Eremey — Divine Teachers about Themselves

Here one can feel oneself most vividly inside the Consciousness of Eremey and merge with Him.

Here one can feel oneself most vividly inside the Consciousness of Eremey and merge with Him.

“I am Eremey. The golden light of the morning sun is My light!

“My first incarnation on the Russian land was especially significant for My development of the soul. I did not study esoteric techniques then; I simply lived in the environment where moral norms and rules, traditions and customs ensured the correct growth of souls.

“I would like to tell a little about the way of life at that time.

“People in these lands lived in clans called rods. They also called the Heavenly Father-Svarog by the same word Rod, meaning main, universal Parent.

“The life of people was connected with the life of God and with the life of nature. It was natural and pure.

“Whether it was time of harvest, time to weave linen, to give birth to a child, to build a house for a newly-married couple — it was done with joy, and it was everyone’s joy.

“Work was a harmonious action filling souls with power and enjoyment of doing common work.

“Their food consisted mainly of milk, honey, berries, mushrooms, bread, and cereal.

“Their rites and celebrations were pure and simple. Every day began with a celebration of morning. It was the rising of the sun, the beginning of a new day of life given by God!

“Of course, there were cold winters. Yet after every winter, there was spring which became a celebration of awakening of life and love! Spring’s coming was celebrated as a great marriage of the Sun and the Earth that gives new life.

“In spring young women chose men and men chose women, and they became betrothed. Their spring unions of love were a guarantee that pure souls sent by Rod would be born among us.

“I, too, chose a woman which was dear to My heart and I was dear to her. We became married and had children…

“God was real for people. Our elders and guides talked to God and taught this to their successors.

“We perceived the Earth as a living being. When we greeted someone, we bowed down and touched the earth with a hand — it meant that we respected them like our mother Earth.

“Moral norms were called customs. Vices of the soul were regarded as something unnatural and everyone possessing vices tried to get rid of them.

“Even at present there are families which are called well-cultured. They cultivate in children respect towards each other, love, care, the ability to speak and think harmoniously, and this becomes a norm of soul’s life. The entire society can become such a family guided by wise spiritual leaders. It was so when I, for the first time, embodied in Russia.

“… Next time I lived in Russia at the time of tsar Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible).

“In that incarnation, from childhood I used to live a free life! I used to feel freedom, to be in the free state of the soul. To flood, to expand with the heart to the entire expanse — thus I lived: as a free bird among the expanses of Russian nature.

“A free bird flies where its heart wants to fly! It seeks only freedom! And in whatever work it becomes engaged by the call of the heart, the bird gives all of itself to it.

“The free bird does not enter the work timidly, looking for the ways of retreat. It is free; it has nothing to reserve or to lose. And with its whole being, it engages in the chosen work.

“Thus I lived. In whatever work I was involved, I strove to find, to discover in it new expanse for the flight of the soul. In every situation, I strove to find, to discover new horizons of My freedom.”

“But how did You cognize everything that You teach to us?”

“I finished a school of Buddhi Yoga similar to yours…

“But let Me continue My story.

“In that free way of life I could not find something important, I felt that the main thing had not happened in My life yet…

“Therefore, I sought ‘to meet the destiny’ — that is a trial which is called the moment of truth: when everything insignificant falls out by itself — and one can see clearly what is the most important in life. By going through such a trial, one can learn what he or she is up to.

“For this purpose I entered a detachment of troops that was sent to search for a lost mission led by a noble envoy. We had to find out what happened to him and rescue him if possible.

“Having reached the border area, we found out that a part of the mission was killed. What happened to the rest including the envoy was not clear; most likely they were taken captive.

“We sent a messenger with this information home.

“And I decided to go alone to the local ruler. I went in the state of absolute calm, with My heart opened to the entire expanse! Behind Me there was a flight of freedom; ahead — meeting with the destiny awaited Me. What could that ruler do to Me?

“When I was brought to the ruler, I told him that I came to offer Myself in exchange of the captive envoy. The ruler was very surprised and decided not to kill Me, considering Me a very unusual captive.

“My destiny led Me further — the ruler soon gave Me as a gift to another ruler in one of the Asian countries. There I became a slave in the house of a royal counselor.

“After some time, I learned the language of that country, and My position in the house changed. Knowing My honesty, the master of the house made Me his assistant and entrusted Me with some duties in running the household.

“These duties were related in particular with going to other places. Thanks to this, I could see much new, could converse with many people and learn more about the life in the East. This provided Me with invaluable experience! In the way of life of these people and in their outlook there was something more deep and profound than in the lives of people I knew in Russia.

“Living a measured life among southern nature, I learned to submerge in the state of deep calm

“Though I was formally a slave, I did not feel Myself constrained. Doing some work by My body on the material plane, I just accepted the conditions as they were. And with the consciousness I flew over the earthly world as an eagle flies over the steppe.

“I knew that I had achieved freedom from the earthly, and whatever would happen to My body I would… continue flying as a free bird.

“Yet I felt that something important awaited Me on My life path — something that I had not lived through yet. Therefore I just lived and waited patiently for it to happen.

“And finally this meeting occurred. A caravan from India came to our town. In this caravan there were three healers selling medicinal preparations. They also offered their healing services.

“We met in a bazaar. I wanted to buy some medicine from them for the family of the counselor. But they saw a large developed consciousness embodied in My body — and said that they could also teach Me how to use this medicine correctly, could show Me their healing techniques. I got interested and agreed.

“They told Me that mastering the art of healing requires certain transformation of oneself. And under this pretext, they began to teach Me the methods of cleansing and developing the chakras and meridians.

“I felt that I began to change thanks to this work and became interested in it sincerely. And soon, so wonderful changes happened in Me that I felt as if a door letting in to a completely new life had been opened for Me…

“I understood then that these people were not just healers but keepers of secret, higher knowledge…

“… After some time they left. And I, thanks to them, managed in that life to learn the art of Raja Yoga and to prepare Myself for further stages of spiritual ascent…

“… Then I embodied in Russia several times…

“All birches and pines, grass and flowers, woodcocks and black grouses were My friends. I admired the beauty of the Earth! I stroked its surface as a lover caresses the beloved. Joy and bliss overfilled Me and flowed out from My heart to everything that I saw around. Goldish-pink sunrises filled My heart with tender beauty — and I became Light of Love over the earth!

“A Free Soul is like a bird which soars in the height and nothing constrains its flight!

“A Free Soul is like a river which has united with the sea and has no bounds anymore!

“… My Path from beginning to end — is the Path of heart: from a human heart to a Divine Heart!

“When I traversed this Path to the end, it was time for Me to become a Tutor for others.

“… In one of My last incarnations I guided a forest school of Assyris.

“They were called forest schools even after the baptism of Russia. But the meaning of these words had changed: forest began to mean ‘secret, concealed’. The great spiritual culture that existed in Russia before the coming of the ‘Christian’ inquisitors was now destroyed with fire and sword, in the very direct sense.

“Only a few survived, those who managed to hide themselves in the vast Russian forests…

“In earlier Russia, the spiritual culture was accessible for all people. Now the forest schools accepted only a few — the most worthy ones.

“How did I teach those who entrusted their lives to Me? In the same way as I teach you now among spring birches and songs of black grouses…

“I rose as a Goldish ‘Divine Sun’ from the Abode of the Creator — and taught them to become Love! I taught them to expand with the spiritual heart over the expanse, to caress with the hands of the consciousness forests and fields!… From the Depths, where the Divine Heart shines, I touched the hearts of My students showing them the Path!…

“… I taught them not only meditation. We lived at the time of Orthodox inquisition! And everyone of us needed to master stalking* no less than American Indians at the time of the Conquest.

“I knew very well what could happen if one of My students took a false step… It was enough just to become suspected — and the School would be destroyed completely.

“Unfortunately we could not live an absolutely closed life. Everyday concerns made us to interact with the world and this required from everyone of us to be very watchful, alert. My students had to learn not only the mastery of meditation but the mastery of stalking as well; they had to be masters of people’s psychology. It is thanks to this art that our School existed for many years, and I managed to show the Path to many souls.

“… There was a young student in the School — almost a boy, with a soul as pure as spring water. How did he manage to survive this dark time with such a pure soul? I do not know. Younger than others, he was liked by everyone. It seemed that he consisted of cordial love alone, of pure heart, and this heart was open to everyone…

“Once he had to go to a village nearby. Next day he came back, but not alone… His face shined with joy: he brought to us one more student, who wanted to enter on the path of love… My poor boy! He was so young and inexperienced that he was deceived by false words. He did not recognize the evil disguised as a piety person. But I could see who this new student was and understood very well what it meant for us…

“The next evening this new student disappeared… I knew that we had very little time. I ordered all students to collect the most necessary things and food — and to leave immediately, to go far from this place.

“Once the students left our abode, I knew they were safe. I knew also that I had to stay, had to face death here…

“… They came at the dawn, as a pack of ‘dark wolves’; their torches like yellow eyes. The pack was led… by our ‘new student’ — a devil in black cassock. Raged by the fact that they found no one but Me, they decided to burn Me alive…

“… Do not grieve about it! I left the body before it was touched by the tongues of flame. And when My empty body was consumed by fire, I rose over the Earth as a Goldish ‘Divine Sun’!

“And I continue to live thus now!”

“Eremey, what advice and directions can You give to those who walk the spiritual Path?”

“Become power without ceasing to be subtlety!

“Master alertness and watchfulness, ceasing not to be tenderness…

“Become leaders and spiritual chiefs, ceasing not to be humble!

“Learn to be the ‘Sun of God’, yet do not cease to feel those touched by your Rays!

“Cognize the state in which your desire to remain in the Abode of the Father substitutes all other desires of the soul!

“The absolutely naked, free from all veils, perfect soul** appears then before the Universal Source! Free and absolutely pure, it submerges then into this Source to remain in It — in the Creator of everything existing! Thus the cognizer and the Cognized One unite and merge into one.

“And then, moving apart the dense covers hiding the Depths, the new Divine Soul emerges, shining with Rays of the Great Sun, ceasing never to be the Source!

“… You have to learn to live and to act so that the work of service does not bind you to the earthly even a little! You must not regard anything earthly as your foundation!”

* * *

We walk a deserted road in the country, after working on a giant place of power. This place ended, and ahead there is a large village… or, to be more correct, the remains of a village…

Some time ago, this village had cattle farms, hundreds of cozy houses with gardens… And now — there are only three houses looking decent… The rest fell into decay: ramshackle houses with uncultivated land overgrown with weeds… A young boy in the street carries a bottle of vodka… A woman with two children, her appearance, too, is marked by desolation, tiredness…

… In our city beggars asking alms became usual. Sometimes it is even hard to determine whether the beggar is really in misery or just wants to collect money for a drink. There are also cases when criminals make money on a cripple: in the morning they bring him, as an animal from a zoo, to his ‘work place’; in the evening, they bring him home and take all ‘earned’ money away.

… But here… — there is fertile ground everywhere, there is the forest!…

Eremey came and said sadly:

“People forgot how one should live on the earth… Decay comes there where the hearts are empty and souls degrade!… Decay begins in the human souls — and only then it occurs on the material plane. The reason is not the material poverty and material difficulties… They are consequences… Decay begins with the degradation of souls…

“… In our time it was also hard to live. In My forest school, we did not always have material sufficiency. We often moved to new places to avoid persecutions… Yet however simple our way of life was, it was not desolated! Even in a simple dugout there was a hearth warming us. The space where we lived was illuminated with love and purity!

“The great truth is that a truly rich person is the one who has the Love of God in the heart, who shines with love, gives love! This wealth cannot be taken away by life circumstances or even by the death of the body — this is the wealth of the soul filled with Love, soul consisting of Love and giving Love!…”

“Eremey, how can we help people? How can we change what happens here and in the whole country? How can we redirect souls to love, to a life in harmony with nature, with the Earth, with God?”

“I almost envy you! Now you have so many possibilities: books, films, the Internet! In one second you can reach the other side of the planet not only with the consciousness but also materially! And you can proclaim the Truth about God in many languages!

“… These truths will come back to Russia as well some day…” added Eremey.

Then He continued:

“I also want to tell about ecology. This is a very promising direction now. But people relate the word ecology only with the struggle against the pollution of the environment.

“Your task is to make the ecological direction of knowledge more broad and profound for the entire humanity! Let the knowledge about the multidimensional space make people understand that it is not only material garbage that contaminates the environment, but one’s states of the soul also become imprinted in the space where one lives, making it either pure and harmonious or dirty and coarse!

“Let everyone living on the Earth accept this knowledge and the necessity of corresponding transformation of oneself as a norm of ethics similar to the norm of not dumping garbage in the place where one lives! And let people regard as their home, as their place of living not only their flat or house but the entire planet!

“The western people are quite close today to this understanding: vegetarianism and the Green movement are accepted by a number of them.

“But it is necessary to supplement this with the understanding of one’s own responsibility for the state of the soul. One has to explain to people how the states of the soul influence the material plane.

“When waste oil is dumped into a river or sea — everyone understands the destructiveness of this process. But dark emotions of anger, aggression, hatred radiated by human consciousness to the surrounding space is a similar phenomenon: they create negative places of power where such people live or just sit to have a rest. And other people, who happened to be nearby, get sick!

“And if such states of hatred towards people of other faith or views are incited in masses by leaders-devils, then this results in various kinds of inquisition: human associations for destroying otherwise-minded people. And then wars occur — small or big.

“Everyone living on the Earth has to accept responsibility for the state of the soul in which they live and which they give to other souls!

“And then much could change. People would cease to waste their lives for producing things destructive for humanity. They would understand the mechanism of how wars and terrorism originate. They would not teach children anymore to hate and to kill: for example, they would not produce computer games in which children learn to shoot and to destroy; they would not fill TV, cinema, and books with images of violence and killing. These things poison the health and destinies of children, the destinies of future generations!

“Let the beauty of the Earth and creative work, harmony and purity — become moral standards!

“Give to people your knowledge about God, about transformation of oneself, about the meaning of life — and then the life of nations will change to better!

“Do not be sad that no one wants to walk the Path of Light!

“Do not be sad that not everyone needs the Divine Home!…

“Do not be sad! It is simply the time of winter now!

“Everything will change soon; you will see it yourself.

“Awaken gently those who are ready to wake up.”

“And what about the rest?”

“There is God! And His children are not deprived of His care, even those who sleep and see frightening dreams…

“Do not be sad! I know for certain: Spring and Light will be on the Earth!

“Meanwhile learn to be Me and to live in Me!

“I am very glad to see your transformation, which happened with My help, in particular!

“We all observe you, and Many of Us, known and unknown to you, are glad for your sake! And I am glad, because you are My children! I contributed a lot to this work. I am proud about this and feel joy together with you!

“Feel that all the living breathes in Me. It breathes, and this means that it lives!

“Spring is My Love! It is always a sunrise!

“Love is mergence of souls similar to mergence of waters!

“With pink morning tenderness I embrace you, with rays of the sun I caress your faces!

“I enter the hearts open to Me and fill them with calm and morning joy!”

*  See about stalking in the chapter The Teachings of Juan Matus.
**  Free from the covers of the strata of multidimensional space. It does not mean death of the physical body: this state is achieved during life in the physical body, with its help.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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