Piotr — Divine Teachers about Themselves

 The space is filled with the Light of the Divine Consciousness of Piotr Who is ready to help everyone walking the spiritual Path!

The space is filled with the Light of the Divine Consciousness of Piotr Who is ready to help everyone walking the spiritual Path!

“Tell us please about Your life. We know that You were embodied the last time in Russia in Soviet time. Today it is quite hard to find people capable of comprehending serious knowledge about God, say nothing about those years of total atheism in our country…”

“Yes I did not manage to find any one.”

“Please tell in more detail how did You meet with God? How did it begin?”

“I was born in the town of Rybinsk situated on the Volga river. I liked to watch the sunrise near the river, to expand with the consciousness over the water, to fill with Myself the expanse of sunlight, to love and embrace with the arms of the spiritual heart all the living beings.

“From childhood I liked to read books and sought new ones to read. I was never satisfied with reading.

“… One day we — young pioneers — collected waste paper for recycling. Among it, I found a book without a cover with paper yellowed by time. It was the Bhagavad Gita published before the revolution. I hid it and took it home…

“At home I hardly could read its verses with meaning unclear for Me… I understood almost nothing yet could not stop reading it. Thus I learned for the first time that there is Something that I was never told about… I felt a Great Mystery behind these words — and I decided to unravel it…

“… One must be omnipotent Krishna to make such a book come to a boy in the Soviet Union!…

“And My Krishna found Me! He found Me in a provincial town, where red banners and slogans hid the absence… of the inner content.

“… In My previous incarnation, I was a devoted follower of the Lord Krishna.

“Infinite is the Love of Krishna — a loving Father Who leads His children — incarnation after incarnation — to His Abode! He leads them until the love of the follower and the Love of God merge in Unity

“My Path is very similar to yours. I could add only that in that incarnation I lived in the northern part of India and worked hard all My life on developing Myself as a consciousness: I grew the spiritual heart. I worked in the tradition of Krishna, learned His Divine Yoga. I had a wise friend and considered him My guru. We led a solitary life and, being guided by Krishna, dedicated all our time to meditations aimed at cognition of the Creator and to studying and realizing the Teachings of Krishna which He left to people in the Bhagavad Gita.

“Krishna did not leave Me alone in My next earthy life.

“… When I finished school, I had to decide: how to build My life further? My life was already filled with God: I knew for certain that there is God, that He is living, that He is Light and Love. Yet people around did not know anything about God and did not want to learn! I had a feeling that we were from different worlds; that My world, where there was God, exists separately from their world, where there was no God. I wanted very much to unite these ‘worlds’ and decided to study further.

“I went to Moscow to continue education and entered a historical department of university. In addition I Myself studied the philosophy and history of religion. I worked much in libraries and archives.

“After graduating from the university, I was sent to work in the historical-art museum of the town Rybinsk. Soon I became its director and accepted the entire responsibility of this work.

“I still dreamed about awakening people and infusing the light of knowledge about God in their souls, about breaking a passage through the wall of ignorance — into the Beingness of God. It was incredibly hard to do in Soviet atheistic Russia, where the state rule ‘There is no God!’ was accepted by the majority of people as an undoubtful norm of life. In this way, it was easier for people at power to control the crowd. Thus they substituted God and the true meaning of life with the Communist Party and its ideology of artificially making all nations happy by promising them ‘to build socialism and communism in the entire world’. It was convenient for the crowd as well: one can live without thinking, without feeling responsibility before God for one’s own deeds…

“In the museum I arranged lectures on history and art. Describing the history of religion, I could impart the knowledge about God which I had. It was not allowed to speak publicly about God in another way. I tried to teach people at least to ask themselves: Why do I live? Is there God? What is love?…

“I also wanted very much to find like-minded people who could comprehend the knowledge about God. Yet all My attempts to talk on this subject caused only misunderstanding and sometimes even mockery.

“I was almost desperate about finding anyone but suddenly I met a girl who understood Me to My surprise! She became My wife, My companion, and My only student.

“I traveled a lot throughout the entire country, conversed with different people, watched and studied the psychology of different groups of people. I lived as if in a museum. In the time of the Communist Party governing, there were many unique ‘exhibits’ of perverted human souls! I understood that the reason for this was in a complete absence of God in the lives of people! But My lectures-preachings could not break the wall of the atheistic darkness and ignorance

“Because of such activity, I was dismissed from the museum and the KGB opened a file on Me.

“With My wife, we moved to a village and lived there on her tiny salary of a teacher: in the local school she taught in initial classes. I could not find a job: everyone refused to employ Me under various pretences… And I abandoned these attempts.

“We could survive thanks to the forest: we gathered and storied mushrooms, berries, various herbs. We also had a small vegetable garden.

“But material difficulties did not bother Me: I used to be satisfied with little. I felt uneasy that I could not bring the Light of God to people: no one wanted it!

“Then I directed all strength of the soul to merging with Him. I meditated almost all the time. I submerged with the consciousness into the Depths of the Creator, into His Purest Light. I merged and dissolved in His Tender Calm.

“The more darkness was outside Me — the stronger I loved Him. And I submerged deeper and deeper into the Heart of God and merged with Him. I also helped My wife: I taught her what I knew, taught her to cognize God.

“She was a remarkable person: kind, sincere, caring, tender, and loving. We were an ideal couple. Our relationships were full of harmony and mutual understanding.

“We had no children, but students from the school where My wife worked visited our house often. And we tried to instill into children souls the main truths about kindness and love towards all living beings.

“Probably, some parents could not withstand ‘the burden of love and kindness’ in their child and informed the KGB about this…

“I was taken at night, quietly and without any accusations was brought to the KGB. And as quickly, they made up some lie to accuse Me and shot Me dead.

“I accepted death calmly, being in full Mergence with the Creator, Whom I loved more than My earthy life.

“The only thing that I pitied was that I managed to do too little for Him…”

“Piotr, we would be glad to hear from You advice about what we should do to become better.”

“First you have to abandon all the aspirations of the individual self. Following these aspirations cannot bring one to Mergence with Me. Understand?

“Try to look, for example, at your habitual way of life from the standpoint of the Higher Self: what in it conforms with the life in the Higher Self and what has to be changed?

“Review your way of life from the state of the Higher Self. You must not live as an individual self anymore — even as a giant, good, and pure self! Your life must become completely a manifestation of the Beingness of the Higher Self!

“Now, do you understand what you must manage to do during your lives on the Earth?”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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