Pythagoras — Divine Teachers about Themselves

 Over the sea — there is a Cover of Great Divine Pythagoras!

Over the sea — there is a Cover of Great Divine Pythagoras!

“Tell us please about Yourself: how did You receive Initiations, how did You teach?”

“The harmony between the development of love, wisdom, and power — this I would call the Golden Law in the art of raising souls.

“In that last incarnation I was a Soul that already had an experience of cognition of God in many past lives. The main purpose of that incarnation was to reestablish the truth about God for many generations of people on the Earth.

“One can say that I was the last one of those who received an initiation in Egypt in the traditions which had originated from Thoth-the-Atlantean but had been perverted with time.

“The priests, who taught Me, possessed large personal power and knew many magical mysteries. But they got obsessed with growing of will and power, and thus they lost the Divine Light and the purity of souls. Their desire to rule over others, the feeling of being chosen — obscured love in them. They considered their personal will a manifestation of God’s will… They believed that their powers were the highest possible for man… They lost love, there remained only an aspiration for power. They had much knowledge remained from the Atlanteans — about the Earth and cosmic bodies, about many other things… They possessed the ability to influence bodies and souls…

“But without Divine Love the power is dead… Only a soul transformed with Love can become wise! Only the spiritual heart is capable of walking completely the entire Path of Cognition of the Creator without stumbling — and of merging into the Divine Essence which controls the Universe!

“… I am grateful to them. Later, I gave them everything I could — when they embodied again…

“… For many years I had been learning from them, but I had not lost the purity of My aspirations and My love for the Creator. I studied the science of life. I mastered the methods of growing and expanding the consciousness in different eons. I went through the ritual of initiation, in the form it existed in at that time. In that ritual, one experiences death as reality. The soul has to go through the entire scale of universal emanations — from hell to Light — and has to choose the Light.

“But the Light was not known to the priests.

“Therefore, this last step was revealed to Me by Divine Souls Who met Me in that Light. They initiated Me into the laws of soul’s life and into the Divine Essence. While My body lied in a stone coffin used in initiations, I stayed in Mergence with the Highest…

“I was given a choice: to remain in the Light and not return into the body — or to come back; to come back and become a Guide, to restore for people the knowledge which I perceived in the Purity of the Great Origin of Everything. I chose the second, because this choice was already made by Me as the purpose of My life.

“I decided to create a system of initiations different from this mystical ‘whirlpool’ that I had to go through.

“… Many years had passed before I gained an opportunity to create a School… I was taken captive among priests when Persian invaders came to Egypt and other countries.

“During the years of captivity, I strengthened My Mergence with the Primordial Light in the conditions harsh for the body.

“In those years I studied also other religious rituals and sciences… I devised mentally a project of the School, which I realized later in Croton.”

* * *

“The Divine justice is not like people imagine it. Nothing wrong comes to lives of people but only that which must come: what they have attracted by their own thoughts and past deeds.

“God is the Creator of these Laws! And no affliction can fall unjustly upon man! There can be no undeserved, unneeded joy; only self-conceit, self-pity, and envy make one see it so in others!

“The justice of God is great: everyone receives and partakes of the fruit which they themselves sowed and grew. The result can be bitter, but one can develop in oneself other qualities to make the fruit sweet and beautiful!”

* * *

“What does one need to do to retain the feeling of happiness?”

“The Sun of Happiness rises on the inner firmament!

“By making efforts will you traverse the Path! By overcoming obstacles will you increase your strength and grow your wisdom!

“Love that shines from within cannot be darkened by obstacles of the world of consequences!

“By purifying ourselves can we approach Him — the Creator, the Source of everything. And one has to become the Primordial Purity in order to be able to manifest Him!

“Everything you see is made by His Love, and every atom was manifested from His Love and Power.

“Everyone who received initiation has to shine with the Fire received and to ignite new light — the light of knowledge and love for the Creator of everything!”

* * *

“Learn purity of thinking!

“When listening to someone, do not oppose him or her in your thoughts!

“Respect the thoughts of your interlocutor — with your silent attention and deep comprehension!

“In this way people manifest their love towards each other in their conversation. In this way man manifests love for God when conversing with Him.

“Only when your mind is silent and listens, and your heart is full of love — only then God talks with you.”

We asked:

“Tell us please, did Your School use techniques similar to Hatha Yoga asanas for purifying the energies of the body?”

“I was familiar with such methods; they were used in Egypt, in particular. But I did not use them in My School, because they attract the attention of students to the body more than to the soul.

“The initial stages of learning in the School were purification and preparation — when the soul acquired knowledge about morality and purity, about the harmony of the Whole and the meaning of soul’s life in the body, the knowledge that man is a soul and the body is but soul’s temporary dwelling. Teaching students kindness, love, calm, morality — this was a preparatory stage before the next stage of Raja Yoga, as you call it. Our harmonious way of life also contributed to this: life at the expanse of the seashore, in a pleasant climate with moderate heat and cold, with good nutrition. The students of the School used soft gymnastic exercises for their bodies and swimming in the sea.

“The stage of work with the energies of the body began when the soul-love grew in size larger than the body, thanks in particular to life at the seashore and to the harmony of the sea expanse.

“Always the first step in mastering every new stage was done by the soul, and the body followed it by attuning to the new state of the soul. In this way the body purified. Any problem of the body went away when the corresponding problem or the vice of the soul disappeared on the causal plane.

“The soul-love, much larger than the body, attuned the body like an instrument which has seven chakras and the ‘strings’ of meridians so that to sound in harmony with the universe. This instrument allows the human soul to create the Great Music of Life and Harmony.

“On this stage we paid much attention to music and dance, which can imprint and convey to people elevated states of the soul.

“Students in our School usually performed meditations when walking slowly.

“The stage of Buddhi Yoga began when the soul could naturally live as a Mahadouble, speaking in your terms.

“I did not have many disciples ready for this work. But those who had mastered this stage continued then the work of the School. They supported the spirit of the Pythagorean Brotherhood in branches of the School created by them throughout the entire Mediterranean region — for more than 500 years. They all are willing to help you now with spreading and introducing your knowledge, Our common knowledge.

“You asked Me some time ago about materialization and dematerialization. I can answer this question now.

“I never tried to master dematerialization of the body; I never had such a goal. Immortality of the soul in Unity with the Highest Divine Consciousness — this was the task that I set for Me and for My disciples. If the soul manages to realize this task and lives in this state, serving the Creator and people — then the material body becomes Divine thanks to the Divine status of the Soul.

“After fire destroyed the building of the School, I had to support My disciples, who escaped persecutions but were dejected because of My death — and I easily created a material body and appeared before them. This gave origin to legends that Pythagoras escaped death. Creating a body was necessary to support the disciples who had to continue My Work and bring higher knowledge to people to help them develop successfully on the Earth.”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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