Adler — Divine Teachers about Themselves

 There is a Mahadouble of Adler above the meadow. We can easily attune with Him and dissolve in His Bliss.

There is a Mahadouble of Adler above the meadow. We can easily attune with Him and dissolve in His Bliss.

Once in autumn, Pastor Larry and Freddy led us to a meeting with another Representative of the Creator — Divine Adler. We went for a long time along a trail in a pine forest suffused with morning mist and songs of birds.

“Adler is the Greatest Teacher. He has been present on the Earth always. You are going to interview Him,” They said.

Soon we came to a place where a giant Mahadouble of Adler — hundreds of meters in size — stood over the forest.

We built a fire, warmed ourselves, drank some coffee with sandwiches, rested a little, and then asked Adler to tell about Himself.

He began the narration:

“I never embodied on the Earth with the purpose of learning for God. I came there being already Divine.

“For the first time, I appeared in a material body on this planet about at the same time as Ushastik described, just a little later than He did.

“Later on, the main oasis of spiritual culture began to form in the Western Mediterranean.”

“Was it Atlantis?”

“Yes. It was the area where the Mediterranean sea is connected with the ocean. Though the form of the coast is completely different now.

“Atlantis was My work: from the very beginning till the end I created the spiritual culture of Atlantis. From there it moved partly to Egypt.

“I took with Me worthy people and led them into Myself — an incarnation after incarnation, a wave after wave. Thus I embodied there several times.

“In the middle ages, I worked in Europe, living in one body from the 14th to the 18th century. I could appear and disappear, but always it was one and the same body of Mine.”

“Was it You who guided Napoleon?”


“Why did he not manage to liberate Russia from inquisition?”

“The epic work of Napoleon reached a deadlock when he proclaimed himself a king on the Earth, forgetting about the main role of God. There must be Theocracy rather than kingocracy — then everything will be fine!”

“His war against Russia was a mistake?”

“He made a mistake earlier: when he began to feel himself a king. He had to feel himself as God’s messenger.”

“Did he feel himself a king from the very beginning?”

“In the beginning, he felt himself a prophet and fulfilled My Will — the Will of the Creator.

“… My last incarnation was in the Netherlands.”

“Were You a king?”

“No, but I was at the palace. I took on Myself the role of a counselor, but not in the narrow meaning of this word, not as a post: I was a confidant of the monarch.

“The history tells about ‘immortal’ people, i.e. those possessing immortal bodies…”

“Saint Germain?”

“No, this is a legend. But I really lived among people for several centuries in one body.”

“Are You incarnate at present?”


… Adler shows His appearance at the time when He was incarnate:

“In this appearance I came to the Netherlands.

“In the Netherlands at present there are sprouts of spirituality. This is why I direct your attention there. You have to spread the information about Me in this country. In the Netherlands there is a growing generation of promising people; they are about 200 persons — young, brave, strong. Soon they will learn about you with My help.

“… And now I am going to tell you a little more of My history… One cannot find this information in the historical scriptures or on the Internet…

“Yes, there are legends about the ‘immortals’ in South India, in China, in other countries of South-East Asia, and on the American continent. They were Divine Teachers — the Supervisors of the development of the human civilization. They come to the planet in flesh when it is necessary to correct the direction of the development of souls on the Earth — not the course of events but the direction of the evolution of souls.

“I never took on Myself the role of a prophet or Messiah, who preach to crowds of people. But wherever I came to, in the midst of chaos, darkness, and ignorance, — there appeared the first sparks of light, the first ideas of good, the first thoughts about freedom…

“In this way I would appear and disappear, without attracting much attention to Myself, being a Boundless Consciousness connected with the body which, like a lens, transmitted to the material plane the ideas and thoughts more effectively than they can be transmitted from the non-incarnate state. These ideas fell like raindrops on the dry soil… and it took a long time for the first shoots to appear…

“Do you want to participate in such work?”

“What does one need for this?”

“One needs to treat the body with the energies of the Creator! One needs the state of Continuum from the Creator! And one needs to achieve the state described by Jesus: ‘Every cell of My body became conscious…’

“This requires that the awareness of oneself in the Ocean of the Creator become a constant, unchanging state, and the energies of the material body be replaced with the Divine Energies.

“Then one gains a possibility to live in the material body with the full awareness of God. The body serves then as a link between the Creator and His Creation. It becomes similar to a lens or a slit focusing the Ray of the Divine Consciousness, Divine Energy — onto the material plane.

“… My work in the medieval Europe in the 14th to the 18th centuries allowed raising slowly the wave of the Renaissance.

“… Very slowly love and freedom ripen in the souls of people. For centuries the drops of Divine Light fell into darkness as if disappearing with no result…, but they produced eventually sprouts…

“It was Me who initiated the wave of Lutheranism, Reformation in Europe: i.e. the ideas about the possibility for man to communicate with God directly, without intermediates, without rituals… France, Germany, the Netherlands… This process was completed with the liberating wave of Napoleon, which washed out almost completely the filth of the inquisition from the Earth.

“The evolution of souls is a slow, gradual process. It is impossible to destroy in an instant the slavery of souls unable to comprehend the ideas of love and freedom. We have told you already about this work of the Divine Teachers; it was described by Vysotin, Rossi, Babaji. One does not need an eternal body for this… Everyone of Us performs a part of this work…

“The Representatives of the Father: Jesus, Krishna were prominent figures proclaiming the Truth from God… As for Me, I was unnoticed — like an invisible brush touching the canvas. But the traces left by this brush remained in the history of souls. With My physical body I penetrated to and fro like a needle that makes stitches with a thread of Divine Light, weaving the Ray of God into the picture of the material plane.”

“Will You tell us the history of Your lives in more detail?”

“I will tell about this sometime in the future. It is quite interesting; one can make many novels of it…

“Now I want you to look at this from within: from within Me, not from within yourselves…

“Fill your bodies with a new life — the life of the Higher Self!

“I will lead you to the Goal as one leads one by hand.

“Submerge completely into Me — into the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness! Feel yourselves this Boundless Light! This Light is everywhere: wherever you may go!”

“And what about the material plane and interactions with it?”

“This is much simpler than you think. A more difficult matter is to dissolve oneself in Me, to merge with Me completely, to move the self-awareness into Me.

“Once you manage to accomplish this, everything becomes easy then: as you can look into Me though you live with your body in the material plane — even so living in Me you can look at the material plane and act in it from Me.

“This is how I worked in centuries, possessing an eternal body on the material plane: I lived on the plane of Spirit, on the other side of the world of matter. The body served as a beacon — to help incarnate people to find the way Home: to the Abode of the Creator. I performed all deeds in secret, staying behind the ‘Curtain’, without manifesting too much activity on the material plane.

“I was a secret counselor of rulers and great minds. It is from My bottomless ‘well’ that they drew their knowledge.

“I worked on spiritualizing humanity from the first generations of people on the Earth. I always brought the Truth and Knowledge about the Creator of the universe.”

“Tell us about how You became one with the Creator. You had to learn to become God, hadn’t You?”

“Yes I learned, but not here on the Earth.

“It happened in another epoch of the Evolution. In this Kalpa, I have always been a Part of the Ocean of the Creator’s Consciousness. Many times He placed Me — as a part of Him — into material bodies. I did not have to go through the whole cycle of evolution in this Kalpa, starting from minerals and plants. I have always remained a Son of the Creator and have never separated Myself from Him.

“You know how difficult is the process of transformation of the consciousness in people — from the ‘I’ of man into the ‘I’ of God. I would name the reason for this — the ‘materialization’ of souls — in the sense that consciousnesses of people are fettered by the material concerns. People have forgotten that man is a soul, first and foremost. Thus people cease to understand their predestination, the meaning of life.

“… The Creator entrusted Me with the task of creation of this planet from the very beginning. Many times I embodied on this Earth created by Me. I am its Founder, Creator, Guardian — and the Calm of souls who cognize Me. I absorb them, first by manifesting Myself as the Holy Spirit and then as the Creator.

“Do you understand now the ‘alignment of powers’ on this planet?

“… At present on the Earth there are very few souls deserving higher initiations. And if one starts to teach people in a ‘rough-and-ready’ manner, then they do not grow strong enough. This brings either to tragedies of souls who desired something above their capabilities or results in perversions of the true knowledge. And you know how it is hard — to restore the true knowledge to its original purity.

“All the profundity of this knowledge is not comprehensible and not needed for the majority of souls living now on the Earth!”

“How can we separate what should be hidden from the public and what should be open to everyone? Our books present the knowledge almost in full.”

“Your books are written so that they work as filters. They do not become bestsellers; they are accepted by a few out of thousands. And you should not change this principle by doing something ‘to please the public’.

“Yet you have to create pure sources of the true knowledge throughout the entire planet; to these sources I will easily bring deserving seekers!

“The realization of this task has started already through the network of your websites, through translation and publication of your books in other languages. This will be followed by publication and distribution of the books and films in many European countries and on the American continents.

“Understand: a powerful emanation of the Energy of the Creator into the world of people happens when you create books, films, websites! This allows the waves of this Light to spread even on those who do not read and do not seek this knowledge yet! Such an influence is gradual; its effect cannot be observed immediately. The ideas and knowledge come through you to the material world, and changes begin to grow. The further process of changes is My task, not yours. Your task is to shine, to give, to direct the Rays of the Divine Consciousness into this world, to bring love, knowledge, beauty! This is a part of the process of forming new Beingness of the Earth; you will learn to see the mechanisms of this process later.

“… There are three stages of Manifestation of the Divine through a human body:

“The first stage is a genius: when a Divine Soul manifests Itself by means of a human body; at that, a small part of the consciousness in the body and the mind of the body are but an instrument in the Divine Hand. This ‘instrument’ is not aware of its coessentiality with the Creator. It is only a conductor of the Divine Energy into the world of incarnate people.

“The second stage of the Divine Manifestation is a prophet. In this case the part of the consciousness connected with the body is aware of the Creator’s Will; it conveys words, knowledge, states of the Divine Consciousness with full awareness and with full understanding; yet this state is not constant. There are periods when this connection with the Primordial Plane is not active.

“And the third stage is the Highest Divine awareness, when every part of the consciousness connected with the body becomes also Divine. Not many people of the Earth have managed to achieve this stage. Usually such are Avatars coming to the Earth Who attained Divinity in the past.

“I want to add that in the non-incarnate state every Divine Soul is equal to the Primordial Consciousness. Such a Soul, having overcome the small part of ‘I’ which appears when the Divine Energy is projected onto the material plane, merges into the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness. And in this Ocean, no one is worse or better, higher or lower. There All are United Divine Self!

“But when Divine Teachers work in the Creation from the non-incarnate state, They manifest again Their Divine Individualities. And then one can notice Their differences. Different are Their abilities and skills accumulated in the past; different is the volume of the Consciousness with which a Divine Individuality can act in the Creation. This difference exists in Their activity in the Creation, but in the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness All They are One.

“… Do you remember some esotericists fantasized that God created the Creation ‘out of boredom’, that only in the Creation He can become ‘aware of Himself’? In such absurdities there is an echo of truth that only that Part of the Primordial Consciousness Which went through the entire cycle of the evolution — only such a Part is capable of being the Creator most actively. It is such Parts that become most actively functioning Manifestations of the Primordial Whole, the Creators of new worlds in the universe.

“This is how God lives and evolves!”

“What would You advise us now?”

“The material body has to be placed onto the Primordial plane of Beingness and then immersed into the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness. Every cell, every atom of the physical body has in the depth the Primordial Consciousness. Oneness with It can become the conscious state of everyone of you, inside your bodies, in particular.

“The body can be likened to a sprout on the body of the planet. And in your body, as in the body of the Earth, all planes of the multidimensionality are present.

“Whatever adverse the conditions may be, you should never concentrate your attention on them. You should always be the United We!

“What is the difference between you and Me? My ‘I’ never opposes the Creator but remains one with Him. Your task is to move with self-awareness there where there is only the Higher Self.

“In the beginning you have to merge with the harmony of everything around you, including Us. Everything around — loves you! Your responsive love leads to Mergence. And in the mutual love with the Absolute the lower self dissolves.

“I am present in everything and in everyone! From the Depths, I manifest everything, control everything, and give the freedom of will to all!

“You live here with the purpose of cognizing the Oneness! One can cognize the Oneness only by means of living in the body in the incarnate state.

“The supreme joy of the soul is Mergence with the Creator. There is no joy above this!

“You live in this world with the purpose of growing into Me! You live there with the purpose of bringing this knowledge to people!

“And let everyone of you become aware that he or she has not much time left for Me, for life on the Earth, for realization of what I have talked about — there is very little time left!

“As a powerful whirlpool draws one into its depth, and there is no way to return then, to rise again to the light — even so old age comes unnoticed and destroys people.

“But the warrior of spirit has to have a strong mind and a strong, healthy body.

“Don’t you think that everything I have told you is true?

“Everyone of you must make his or her contribution to the realization of everything I talked about!

“Otherwise… The time will come when it will be raining all day, leaves will fall from trees, snow will fall… And it may happen that I will say that now it is too late to achieve the Goal… too late! Autumn is old age…”

* * *

“On the Earth controlled by Me, I am always with you. I am always with all beings. Everything here was created with the purpose of allowing souls to approach Me, to cognize Me, to merge into Me!

“Realize: all the Earth was created so that everyone living on it may cognize the joy of Mergence and then — the United Beingness! Everyone has this opportunity! Everyone can strive to do it and achieve success!

“On this Path, every seeker bears only personal responsibility. There is no collective responsibility in this quest. Every seeker takes from the Ocean as much as he or she can contain. And everyone who has achieved this ultimate Goal continues to grow in Me, from Me.

“Move your self-awareness completely into Me!

“Acting from My Depths, you will be successful in everything!

“I want to help worthy disciples achieve the fullness of Nirvana — the stable state of living in Unity with the Creator, Who is called also Allah, Tao, Ishvara. In this state, there is no single trace of ego; there is only the state of Love and Calm, Power and Tenderness. And many Arms — Arms similar to Mine — can help you feel yourself in this state.”

“How can one help those who do not withstand the speed of advancement or the trials of the Straight Path?”

“Understand that no one is left without My help! And no one is depraved of My love! I just give every person that which is most appropriate to him or her at the moment. Diseases, other difficulties, loneliness are My lessons that will help souls realize their mistakes and purify themselves.

“I took people away from you not only for the sake of your successful advancement but also for their own good, for their proper evolution.

“It is good that the fullness of the Divine awareness will come to them in the next incarnation (providing that it will be successful, of course)! I will incarnate these souls in the time and place I need, and through this I will create new waves of the awakening of Truth in the souls of people on the Earth.

“Realize also the fact that the people whom you are thinking about now, having received the spiritual knowledge refused to serve Me in all fullness when I asked them to do so. It would be good if they would serve so in their future lives — and through this will merge into the United We.

“… I am everything! Learn to see Me in every manifestation! Everything coming to you is My Will, the manifestation of My Laws!

“Your destiny is in My Hands… What more do you want?

“Resign yourself — and My Power will come to the world through you!

“Resign yourself — and you will accept death as I will command you to accept!

“Resign yourself — and you will accept life as I will send it to you!

“Resign yourself — and the foreordained will happen!

“Resign yourself — and My Joy will come to the world through you!

“Resign yourself — and My Tenderness will come to the world through you!

“Resign yourself — and My Love will come to the world through you!

“Only after you have realized and fulfilled this, will I give you the power to change inevitable, to perform the impossible!”*

* Adler talks about resigning oneself to the Will of God and not to the vicious desires of demonic people.
Though, even through such people God manifests sometimes His Will.
One has to learn to discriminate it.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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