Volhva — Divine Teachers about Themselves

 A working site of Volhva. Here it is very easy to cleanse the energies of the body — up to full transparency.

A working site of Volhva. Here it is very easy to cleanse the energies of the body — up to full transparency.

We are in the forest, on a clearing surrounded by pines and birches. This place is filled with the non-material tender Divine Light. It is a manifestation of the Divine Consciousness of one of the Holy Spirits.

“Will You tell us Your name?”


“Do You have another name?”

“My former name was Vasilisa, but when I became a Magus, I abandoned this name because it was not important.”

“Tell us please about that life of Yours on the Earth and about the lives of Magi in those times!”

“We were several Magi — bearers of the higher ancient knowledge about God. One of Us was My foster father. I was always with Him and learned everything what Magi did and knew.

“I was very young when My mother died. And I had no other relatives. Thus from early childhood I became a student of Magi.

“As I grew up, I was taught little by little the higher knowledge about God, about the structure of the Universe, about the laws of the Universal Evolution. I was also taught practices intended for the development of the consciousness. The words and images used in the teaching were different from the modern ones, but the meaning was the same:

“There is one common Universal God — the infinite and eternal Ocean of Subtlest Consciousness. The task of every soul is to develop itself, approaching thus the state of God. This implies also that at higher stages of the development one has to become the creative Divine Fire coming out from the Great Calm.”

“Tell us please a bit more about that life of Yours!”

“In those times when I became a Magus, it was very difficult for a woman to become one of those chosen who could study for God, that is those who were initiated into higher knowledge about the Path to cognition of God and to Mergence with Him. It was already the time when the ancient spiritual culture in Russia had to hide itself from persecutors and to exist in secret… Those who preserved the knowledge and practices of the great spiritual past had to hide themselves in thick woods… Magi, few in number, took for students only those of strong spirit — to be sure that even being subjected to torture the student would not yield to persecutors the higher knowledge and skills which can be used for influencing the material plane. But even among these students there were only a few capable of encompassing intellectually all the profundity of the higher knowledge.

“In those years, there were also other people calling themselves Magi, yet not deserving this title. Their intentions could be good, but they passed the knowledge to unworthy people or could serve selfish rulers… They might believe that in this way they helped to preserve the invaluable wisdom and ancient culture, but in reality they contributed to the degradation and perversion of the Divine Knowledge. The Goal of Mergence with the true Divine Power was substituted with the mergence with devilish power of the beings of hell…

“… People in every country have religion and rulers they deserve… Only a few souls can be an exception to this rule in dark times of degradation of spirituality.

“There remained almost no free spiritual communities by that time. The Initiated had to live in loneliness unable to change the course of events in the country where rulers and clans fought for power… In that situation, They tried to preserve the purity of knowledge for future generations — when people would change their minds and would recall about the Divine purpose of their lives on the Earth, about the laws of Great Harmony…

“… I told you already that My foster father was a Magus. He undertook a brave and dangerous step: He went to the world and began to preach. He did not try to introduce into the worldview of people the higher knowledge about Mergence with the Creator, which would be too difficult to the majority of them; He just taught basic moral principles and ethical purity. He went from village to village, sang songs and told stories. His name was Bayan.

“Once He came to a place where members of a community keeping ancient spiritual knowledge were all burned alive by persecutors. He found there only one little baby, which escaped death. It was Me.

“He tried to give Me to a family in another village, but no one wanted to adopt a child…

“Then Bayan accepted this situation as a Will of God for Him — and began to raise and to educate Me as His daughter and disciple.

“With time, some skills of the soul accumulated in past lives awakened in Me — clairvoyance and mind reading. I also had a strong character, being almost stubborn sometimes. It was not easy for Him to teach Me the lowliness and peace of mind, the ability to live not as body but as a soul growing as a spiritual heart.

“He taught Me to control My emotions and desires, taught Me to move subtlest energies through the energy structures of the body. And with time, this proved very useful for our performances before people: the audience submerged in the energy field of love created by Us, and thus they could receive much easier what we showed, told, and sang to them. For some time, this gave Me much joy and satisfaction…

“Bayan wanted to end My education at this stage… But it was not enough for Me: I wanted to become a true Magus, I sought the fullness of submergence in the Ocean of the Creator-Svarog!

“And Bayan began to initiate Me gradually into the meditations of Buddhi Yoga.

“Once He brought Me to a small group of the Initiated living in solitude in the forest. After some hesitations They also agreed to teach Me…

“… When Bayan departed from His material body, I went to live with those Magi. They taught Me the art of healing, the art of controlling flows of the Atmic Energy, the ability to enter the state of ‘non-I’ when one can become aware of the power of Svarog. They taught Me to raise the Fire of the Creative Power to the body and to send projections-images to the material plane.

“I cognized Mergence with Svarog — and it seemed to Me that all My desires were realized…

“… Time passed by. I began to live separately from everyone. I had a small hut near a forest lake. And I had the Ocean of God where I could submerge in meditations…

“… Yet the desire to share with others love and knowledge brought Me again to the world where people denied the Precepts of God, where there was violence and bloodshed…

“Usually I would come to people as a healer — and in such situations I could help to heal the soul no less than the body.

“Thus I met Dmitry known to you (His name in that incarnation was different, but it is not important now). And I could teach Him everything I knew.

“… After He left according to His predestination, I began to seek students to teach them.

“… After that time, I was embodied twice. Once it was together with Dmitry: in order to help Him with His Mission. (That time His name was Dmitry Pozharsky). After that I was embodied again in the north of Russia, near the place where you meet Us now. It was at the end of 18th century…”

* * *

“To open for pure hearts the gates letting in to the Power of Svarog — isn’t it the highest goal of every developed soul? Isn’t it the highest service to the Universal Creator?

“One has to learn how to purify oneself as a soul — in order to receive and to bring then to the world the Light-Giving Knowledge!

“In order to create one’s own life and lives around — one has to become aware of oneself as a soul! Yet one cannot do it without knowing about our common Creator, our common Father!

“Understand that the true awareness of oneself can be born only if understanding that man is an important part of the Divine Creation — because of special abilities, which make man different from God’s other creatures and allow cognizing God and achieving Mergence with Him, — is provided.

“The one who can submerge the mind into the spiritual heart — can achieve the purity of thoughts.

“The soul aspiring to unity with God has to learn to think in the purity of cordial love!

“Man can become united with the Creator through the spiritual heart! Through cordial love the reality of God becomes open for such a person!

“Let everyone learn to think in cordial purity — by submerging the mind into the Ocean of Love and Calm!”

* * *

“A sprout is united with the soil. Without the soil, no sprout can grow!

“It is the same with the nature of man. Man cannot grow successfully without being united with the Source of everything — with the Creator! Man has to become aware of connectedness — through the ‘root’ — with the Divine Source of life!

“A soul which has transformed itself into the spiritual heart becomes a part of universal beingness that gains the ability to grow and to work in conscious Unity with God!”

*  Name Volhva in Russian means Divine Magus Woman.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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