Knyaz Dmitry — Divine Teachers about Themselves

 A working site of Divine duke Dmitry Pozharsky.

A working site of Divine duke Dmitry Pozharsky.

Once in the forest, our new Divine Acquaintance brought us to His working site. There was a giant — kilometers-wide — Marquee of His Light with its epicenter located on a hill overgrown with heather, pine, and birches. There we found also a large stone of power filled with His Energy.

The Master of this place created here His Appearance in the form of a Mahadouble. In the Depths, His Divine Flame shone with Light coming from the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness.

This place was very convenient for conversing with Him.

“What is Your name?”

“Knyaz Dmitry.* These are My places.

“Do not hurry to write it down! Try first to feel Me entirely: here over the surface of the Earth, and in Mergence with all the Divine Souls Who embrace our entire planet with Light, and in the Depths where All become One — One Divine Consciousness!

“… And now — listen to Me and write down My story!

“Yes, I am present here and throughout the entire Earth! My Heart, united with the Almighty Father, is beneath all the lands that are called now Russian, and those called Ukrainian, and those called Belorussian, and those where Europe is surrounded by the northern seas — I am there as well!

“Several of My lives in bodies were dedicated to peace, prosperity, and protection of these lands!

“I lived there at the time of pre-Christian Russia, at the time of Dmitry Donskoy, at the time of False Dmitry…

“Especially significant were My two last incarnations. In the first of them, at the turn of the 15th century, I cognized the Creator. And I came to the second incarnation from the Creator’s Abode.

“My last biography is well described by historians. That time My name was Dmitry Pozharsky.

“The history chronicles describe ‘feats of the body’. But the main feats are spiritual feats, the ascent of the soul to the Divine Unity!

“… It makes sense to tell in more detail about My next to last incarnation. It is a story about walking the Path to God in very difficult conditions!

“At that time Russia was divided into principalities and princedoms. Egoistic and mean decisions of the rulers struggling for power and wealth caused wars and bloodshed…

“The ancient knowledge of pre-Christian Russia was almost completely lost. The true Christianity — that is the great Teachings of Jesus Christ — was concealed from people…

“As dies a tree deprived of its roots, even so perishes a country deprived of knowledge about God! If people have lost the feeling of their God-the-Father and love for the Earth, they lose also morality and spiritual power! And then bloody riots begin…

“At that time, people tilling the land had to pay all kinds of tributes — to the nobles, to the Church, to the southern khans, to the northern lords!… Thus they did not want to work hard: whatever much you produce, your harvest would be taken from you anyway!… You could even lose your life if you tried to protect your harvest!…

“Those producing harvests were poor and hungry… Many were killed in the internecine wars of the rulers… Treachery became a norm of life… Sons rebelled against fathers; brothers betrayed brothers… Merchants were afraid of going to these lands: even if they managed to bring and sell their goods, to return home alive was even more difficult matter…

“These dark times lasted for centuries… And it was not easy for people to discern: what is good and what is evil, where is the Truth?…

“… It was the task of Those Few Who retained Unity with God-the-Father to save human souls from darkness and to direct them to Light…

“… Having been born in these conditions, I had to develop love so that I could serve God and people. Also I had to develop wisdom in order to be able to see the unity of the Teachings of Jesus and the spiritual knowledge about cognition of the Creator which existed in ancient Russia. I had to develop also a great power of the soul…

“In that incarnation, even as in My last earthy incarnation, I was a Knyaz, despite that My inherited lands were not large.

“Since five years old I was an orphan: My parents were killed before My eyes, our house was burnt.

“A man of great cordial love saved Me and raised Me then! He taught Me the Christ’s Precepts of Love. He helped Me understand that it is not revenge but aspiration to peace that the leaders of the nation have to demonstrate! He wanted to grow Me as a spiritual leader who would unite Russia, would stop internecine conflicts and killing of people!

“With his help I gained a profound faith in God whom I did not know yet. I also understood the meaning of My life: to save Russia!

“… Having grown up, I began to try to realize this task.

“I had a strong body. The consciousness was also well developed in My past lives. And My ability to live as a spiritual heart was growing from year to year.

“My deep faith in God, personal power, and aspiration for Good attracted pure souls to Me. I organized with My friends a troop, which began to guard the life of people in My lands. Many those seeking peaceful life came to Me under My protection.

“But this caused anger and hatred in many neighbor leaders.

“They did not adhere to the peace treaty! Guile and treachery were the rules of politics of that time in Russia!…

“… Our neighbors wanted to seize our land, and we had not enough power to keep them from invasion for long. We would not have withstood if a war with them had occurred. Therefore I decided to assist the process of integration of the princedoms that was going on already.

“… My word of honor and My faithfulness in alliances were almost a legend. It was impossible to force or to bribe Me into betray.

“And My enemies tried to kill Me several times.

“After one of the attempts of assassination, I met Volhva, who possessed the spiritual knowledge of ancient Russia. She initiated Me into Buddhi Yoga. She showed Me the Path to the Abode of the Creator!

“My foster son Radonezh protected Me during the assassination. He was heavily wounded, and Volhva treated Him. Then She taught us both — him and Me.

“It was not easy for Me to realize that the skills and miracles demonstrated by Volhva are not magic, not pagan sorcery, but a Manifestation of Divinity. They were as natural for Her as, for example, one’s skills of growing vegetables and cereals…

“… The Higher Knowledge is the art of raising and developing human souls to the level of Divine Souls.

“A soul can cognize the Creator and can begin to live in Mergence with all the Divine Souls in the Ocean of God-the-Father!

“It is not important how one calls this Ocean: God-the-Father, the Universal Creator, Rod, Svarog, or by some other name…

“In this way, gradually God became for Me a real, living Teacher rather than an image on an icon.

“… Many of your followers will have to go through this stage of transition from some abstract belief in the existence of God to real perception of Him and then to cognition of Him.

“It is wonderful and remarkable when the soul casts away all the religious dogmata, and the shining Truth becomes apparent to it!

“… In those years I managed to feel God, began to cognize Him — and He provided His guidance to Me. Then I always felt His guiding hands in My life!

“… I hope that some time in the future I will tell you about it in detail. Now let Me just outline the main milestones of My learning from Her.

“This knowledge about the Path is common for all true spiritual Schools. Different are only some nuances related to the peculiarities of the region where people live and their way of life.

“In the beginning, one has to understand and feel from one’s own experience that man is a soul and that the body is but a clothing given to us by God for living, learning, growing, and working in the material plane.

“Then the students come to the stage of cognizing their independence from the body — cognizing the freedom of the soul transformed into a giant spiritual heart. Such a soul gains the ability to see and to hear in the subtle worlds of Light, and to act there with the help of the arms of the consciousness.

“After that one has to ‘raise’ and to realize the Kundalini energy.

“One gains also the first opportunities to touch the Divine Consciousness.

“At this stage it becomes natural for the students to live as a Mahadouble.

“Also the students master the methods of total reciprocity — the ability to merge with God, to become dissolved in Him.

“The next stage implies cognition of the Divine Fire and treatment of all the energy structures of the body with this Fire.

“Then one learns to enter the Abode of the Creator.

“Then one has to master the ability to come out from the Abode as a ‘Sun of God’.

“At this stage the soul becomes so large that it exceeds in size the volume of the planet. You know very well that this requires certain time…

“… Then I had to leave Volhva for some time… I and Radonezh went to the west with an emissary mission of peace.

“There I met Danish Lady. In that incarnation She was a Danish queen — Margaret of Denmark.

“I imparted to Her the spiritual knowledge learned from Volhva.

“… There were remarkable conditions for growing the spiritual heart in the expanse of the seaside! First, one had to enter the most subtle state of the consciousness — and then to submerge into the Depths of the Ocean of the Creator.

“Together with Her we thought much about a better state system for life of people on the Earth, about peaceful alliances of states, about a common religion.

“This period did not last long. I had to go back home. But in Russia everything went differently from the way it was planned in the Divine eons: there is always the freedom of will of people… My incarnation was finished by God — and I merged into Him!

“… The death of the body looks as a tragedy only to those who do not know God. To those who know the Creator, the departure from the body means entering the Blissful State of Oneness!

“… I realized My Mission of serving people of Russia in My next incarnation, which was the last one.”

“Were You aware of your Divine status, of Your Unity with the Creator?”

“Not in the beginning. I recalled Myself later, when I was wounded in Moscow. In the process of restoring the health of the body, I restored also My conscious Unity with God.

“Then I lived the rest of that incarnate life in this Unity. I lived in the state of a ‘Sun of God’ united with the anahata of the body.

“God directed every My step, every My deed. Thus I was realizing His Will through My body.

“… Do not regard too critically the work of Those Who incarnate from the state of Unity with a Mission of Service but do not remember about Their Coessentiality with the Creator! One’s incarnation in such a situation is always a Great Sacrifice, a Great Feat. It is undertaken by Heroes of Divine Spirit for the sake of helping incarnate people! They bring new ideas, new waves of Light that help evolving souls develop in the correct direction! One needs an enormous Power to withstand the tension between the material world — and the fullness of the Divine Awareness in such an Incarnation…

“… And today I can help you bring the great knowledge about God to all the nations of the Earth!

“I provide My help to those who enter on the Path of Good! I would be glad to help souls seeking the Divine Unity become acquainted with your materials!

“Whatever the profession is, everyone may bring their work in accordance with the Intention of God for mankind. If you do so, you merge your life with the flow of the Divine Life!

“And if the flame of love begins to burn in your spiritual heart — then all your life becomes transformed! You heart begins to bloom! Your essence transforms and refines! Your vision of the world changes — and under your influence the world will begin to change as well! Every person is a particle of the Divine Creation! Every person is a soul capable of creating!

“Love for our Earth, love for people transforms man in a positive way!

“But the main transformation begins when one develops love for God-the-Father!

“Pure and mature souls come to this transformation. This allows opening for them sources of the Atmic Energy — and then such souls gain the ability to cognize the Higher Self.

“The Great ‘Sun of God’ comes close to the body of such a person! The Flame of Divine Love envelopes everyone who has entered the Abode!

“And then such a Soul can cognize Its Coessentiality with the Creator and can enter the Creator’s Abode forever!”

*  Knyaz is a Slavic title which can be translated into English as duke.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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