Kurgan-Bashi — Divine Teachers about Themselves

 Kurgan Bashi and an Army of His Divine Disciples form a Divine Cover over the steppe for hundreds of kilometers.

Kurgan Bashi and an Army of His Divine Disciples form a Divine Cover over the steppe for hundreds of kilometers.

South west Russian steppe, a lot of lakes.

In front of us, there stands a giant, larger-than-our-planet Mahadouble of Kurgan-Bashi. Together with Him there are His Disciples, Who attained a similar level of Divine development. He introduces Them to us as His Army.

His Mahadouble — giant in size — pervades easily the matter of the whole Earth. One can also clearly see where it originates from — from the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness.

To be in the state of connectedness with Kurgan-Bashi here is more convenient than to be in one’s own body.

“How did Your Disciples develop? What methods did You use for attaining the Divine heights?”

“We lived on horses. Riders on horses with the open arms growing from the expanded spiritual hearts… They meditated embracing with these arms of the consciousness all the expanse around: ‘All this is mine! This is My steppe! This is My love! Earth, I merge with You, my Mother!’

“Through this they ‘drowned’ in the Consciousness of the Earth, merging first with It and then with Father-Svarog.

“In this way our training happened — on horses, in the expanse of the steppe!”

“How did people come to understand the role of the spiritual heart — in life in general and in training?”

“Our mother Earth gave it to us! The arms of love are the main motto and the main condition for this work!”

“What did you eat? The nutrition of steppe nations was usually based on milk and meat of animals. They also hunted. We know this from history.”

“This concerns other nations. Yet it was not so with our dear Russia! I am Russian too! Our Army consisted of Russians! And, as you read and know, the ‘killed’ food was not prevailing in Russia always and everywhere.”

“What did you eat anyway?”

“Milk, kumiss, cheese, various herbs, and wood flour.”

“How did you produce this flour?”

“It is trivial: by grinding dry bark of willow and thus making of it tasty and delicious flour, which possesses also medicinal properties! You know what salicylic acid is. This flour saved us and our horses from various afflictions. We had neither plague, nor cholera, nor even simple sinusitis — we did not know such diseases!”

“Did you know bread, cereal?… Did you make some kind of bakes?”

“I did not know anything like that. It was not My way — to make food of cereal. Milk food — yes.”

He shows white round cheeses.

“This was My food! We even fed our horses with these cheeses! Also we used flour of ground herbs, wild nuts. We had also honey, but it played a little role.”

“Well, your men lived on horses. And what about women — what did they do? They too rode horses?”

“No, it was different. Woman’s lot was the house. We were not nomads. Every family had its own house, and the husband imparted all his spiritual knowledge and achievements to the wife.”

“On horses?”

“No. No one forbade women to ride horses, but normally women were busy with the house and with everything about it.”

“Did you till land? Did you grow onion, garlic, and other vegetables?”

“Onion, garlic — yes, potato — no. We stored vegetables for winter.”

“How did you store them? You had no means of preservation!”

“They got frozen very well! Of course, we had wooden barrels, troughs, wooden dishes. Spoons were also made of wood. We used metal for making knives and swords.”

“Did you have to wage wars?”

“The only case when we had to wage war was to repel invasions of Turks. Sometimes they came to these lands. In one of their campaigns, they came to our steppe, and then we had to fight. We easily repulsed them! They did not know that heroes lived here! Once they came to know it, they just went away without bloody battles. They sought unoccupied lands.”

“What can You advise us?”

“Look how many beautiful Divine Flowers — My Disciples — I show to you now! They are like sprouts from the abyss of the Primordial Universal Ocean!

“A similar Army has to grow around everyone of you! Then you have to move to different regions on the Earth. Your community is small, and you will have to keep the connection with each other and to create as many such Flower Gardens as possible!”

“Do we have to do this in the incarnate state? Or do You mean that after disincarnation we will have to collect students? At present, there is only spiritual darkness here!”

“Some of you will travel on a ship to other countries, others will fly on an airplane, others yet will remain at the seaside. Everywhere you will have to gather a spiritual army; no one will have to stay alone! One is not a warrior when being alone! Only when there is such an army, one can repulse an attack of enemies even just by showing oneself to them!”

“In what time did You live here, in what period?”

Kurgan-Bashi is slightly confused:

“It is perceived as a single moment, as a single piece of time… It was the time of ‘pre-Christian’ Russia. This land was inhabited by Slavs.”

“I am still concerned about your women… Did they have no chance to know in meditations this expanse, to achieve higher levels of spiritual perfection as men did?”

“No, it was not like this. Our people understood that there are many incarnations. And we had quite a different culture: there was no drunkenness, there was no awful spiritual degradation which one sees at present throughout the Earth, in these lands as well. Tenderness, caress, caring about each other, about children — it helped remarkably the female inhabitants of this steppe! The manifestation of love which you know under the general word sattva — it was a remarkable woman’s lot, preparing her in the best way for the next incarnation — for flying over the earth and embracing the entire planet with the arms of the consciousness which became perfect!

“First, every wife learned to love the husband and children. And it was really so! The spiritual heart, the arms of love — all these guaranteed paradise during life in the body and in the time between incarnations. After that it was necessary just to go one time in a male incarnation through a collective flight of consciousnesses among the expanse of the steppe! Actually it is all that was needed…

“Of course, different souls came to us in incarnations… Souls came from different corners of the Earth and from extraterrestrial incarnations… Yet… it was enough to go through one such a female incarnation in sattva, to master the state of sattva — then through a male incarnation among horses and steppe… — and this guaranteed quick cognition of the Creator, Mergence with the Creator !

“All it was beautiful, strong, and scientific as you would call it now. That is the science about the development of soul existed at that time already.”

“Tell us please about how You lived. What did You do after meditation-ride, meditation-flight?”

“I lived as the wind: it ceases to blow — and there remains only the infinite transparency of the air around! Even so the spiritual heart: when the flight-meditation stops, there remains only the Light of LoveDivine Light abiding in Calm.

“The name Kurgan-Bashi means ‘Mountain of the Father’. I had many names… Many times I came to the Earth… I became Home for all who sought Me.

I became Father for all who loved Me, went to Me. I became Him Who submerges others into Himself.

“Feel My Hands and My lands on these Hands: steppes, forests, lakes!… And riders on horses! All these lived in Me year after year, century after century! And I accepted all who achieved — into Myself.”

“How do You live now, what people do You help?”

“I live as you see Me: I rise as a Great Mountain from the Infinite Depths. I open Boundless Light to people of the Earth! You can help to make this Light evident for many people by telling about Me! I will speak and show — and let them hear the song of steppes, see the mirrors of lakes! And let My presence fill with the Light all who look and listen!

“I want to tell to people about the mother-planet where we live. Love for it can heal souls and unite people in creating good for all beings of the Earth!”

“Tell us more about Yourself!”

“I came to My last earthy life as the Divine Light of the Creator. I had to help My people to restore the simple and clear Way to the Father.

“In the land where I lived there was no tradition to record the knowledge about the Highest. There was memory about it in tales and songs. But generations of people usually lose this knowledge after leaving of the Divine Messengers.

“When I had embodied in these lands before, the relationships of people in families and communities were full of calm and mutual respect. But when I embodied this time — I saw squabbles and quarrels, offended old men, humiliated women, men fighting for power…

“When I was little, My mother sang Me songs and told tales similar to those of Lada. I listened and easily recalled past knowledge that was present in Me.

“I grew and began to collect friends around Me. Young boys, we pastured horses. I taught My friends to be winged and fearless hearts, which do not want something for themselves but want to give to others, which protect others, care about them. I taught them to purify their intentions, taught them honesty, kindness, and unity…

“When we grew up, people in the community began to pay heed to us: they felt Great Power behind us.

“Soon I was elected the head of the community, despite the fact that I was young. And then — everything was easy.

“It was simple: flight of the soul, pranava, then — the ‘Heart of the Earth’, and deeper — the Abode of the Creator. In this way I led disciples into Myself.

“To learn to be a flying, winged heart capable of Mergence is a very important step on the Path.

“Mergence of the consciousness was helpful to our horses too. These beautiful animals learned to understand their riders without words. The consciousness understood the consciousness! Together with us they felt the flight of the souls! It was their ‘run’ to human incarnations!

“My Army became a shield of Slavs’ lands. For centuries, no one wanting to plunder could pass through the land where the God’s Riders lived. No war starts on a land where love and Divine Power reign!”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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