Carl Rossi — Divine Teachers about Themselves

 A working site of Rossi where it is convenient to work with the meditation Pyramid and with one’s own kundalini.

A working site of Rossi where it is convenient to work with the meditation Pyramid and with one’s own kundalini.

“The beautiful patterns of snow delighting you now will thaw in a few hours… My buildings of stone will fall after centuries…* While harmony and beauty will never cease to be!

“But there is also That which is superior to the beauty of the Creation: it is the Eternal Consciousness of the Creator! Seek His Love and Mergence with Him — and then — from within Him — you will be able to create the Divine beauty!…”

“Tell us please about Your path to Divine Perfection! How and when did it happen?”

… Rossi shows seashore, white porticos of temples, columns of white marble, many stairs bringing to buildings standing on the top of a hill… Rich verdure of south. Soft, azure waves of the warm sea lap against the shore at the feet of a young man in Greek clothing… Inner quietness, contemplative calm, harmony…

“What is this, Carl? Greece?”

“No… This is Italy, My dear Italy!…

“… Once I was a disciple of great Pythagoras. It was in Croton in southern Italy.

“I went through many stages of spiritual initiations…

“The education there consisted of many steps.

“The higher moral norms, vegetarianism, mastering inner quietness — these were the initial steps that had to become the basis for further learning of a very broad spectrum of knowledge. The students studied many sciences and arts, the laws of numbers and the laws of harmony. The students could become then philosophers, politicians, musicians, architects… The School had higher purposes of moral transformation of the society, creation of laws of high moral standards and introducing them into the worldview of all people…

“But only the most deserving ones were initiated into the higher knowledge — the knowledge about the soul and the Spirit, including direct cognition of the Origin of the Universe — the Creator.

“In this incarnation I was very close to achieving self-realization. I needed a bit more time, but people of hatred destroyed the buildings of the School. Pythagoras and most of His disciples, including Me, died…

“… In the last incarnation I was a son of a famous Italian ballerina. My mother moved to Saint Petersburg to live and work there.

“I spend the years of My youth in Italy learning arts.

“Again sea waves were lapping at My feet. It seemed that the sun rising over the sea was about to awaken memories about similar sunrises which I watched every day when I was a Pythagorean. But it did not happen…

“Russia became My second native land. I loved the expanse of the Baltic sea, the power of the Neva river, this city…

“I became an architect and created a new appearance of Saint Petersburg. I created ensembles which united in harmony the buildings and the space around. When creating, I first visualized in the consciousness the design with all its details; after that, I just had to reproduce it in pictures and then — in stone!

“When I worked, the state of joy would overfill Me. I loved every architectural child of Mine!… The ideas of a new application of the antique laws of harmony endlessly emerged from Me: as if My past was coming out in a powerful stream…

“I called it ‘a passion for antiquity’, but, in reality, a connection with the Atmic potential of the soul** was taking place…

“In that incarnation no one could explain it to Me. I did not realize with the mind the nature of My abilities. Yet, the bliss of creativity filled all My life! I could work tirelessly, finding inspiration, beauty, and harmony, which lived in Me!…

“… When I built palaces, I dreamed about enlightened rulers…

“When I designed buildings for statesmen, I believed that inside the harmony created by Me they would create wise laws…

“I created park ensembles and believed that the unity of buildings with the beauty and majesty of nature would create places where people could be filled with love for this beauty

“When I had money, I spend it helping those who needed help, and I never thought about Myself…

“The moral norms of the Pythagoreans remained a part of Me…

“But I was not prepared for the cruel laws of the material world…

“… Dismissed, I became almost penniless… My creations — a symphony of stone — stood in the city on the Neva river… Ungrateful rulers lived in them… and continued to create injustice…

“… And I — forgotten by everyone — would go to the sea and ask from the bottom of My heart, without even knowing whom I was addressing:

‘Why did I live here?

‘Who needs everything that I created?

‘Why am I alone now?

‘What did I do wrong?

‘Why does no one show even a little of gratitude for everything that I have been giving to others during all My life?’

“And once I received the following answer:

‘Look: this is the sea, this is the sun over it, this is the earth which you walk…

“How often did you thank Me — their Creator — for their harmony and beauty, for their existence?

‘You ask for what did you live on the Earth?

‘You lived to ask Me about this and to receive an answer, for instance.

‘But of course, you lived not only for this…’

“… I believed in the existence of God. I used to go to temples and pray… I believed but not in such a God — living and real! — Who suddenly began to talk to Me as a Friend and a Teacher…

“Now I could feel Him! Youthful easiness, joy, love, and gratitude overfilled Me!…

“… In these last years of My life, God helped Me to remember

“My hands — the hands of the consciousness — were huge! I used to hold in these hands all landscapes and expanse, when I was creating My architectural projects…

“And now it was easy for Me to learn to caress with these hands of the soul — the sea, the earth, and all the living.

“I began to feel Myself vast — like a pyramid consisting of the subtlest Light. I stood over the Earth and in the depth there was Light… And then I could submerge into this Great Light, which had no bounds at all, and become it…

“When I had mastered this, He allowed Me to enter Him and become One with Him.

“… Unfortunately, My body was too old, and I could not achieve more…

“I thank you for your desire to tell about Me to people living on the Earth!… Let those yearning — come to Me, in Me… I will teach them how to cognize Me, how to enter the Creator…”

* * *

“The School of Pythagoras… — you have to create such schools throughout the Earth!

“If you remember it, once I talked about spiritual art. This subject is important in the work of serving people, in the work of educating new generations. Ecology and art are two directions which one should use in work with masses.

“Ecology — freedom and harmony of nature! And anahata — expanding, overfilling the spiritual heart with subtlety and beauty!

“Also — art, which can give these states to people, which can emphasize the beauty and harmony, and show them to the soul. This work may include park and landscape views, creation of a harmonious environment in towns and cultural centers. You can recall the ashram of Lao and what Huang told about handmade beauty…

“Let people delight at the views which unite fountains, reflections in glassy waters, buildings, flowers, trees, stones, and even the rays of the rising or setting sun! This was known in China, and in ancient Greece, and in the epoch of Classicism…

“This can be developed and cherished in the people of art; one can teach this to children… One has to develop in people the ability to see the true beauty! This can be done little by little, starting from small things — from handmade beauty which people learn to admire. This can be also supported even at the scale of the government!”

“How do I realize this? Should I engage again in park design?”

“No, this is the task of students of your students and their followers. Yet, it is you who have to lay the foundation of these ideas in human minds and to kindle the flame of inspiration in their hearts! Listen, watch — I will help you! After all, you, too, are Master of Arts! So, become a true Master!”

“You are kidding!…”

“No, I am serious!

“You should simply give these ideas to professionals. Ideas are a wonderful thing: they begin to live and become realized by people who have never read your books! Good ideas can spread as intensively as the flu virus: they are ‘in the wind’ and eventually they find like-minded consciousnesses! So, let the dark epidemics be replaced with the waves of Light and Purity!”

“Carl! Please tell us about Pythagoras.”

“I knew Him a little when I was embodied in Italy. Perceiving Him as a Consciousness — this cannot be expressed in words… He is God!

“… I can tell only that little which was at the earthy level of communication; try to feel the rest without words. Now, listen…

“I dreamed a lot about entering His School and prepared Myself. In temples, the priests worshipped and taught to worship ‘gods’ that people’s fantasy endowed with power and with not the best of the human qualities. It was an echo of ancient tales about the spiritually degraded descendants of the Atlanteans: about people who possessed the power of the consciousness and… human passions. With the same passions people’s ignorance painted the memory about the Others…

“The philosophy of the aristocrats was almost atheistic; it combined reasoning and ‘exquisite sayings’ — with emptiness of souls and justification of vices. Most of the nobility adopted the outlook of consumerism and self-gratification, which they called ‘freedom’ — in contrast to the life of slaves, who worked hard to provide everything for this ‘freedom’ of life…

“… The School of Pythagoras… — even these words seemed to fill Me with Purity and with the Light of Truth! I wanted to enter the School most of all!

“I saw Pythagoras for the first time on the entrance examination. That time I was so agitated that I could not remember His face. Usually He did not come to the examination of aspirants, so it was a surprise for everyone when He came, made a gesture as not to interrupt the conversation, and sat down aside to look at the process of testing.

“I had the feeling that in the presence of God the soul shed all the protective envelopes and was standing naked in front of Him. I could not display exquisite rhetoric or gestures, though I had been preparing for a long time… Everything non-sincere in Me was destroyed by the mere fact of His presence. Probably, My answers to the questions asked by the School’s students were also not the best.

‘What will you do if you are not accepted to the School?’ He asked Me suddenly in a soft voice.’

“… I thought that I failed and hardly could answer:

‘I will prepare Myself and will come again next time…’

“… To My astonishment, the next day a young man in white clothing, reciting the names of accepted people, said My name too…

“Later I learned, as a miracle, that Pythagoras Himself proposed to accept Me to the School.

“After, I saw Pythagoras only from a distance. Sometimes, I saw Him walking slowly on the trails in the garden for meditations; but we all tried not to disturb Him in vain. Sometimes, I saw Him on general discussions when we, immersed into the Light of His Consciousness, listened to His lessons.

“The presence of Pythagoras by itself illuminated the life of the School with unearthy Light. Everyone gained the awareness of connectedness with the Whole, the awareness of participation in realization of the Creator’s intent on the Earth. All students felt themselves participants of the Great Work — though little ones, but contributing to the common cause anyway, like small leaves on the giant Tree of Life. Work and development of everyone had now a meaning and value for the life of the Whole! It was not only within the walls of the School; it was the essence of the Pythagorean brotherhood. All its members kept this state of connectedness, the state of acting on behalf of the Whole. This made all spiritual children of Pythagoras viable and steadfast. The Students retained this spirit ages later. Ask Nekrasov, He can confirm it.”

“Carl! Please tell us what You see as the most important thing in the art of educating souls.”

“The most important quality of a soul is love! It was developed, in particular, through friendship, devotion, trust between the students of the School.

“The best way of developing the ability of the consciousness to think correctly is creativity. It could be logic, mathematics, music, sculpture, and architecture. The most important point is to ‘switch on’ the creative aspiration of the soul and to direct the flow of gifting, giving away. In this way, souls become naturally united with the Atmans in the process of their growth.”

“How do You help people at present?”

“Do you remember how you stood in delight on the Palace Square, when you, a school girl and later a student of university, came there? How you were overfilled sometimes with delight at the expanse and beauty of your city on the Neva river? It was Me teaching you to love! This is also one of the aspects of influencing souls of people who learn to love handmade beauty…

“Now also I try to convey to creative people new ideas of the development of the city.”

Carl shows new channels and ponds, which continue the traditions of the water symphony of Petersburg. Channels and brooks, pits created during building construction are not hidden under asphalt but are transformed and create a unique appearance of every new district. Large parks have their own unique features in each district. In some parks — pines and granite surround glassy waters, in others — birch grooves and meadows of flowers appear in the frame of bubbling springs… The parks are inhabited not only by ducks, swans, squirrels, but by many forest birds, and even hares, roe deer willingly approach walking people…

“Do You think that people will decide to spend money on something that does not yield a profit? Formerly, palaces and parks were built at order of czars…”

“If one builds as I suggest, then you will need less hospitals and police! Beauty and harmony will raise healthy souls!… Of course, this is not enough but… this is also My small contribution. Unfortunately I can give My great meditation Pyramid only to a few people in centuries…”

*   In the last incarnation, He was an architect, the author of many architectural monuments of Saint Petersburg.
**  I.e. with Kundalini [6].

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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