauty of nature, life in the forest near this beautiful lake, and piety of My parents created a remarkable atmosphere of our home, which was situated here.

“In the evening, we would gather near the fireplace. The mother would play music. Then we would read books aloud, talk about the meaning of life, about God. There were evenings filled with conversations about Jesus. In these moments, very bright images appeared before My inner sight! Jesus was with us in such evenings.

“The spiritual culture of our family in these early years allowed Me to reach easily that level where God again became real for Me.”

“What spiritual practices did You use?”

“I did not do anything like that. I had achievements from My previous incarnation.”

“Where was it?”

“In Germany. There was a School of Yoga — an ancient school of alchemy.”

“Were You connected with the school of Steiner?”

“No. My father in My Polish incarnation was interested in the teachings of Steiner. He tried to apply the ideas of Steiner, upbringing Me in nature, among its harmony.”

“Tell us please more about Yourself, Radek!”

“One of the most important incarnations for My development took place in India. In this incarnation, I mastered Raja Yoga. I also learned many moral principles, including vegetarianism, which became for Me something like soul’s essence rather than a set of rules that you are punished for deviating from. Unfortunately, I did not achieved more, though there was such a possibility.

“My next incarnation happened in the Middle Ages in Germany.

“My father owned a slaughter house.”

… Radek shows a coarse way of life of His father, who possessed gross personal power, and His mother — a weak, faded woman — subdued completely by the father.

“Terrified by this awful life, I ran away from home. Then I met a person who became My Teacher, My Master. It is thanks to Him that I cognized the Heavenly Father.

“He brought Me to His home where everything was veiled by mystery. He was a scientist, a doctor, and a spiritual seeker who managed to discover the Truth hidden behind the word alchemy! Of course, it was not about producing gold, but about inner alchemy: transmutation of a human soul — into a Divine Soul.

“He had only a few disciples that He initiated into higher knowledge. I was not included immediately into this group. In the beginning, My work was preparation of powders and washing dishes.

“Let Me tell in brief how alchemists worked with the energies of the body. As you may understand, it was the initial stage of alchemical transformations.

“Alchemists likened the body with an apparatus used for sublimation — where subtle substances are separated from gross ones.

“Alchemists subdivided the body into several levels, which corresponded to the chakras, speaking in Indian terms.

“In order to make movement of subtle substances through all the levels possible, the student first had to purify the latter from dark ‘slag’ which contaminated the levels.

“It was done by means of kindling ‘fire’ inside each level. The student had to kindle the ‘fire’ more and more — and spread it from the center of each level to its entire volume — and thus to melt down dark energies and push them outside the body.

“After all the levels were purified, the student could start working with the sublimation proper. This work consisted in moving the ‘initial substance’ from bottom to top — through all the levels consequently. And the student had to feel very clearly the change of the energy state at each new level. The purpose of this work was to find and to feel inside the body the most subtle substance which does not change its state when moving through all the levels.

“… Once servants of the inquisition, who were always interested in My Teacher, captured Me and tried to pry something about Him from Me. Fortunately I managed to pretend to be a fool and they let Me go.

“I warned the Teacher, and we all left the town…

“It is after this incident that My real learning began. I would like to tell about it later in a small story which may be called: Pharmacist or a Story about the Philosophers’ Stone.

“In that German incarnation I was very close to achieving Mergence with the Father. I missed a little: joy, harmony, and calm — to make the states, which I had mastered, natural for the soul. Our life under the constant threats of being tortured and burnt at the stake was hard. Also, in the very bottom of the soul, I felt sad about the unrealized desires of that life: home where everyone loves each other, tender caress of the mother and the kind, understanding father…

“My Teacher, though loving us from the bottom of His heart, rarely manifested tenderness. He was quite severe with our vices, hurrying to remelt us as souls: to take away all the dirt so that there remained only ‘living gold’ — a soul shining this love and impeccability.

“… After His departure, our life became even more difficult…

“So, it is with the purpose of washing away this last ‘dross’ from the soul that God intended My last Polish incarnation.

“It was not long: I recalled everything quickly — and came back Home!

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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