Alagar — Divine Teachers about Themselves


It is a next time that we travel through the expanse of the steppe where there is a giant Mahadouble of Kurgan Bashi.

Today apart from Kurgan Bashi, one of His Disciples brightly manifests Himself.

He shows Himself as He was in the last incarnation — a rider on a horse. He begins His narration:

“My name is Alagar. I was one of the Warriors of the Kurgan Bashi’s Army.

“I want to tell modern people about our School, as it was at the time: about how we lived, how the members of our community grew spiritually, how we raised our horses, how we taught them ‘to fly faster than the wind’… It was our meditation together with the horses…

“Friendly, non-violent relations with animals can give remarkable fruits! Such relations are very useful for souls!

“You may have heard about one of the modern methods of healing — therapeutic horseback riding; it consists in close interaction of ill people with horses. Try to imagine how much more perfect and wonderful this interaction could be if both the riders and their horses are full of strength and harmony!

“Our horses, too, made their progress in the development of the souls: in this way they were prepared for birth in the human body.

“As other living creatures tamed by us, they learned to serve humans with great joy! We tamed not only horses but even birds. They were winged messengers between people separated by large distances. It was our means of communication between communities. We had other kinds of tamed animals as well.

“I want to emphasize that taming did not imply coercing. It was based on love-friendship which helped development of souls of people and animals and prepared them both to higher levels of conscious existence. It is the emotions of love that help souls cognize subtlety and beauty — as a source of bliss during one’s earthy life and after it!

“A similar Mergence with Divine Souls in the emotions of love — at the next stages of the evolution of souls — allows people to learn living at higher levels of subtlety of the consciousness and prepares them to birth in the eons of Light and Fire of the Creator.*

“Relationships in our family were also very important. Spouses had great love for each other! It would not fade away with time but burned as an even flame! The spouses were united by their common spiritual growth! Spiritual closeness of man and woman, giving love-tenderness to each other, giving birth to children — all these gave them higher enjoyment of merging bodies and souls in the tender ecstasy of mergence! Together they raised their children. All these were very important milestones of growth of the souls as love!

“Mothers had enough milk for breast-feeding their babies not only during the first year but longer. This breast-feeding was needed not only for child’s body; it served also as training in Mergence of souls — mergence of the souls of the mother and the child! It is important both for correct development of the mother and represents an important stage in the formation of the child’s soul during the first years of life. Such a Mergence of consciousnesses is possible even at the Atmic level of subtlety — if the mother knows this level. But let Divine Women tell about this. They know very well such great possibilities of spiritual growth in the work of raising children — possibilities of development of the souls of mothers and their babies!

“Our elders departed from their bodies in joyful and calm state, with full understanding that only a part of their long life came to an end. This part took place on the Earth — and now it is going to continue in Heaven, far from the material plane!

“They were not only elders who could face death calmly and joyfully. Everyone who approached this threshold entered the new life without fear, knowing that there would be a continuation of existence in new bodies obtained through new births — for those who needed it for personal growth and for approaching the Creator.

“Harmony of life with nature and keeping with the laws of life established for people by God — such was the unshakable foundation of our existence.

“… Songs of skylarks, morning dew, tender sunrises…

“We had the following tradition: we washed our feet and faces with morning dew. Since childhood we were taught to do it. It strengthened the connection of man with the world of nature. It also helped us open energy channels in the body, and these channels began to transmit easily flows of sunlight and then flows of the Divine Light.

“We had the tradition to watch sunrises and praise God, and together with Him to feel joy about the coming of a new day! It had an effect similar to the effect of your exercises Awakening and Giving Away. Thus people gave their love as an offering to the Heavenly Father and Earth-mother!

“In farming, we had no consumerstic attitude towards nature. We cared about it and built our relations with it on mutual giving.

“The harvest from fields was always shared equally, taking into account the division of work between the members of the community. Food was common for all the members. Not all of them could equally produce it: some were engaged in handicrafts, others constructed houses, yet others grazed horses, and so on.

“We worshipped Earth-mother as a Great Soul. When we sowed a field, we interacted with it not only by the body but by the soul as well. Thanks to this, the food collected from fields had a much better energetical quality than your modern food! Fruit and grain were much more saturated with energy-light! It was food for health and joy of souls and bodies! Mother-Earth nourished us with its love!

“It was the same in relationships with domestic animals. Imagine a mare or a cow who gladly give a part of her milk to her human friend, and compare it to a cow in a giant modern farm living a life of a captive, being used as a milk production machine…

“All problems of that kind could be solved in the modern world through accepting the God’s ethics. It is important to understand the ethical precepts and to apply them in relationships of people with nature, in relationships among people, and in relationships of people with God.

“And it is not important at which stage of growth-development every particular soul is: the first smiles of love of young souls are also a great joy for God-the-Father!

“People seek bodily enjoyments — in food, in sex, in various entertainments… But satisfaction of one’s need for bliss could be much stronger when the interaction takes place not at the level of the bodily perception but when the soul gives actively — and receives blissful states in response!

“It is also important not to become too obsessed with seeking enjoyments! True Bliss and Satisfaction can be gained only from Mergence with the Creator in mutual love! And everything preceding this just prepares man to the main Mergence and to the main Bliss!

“… Once in My childhood I found a swift wounded by a falcon. I took it into My hands and saw how it died… Then for the first time I felt how short the life on the Earth was and how much I had to manage to accomplish before death would come to Me as to this bird!

“After that case I dedicated all the years of My life to searching the Abode of the Creator. I sought where and how one can continue life after the end of the earthy part of the path. And this ensured My personal success and made it possible for Me to share My knowledge with the next generations.”

“If you knew Kurgan-Bashi, Who possessed all the fullness of knowledge, why did You need this search?”

“Kurgan-Bashi gave higher knowledge to those who thirsted for it, who sought it, and not to those who had no need for knowledge yet. If higher knowledge and meditations are not needed by the person as one needs air for breathing and living, then this knowledge becomes a useless gift burdening the soul of the one who received it without seeking and then discarded it…

“Love, harmony, life as a soul transformed into a living giant spiritual heart, understanding that it is a joy for God to see His children loving each other and caring about each other — these principles were imprinted in us since childhood! The very way of life in the community taught us this! And meditations for growth of the soul, for gaining power were given only to those who had grown in their personal evolution to the need to cognize the nature of man and God, to burning with great love for the Creator.

“In meditations on growth of the consciousness, we descended to the fiery core of the Earth and moved further to the depths from where the core of the Earth ‘opens like a bud’. In this way from those depths our planet was born.

“… It is very important that the attention of man be not completely immersed in the concerns of the material plane! Then one can begin study one’s own essence and the essence of Everything, the meaning of our life on this planet, in this ‘abode’ of the material plane. And when the soul cognizes its true essence — then it comes close to cognition of the universal Creator.

“One has to teach people how they can free their lives from everything unimportant and unneeded, and how they can make the space of life opened for exploring oneself-soul, for exploring the universe and the Creator! One has to teach to people brotherhood of great and small souls and organization of the society on the principles of love!

“And the soul can cognize its essence only from the state of a developed spiritual heart! There are no other possibilities for this!

“This is the main knowledge that was established by the Assyris’ ancient School of growth of souls. These are the traditions that were saved and developed by Kurgan-Bashi. Today Anastasiya tries to reestablish these traditions. This is the ecopsychology that was born again on the Earth through the common works of yours and Ours!”

*  One can find more details on this subject in the Gospel of Philip.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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