Etey — Divine Teachers about Themselves


Once during our conversation with Pythagoras, He told us:

“Let Me introduce to you Etey — the Father of My Greece, of My Sunny Hellas!”

“Yes,” Etey joined the conversation, “I am one of many Atlanteans who continued to work on the Earth after the destruction of Atlantis. I ask your permission to participate in creation of your future book The Book of the Born in the Light suggested by Thoth-the-Atlantean. I have something to tell about!

“The sphere of My activity was ancient Greece and the islands close to it. It was far before the incarnation of Pythagoras. Later on, being non-incarnate I participated in preparation of the Mission of Pythagoras.

“My work in Greece started before the submersion of Atlantis into the ocean: some citizens of Atlantis lived in these lands among the local population.

“One of My tasks was preservation of the true knowledge for worthy sons and daughters of that region.

“My activity remained in the memory of modern people in the form of legends about the Orphics. I was the founder and guardian of this center of Divine Knowledge and the Teacher of him who was called Orpheus in legends. (Later on, it became a common name given to many heroes in Greek myths who possessed the skill of singing and playing music).

“My preaching was based on harmony and beauty — how they can guide man to the world of subtlety and then to the world of the Divine Light.

“I laid in Greece the foundation of the art of music, dance, sculpture… Through Beauty I educated people.

“I also helped to come to Mergence with the Creator those who had not managed to accomplish it in the land of Atlantis and re-embodied almost immediately in Greece. For them and for several others, who were close to the Light of the Truth and thirsted for Unity, I created spiritual Schools. Those who mastered the higher stages of learning with Me were able to calm down the storm in the sea merely by playing a lyre: They gained the ability to influence the material plane from the state of Divine Unity. They demonstrated the Power of God as a manifestation of His control over matter. They taught Love, Beauty, and Harmony, so that Their followers would practice refinement of the consciousness and spiritual creativity rather than development of coarse power.

“Thus I recreated in Greece everything the best from the culture of Atlantis — hoping to preserve it in the memory of people on the Earth for many centuries.

“Now I have given the control over broad work in that region to Pythagoras, while I Myself work only with a few souls from different parts of the Earth. They are those who are called geniuses — highly developed incarnate souls unaware of their link with the Primordial Consciousness. I supervise their activity and help them perceive and manifest the ideas that they have to perceive.

“I would be glad to take part in your work of propagating the ideas of the Beauty. I could contribute to strengthening the influence of your works on the audience, because it is My Mastery to make beautiful works of art shine in centuries.”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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