Cairo — Divine Teachers about Themselves

 We are inside a mountain-like Mahadouble of Cairo. By attuning with Him by the spiritual heart one can learn to fill all this Largeness from inside, and then — to fill the Abode of the Creator from where the Mahadouble originates.

We are inside a mountain-like Mahadouble of Cairo. By attuning with Him by the spiritual heart one can learn to fill all this Largeness from inside, and then — to fill the Abode of the Creator from where the Mahadouble originates.

Visiting once a foreign town, we came upon a square where stood a giant Mahadouble of a Divine Teacher Whom we had never met before.

Of course, we asked first about His name.

He answered:

“My name is Cairo. The word Cairo in Atlantis meant Earth: Earth as a living planet!*

“Atlantis was My ‘earth’. From Atlantis this name came to the capital of Egypt.

“Since that time I have never embodied again.”

“Were You a priest in Atlantis?”

“I was one of the five Atlantean rulers. There was a group of five rulers-elders, and I was its leader. I represented the temporal power which possessed spiritual knowledge.

“The history of civilization, the history of the spiritual life on the Earth is more ancient than modern people think it is. Atlantis was not the beginning of the spiritual development on the Earth. It was only one of a number of big stages. Many times the configuration of the oceans and continents changed, and the Dweller of the Depths created every time new conditions for growth and development of souls.

“The story of Atlantis can be useful for modern people. Adler, Thoth, and I can tell everything important of it.”

“How can one avoid falling into non-adequate fantasizing about Atlantis? There are plenty of examples of mediums communicating inaccurate information!”

“One should not try to communicate the information which is above one’s intellectual abilities of comprehension. Otherwise higher knowledge and information gets expressed in primitive words and images, and this results in its distortion similar to religious myths of undeveloped nations, which reflect in tales and legends some realities of the past in a non-recognizable form.

“But let Me begin narration. I want to tell you that part of knowledge and information which you can comprehend and which should be conveyed to the people of the Earth now.

“In Atlantis there existed a great civilization. The leaders of that society possessed the highest spiritual knowledge.

“The leaders of society, who direct the spiritual growth of people, bear great responsibility. Even a smallest deviation from the principles of Divine Love and Selflessness may become a turning to the abyss where one loses the connection with the Creator! This is exactly what happened in Atlantis (the power was taken over by selfish people), and God decided to end this period of the development of consciousnesses on the Earth — to destroy Atlantis.

“… I will tell you also about the Temple.

“The image of a temple is not a human invention. The Temple is a Divine structure in the multidimensional organism of a living planet. Its most close equivalent is Shambhala — i.e. the place inside the planet where Divine Consciousnesses live in the Highest spatial dimension; it has an exit to the Boundless Ocean of the Creator’s Consciousness.

“The Temple is the epicenter of the creation of life on the planet. It is the place where abide Those Who supervise the development of life on this islet of the Divine Creation.

“The Temple has an ‘exit’ and an ‘entrance’. This Divine structure in the multidimensional organism of the Earth is as real as the Kundalini in the multidimensional organism of man. In the Atmic component of the human organism there is the memory about the past incarnations — and it is the same with the Temple: by submerging into the Temple one can learn about important episodes of the planet’s life. For example, one can read the pages of the history of Atlantis — to learn about the Atlanteans of Spirit: about Adler, Thoth, and Others, who ‘interwove’ Themselves (as Consciousnesses) into the life of the planet — for the sake of the development of consciousnesses growing on the Earth.

“Originally, all rulers of Atlantis throughout centuries had the ‘keys to the Temple’; that is, they lived coming out as Brahmanic Consciousnesses from the Temple and had the ability to immerse and to dissolve their Divine Individualities in the Ocean of the Creator’s Consciousness. In this way the Atlantean civilization was guided and developed.

“Pyramids and other earthy temples are but a reflection of the Temple where the initiation of souls was performed.

“Every planet is created as densification of the energy of Consciousness up to the material plane. Then there starts the process of the development of life in material carriers.

“The souls embodied in Atlantis had gone through incarnations on other planets. They were well advanced souls but not Divine yet. The majority of the Atlanteans lived being aware of themselves as souls rather than material bodies. They enjoyed the intense feelings of life in a physical body. The power of such feelings is much more impressive than a paradisiacal life without a body. This power of feelings was delightful for souls who lived for a long time in the non-incarnate state. They lived in the states close to Samadhi, and one could call it a paradise on the Earth. For many of them it was the last or prior to the last incarnation, and the conditions were quite favorable for attainment of Divinity by them.

“The Atlantean educational system included the skills of psychic self-regulation, the knowledge about the structure of the multidimensional universe, ethics and different kinds of art, creativity in science and technology, which were developed to a high level.

“For those who had chosen for themselves realization of the highest meaning of life — cognition of the Creator — there were spiritual initiations. This type of education was closed, esoteric; it was accessible only to those who understood the higher meaning and purpose of their lives. Among their Teachers there were Divine Souls possessing material bodies, which are used as instruments of Divine Creativity in such cases.

“The long existence of the Atlantean civilization allowed many paradisiacal souls to complete the cycle of evolution and to merge into the Creator. They did not need to incarnate again any more.

“As for the Atlanteans who, upon receiving physical bodies, chose the path of material self-gratification, through sex in particular, — through them new human races were created. They were races of people who grew then as consciousnesses on this planet — new ‘shoots’ of young souls to go through the long process of evolution.

“Such a mixture of races resulted in many legends and myths about gods in different nations. Elisabeth Haich described very precisely that in that time on the Earth there were races of people with very different level of development of consciousnesses and bodies. The mixture of these races through sex and birth of offspring accelerated significantly the process of evolution.

“As for Those Who achieved Mergence with the Creator — They have never embodied again, except for a few Who chose to take care of the new generations of people. Among the latter are Those Who wished together with Adler to guide people on the Path of self-realization and cognition of the Divine Oneness. They embodied again and again bringing to people the knowledge about the Highest. All this is a very long process taking millennia; you will have a chance to participate in it too.”

*  In Arabic there is a similar word qahirah meaning ‘victorious’. Among historians there is an opinion that the city name Cairo originated from this word.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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